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How to Collect Samples for Return.

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Hypothetical: I have a lander with science equipment, and three crew. Samples from orbit/space/surface have been collected, to the tune of thousands of points.

But the Lander has no fuel for the return trip. Not even to return to orbit.

Plan for Sample Recovery:

1) Build a Craft with enough Delta-V to go out there and return to Kerbin.

2) Have this new craft leave one seat free.

3) Fly the new craft out and land near the original craft.

4) Have one of the Original Three travel from Lander to New Craft.


As I understand it, the sample points will come to the new craft with the Kerbal Crewmate.

The question: Does the Kerbalnaut have to come back with the craft, or can he return to the original Lander, and leave the samples behind in the new Craft, for the return Flight? If that happens, then I could make flights to several moons/planets to Collect many samples in one flight.

But I'm not sure if this will work or not. Anyone tried it yet?

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Kerbal only need to enter craft for science to be copied, you could have an one man capsule have pilot leave, kerbal with science enter enter for an moment to copy science.  Rover seats also work. If you have some sort of unmanned probe who will pick up science its an good idea to put an rover seat on it so kerbals can collect it.  Docking also copy science. 

But why simply rescue the poor kerbals unless its Eve, then why drop 3 :o 

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6 hours ago, magnemoe said:

But why simply rescue the poor kerbals unless its Eve, then why drop 3 :o 

My 'Landers' are full Laboratories. All the science parts, including radiation scanner and Lab, which seats 3.

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Remember now, if say at Tylo you can send down an lander with an probe core and empty rover seat, have one kerbal with science use seat and repeat. 
In orbit another kerbal can use the seat to collect the science. Optional if the lander has an docking port this can be done unmanned. 

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