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Constant crashing to desktop

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I've been playing KSP2, but not without some problems. I've had a crashing to desktop problems since the beginning.

Things I've tried:

1. I've looked over the forums, reading other peoples problems, tried most of them. - No Change

2. Emailed the KSP2 team. We went back and forth awhile, i sent them my log files. They told me they didn't have a solution for me and told me they were stopping communications. 

3. Reinstalled drivers - No change

4. Reinstalled windows(complete format) - No change

5. Deleted registry items (Found in another post) - No Change

6. Reinstalled graphics drivers (Removed them first) - No Change

7. Deleted save files(only to have it happen again). 

8. Tried running in admin - No Change

The crashes seem to happen at different times. Sometimes they happen when it's loading. Most of the time it's within the first 5 mins of gameplay. No one action seems to make it crash. Sometimes, it's when i get out to EVA. It can happen when my lander touches a surface. When exiting /entering the VAB or any other building.  When adjusting an orbit or entering another system also crashes. Just seem very random.  I will add that i have also verified game files and reinstalled the game 4+ times with no changes.

First i thought it was memory leaks, because my ram would be crazy high usuage. The last update said they fixed that....so i gave it another try, and no, still crashing within 5 mins of starting the game. 

Next i monitored my temps. Nothing too high at all. Very normal values. 

My pc is pretty good:

OS: Windows 10  (10.0.19045) 64bit
CPU: 13th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-13900KS (32)
RAM: 32525
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 (10053MB)

Link to the player.log and save file.


I want to play the game so bad!! But am unable. Is there anyone that can please help?  I'm not sure what to do next, if anything. Or just wait until one of these updates fixes my problem? 



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Hi there, i would recommend to install win11, since win10 handles all cores equally, and win11 thread scheduler can make way better use of the thread handling overall.

You should run your system with a high performance setting, this can help in win10.

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Reluctantly, I've reinstalled my OS to Win11. This has not fixed the crashing to desktop every 5mins or less when playing the game.

The minimum specs on the store page say Windows 10 is the recommended OS for the game.  I can't think of any reason win10 wouldn't run the game. 

Today while trying to play, it crashed my entire pc. Made it insta shutdown/restart.

Anyone else experiencing crashing to desktop while playing the game? 

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Yes, this has been happening to me as well, since the first release.  It seems mostly random, but there are certain things where it becomes almost predictable.  Such as, reverting to VAB to modify something.  Many times it dies in the VAB while making changes or while loading.  Another place where it crashes a lot for me is on final approach landing on a planet or moon.  If I do manage to land, it happens alot after I eva a kerbel onto the surface to explore.  It also seems tied to a specific save.  i.e. once I have certain ship design that has caused the game to crash, if I completely restart and load that same saved game, it will either crash very quickly or before it even finishes loading. And in none of these cases am I hitting a low memory condition, with it using at most 50% of my RAM.  Very frustrating and always results an me shutting it down and swearing I am not playing KSP2 until next release.  But, then the urge to accomplish something creeps back in and I grit my teeth and deal with several crashes (and maybe make some progress) before I get a ship designed and ready to fly somewhere, then deal with more crashes while trying to load at my destination.  Then, I finally run into a particular build that seems to crash right away, so after about 5 crashes in < 15 minutes, I get frustrated and shut it down and swear I am not playing it again until next release

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My solution has been to regularly purging outdated save files not necessary to my current save from previous versions as well as the current version so long as logged saves for one game doesn't exceed 25 you should be good. 

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