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Soil sample extractor

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I don't know if this is a bug or I am doing something incorrectly, but I have put an extractor arm on serval probes, only to get all the way to the destination and find that they are blocked by another part.

The first time made a bit of sense since it was placed near the landing gear, but the second time it had nothing around it (sorry, I don't have images at the moment).  Is there a specific orientation it needs to be placed at? (though I tried it in four orientations around the base of the rocket and still no luck).


The frustrating thing is you cannot test this on the runway as it says it is an invalid sample site, and you cannot sample the arm movement in the VAB.



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The soil sampler has to be put on top of something like an rover or wing and have free movement to the ground putting it on the side of an lander will not work. 
You can also use some struts to let it stand on the side. Recommend testing lander on launchpad first. 

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