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KSP2 WorldVis [Mod development tool]

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KSP2 WorldVis

A visual asset and mod development tool for KSP2.

This project also serves as an example of how game resources can be integrated in the editor, and a demo of BundleKit (WIP alpha code)

See the github README for setup instructions.


  • Run PQS planets in the Unity editor. Get instant feedback when developing planet assets.
  • Planet debug visualizations.
  • LookDev part assets against actual KSP2 shaders, etc.
  • ThunderKit Addressable browser provides easy viewing of stock parts to use as examples and view material/behavior layouts.
  • Zip around Kerbin at mach 50 while making wooshing noises

PQS FreeCam demo video: https://vimeo.com/970942659/f9acd8a73b

License: MIT  (TunderKit/KSP2UT editor package dependencies under their respective licenses)

Source code: https://github.com/foonix/Ksp2WorldVis/

Known issues:

  • Some features such as science and biome overlays do not work due to lack of appropriate overlay shaders.
  • Some objects on Kerbin throw errors due to lack of GameManager.
  • Burst compilation does not work, leading to increased CPU usage for PQS jobs.  This is a limitation of Burst in precompiled assemblies, see here.

Possible future work:

I'd like to integrate this with some kind of part/planet loading framework so that part-only or planet-only mods can be exported directly.

There is code in the game to bake scaled space planet textures from the PQS mesh.  Adding a feature to run it could greatly simplify development of custom planets.




Debugging Feature Screenshots:


PQS wireframe:


Science overlay shows the effective cutover points for science collection.


The PQS "Biome mask map" texture controls the graphical cutover between surfaces like sand/grass/mountains/ice in the local space shader.





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Science and biome overlays
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