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Very good critique video of KSP 2 in its current state

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The youtuber VAOS recently made a video about his experience building (and launching) a moon base in KSP 2, with many bugs he found and improvements he thought could be made included. I thought the devs might want to see this video because it includes many very valid criticisms of the game that many on this forum appear to also express. 


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First thing to note "KSP2 is supposed to be better than KSP1 with mods". Not true. It's supposed to be as good as KSP1 (which in a lot of aspects, already is) and be further built on top of it with stuff we haven't seen in KSP1 (which is also already happening).

Second thing to note, while obviously with current tool set, building a "base" like this is the only way to do so (even though there's completely no reason to have one) I have a feeling it will become completely obsolete in a few(?) months when the proper parts finally arrive.

Then again, talking for the hundredth time about the same known bugs as every single content creator does these days, ain't gonna help them be fixed faster. If someone is so invested, grab the footage, get on the forum, report. Perhaps with additional info it'll be easier to hunt the cause.

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Some critiques game, some critigues people posting anything on forums. For latter behauviour i don't see any reason, it just creates unnecessary negativity at community.

Good and interesting video to watch, thanks!

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