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Development of a planning tool as an academic project - Help wanted!

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Hello all,

As part of my current course of study, I have a practical computer science project that I need to complete, and I would like your help in doing so.

Please could anyone who would like to help fill out this survey which will take no more than 10 minutes to do so. Your help is greatly appreciated.

(Link: https://forms.gle/qk1Akr2zRrMJAJFg6)


I am also seeking a small number (no more than 10 at a maximum) of people who are willing to be interviewed soon, and then to try out the end program, and be interviewed about it. These interviews would be about 30 minutes long, conducted online as an audio-only interview. If you would like to participate in this, at the end of the survey, please say so, and enter your preferred contact email. If you do not want to be contacted, please do not provide an email address. Whilst you will have to sign into a google account, your email address is not recorded.

Any personal identifying information will not be shared with other people. Your response may be included as part of the academic project report, as well as aggregate statistics of question responses.

Please be aware that as this is an academic project, a public release will not be available for many months due to academic integrity regulations. I currently anticipate that a public release would be possible in autumn 2025.

Thank you!


Note: this is a duplicate topic of one in the KSP 1 Mods Discussion (link)

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