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Bug reporting bugged out?

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Hello. One question for forum admins, or whoever can double check this. I've submitted a bug report two or three days ago, but I can't seem to find it. Maybe I'm just stupid. Can anyone check if that report exists, or should I repost it again?


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In reviews! We're just very busy in life (well don't know about the others but for me that's the case), so sorry about the long delay. No need to report it again, it's there! (And as well as quite a few bug report of other people as well)

I will try to do some this weekend.

In general if a post is not of quality (not enough information, more than one bug into a report, ...) we try to contact the author (apart if he's anonymous) to help with that. So do not worry if you don't see your bugs for days (even if not ideal), it's just that we're busy or we try to find the source of the bug so it can take time.

(I can see soandos, BechMeister, mattihase, you and some anonymous bug reports that are waiting)

And if you don't see it for more than a week, you can contact us and we'll try to tell why it's taking so long (or if we didn't approve it).

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14 minutes ago, mattihase said:

Sorry for the bug report in 2 parts btw, I didn't expect the bug to keep on going on, I hope it didn't create too much extra paperwork.

All good! I can easily merge those, just need to find some time to sort those bugs out.

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