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What do you all think about making the outer planets official?


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I'm not against adding things to the Kerbol system, but I don't think it would add a lot gameplay wise overall.

Maybe a Pluto - Charon type binary system as a 'practice ground' for Rask and Rusk would work.   Asteroids and comets would be good, of course, and maybe a couple of new small rocky moons.  But I'd rather they flesh out the existing bodies with more places of interest than just adding more planets.

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I'd prefer if they kept the Kerbolar system as it is now, and keep the outer planets as mods. The outer planets all have the same challenges as getting to Jool does, only the distances are much bigger. I would love to see OPM get revamped for KSP2 one day, though. It's one of my go-to planet packs from KSP1.

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The only new Kerbolar system planet I want is a discoverable “Planet X” type on a super distant, eccentric, and inclined orbit. You would effectively need interstellar technology to reach it for a flyby, let alone to land there, and if you landed there, you’d need to do so in the near-darkness of the dim Kerbolar light. 

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