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Toggle hinge (open, closed) position with KAL-1000

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I have the Target Angles of  two G-12L Alligator Hinges linked to a KAL-1000 controller.  Custom1 and Custom2 are set for Absolute Control and one for Normal Control and the other for Reverse Control.

When I use incremental control, the keys progressively open or close the hinges as desired.  Movement stops when you release the custom key.

When I use absolute control, I am expecting (hoping) to be able to tap the key to get full opening or full closing under the control of the KAL-1000 controller.  What happens is that the hinges both go to about 45 degrees (in the permissible range 0-90), as if the custom key inputs would be fighting each other (although neither depressed).  If you hold one key down, movement in the desired direction is seen but only manages about 22.5 degrees.  When the custom key is released, the hinges return to the median position (~45 degrees).

Something simple is wrong.  Please do tell what this might be.

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progress: there does seem to be a Toggle Hinge control on the G-12L available (only to the KAL-1000) and I'm hopeful now I can have a single button push that will raise/lower the hinges.

I'm flying by the seat of my pants at the moment, but if a) success occurs, I'll outline the procedure better b) if I understand it that well.

(Expect this post to be updated with that information; I won't be adding an extra post to this.)

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