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Docking 2 Vessels again possible?

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I am new in KSP 2. 

I build a rocket like the Apollo 11. i have a command modul and a lander.

in the orbit from Mun i dock the command modul and the lander together. tranfer some fuel and undock.

after landing on mun i go back to the command modul and i want to dock again to tranfer the rest of my fuel but it is not possible. they dont couple together.

do i something wrong? must i "reset" the docking ports? or is this a bug or a feature?


Sry for bad english i am from Germany. :)

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 i am complete together with my two vessels but they dont connect.

 in the first contact i have no problems, a few space an the magnatics come together. after i come back from mun the magnetic is "disabled" and the two docking ports dont lock.

i can bump the two ports together and nothing happen.

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@Vanamonde I switch to another flight don´t help.

So i start a third vessel and with this one, i cant dock on my other both vessels. I think something is broken with the normal normal Docking Port. 

Another one have this problems with dock -> undock -> redock?

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