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KSA (RC) | Project Lunar Vanguard

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Mission Codename: Project Lunar Vanguard

Dear KSC operator,

      Let's get straight to the point. With the recent closure of our second-generation space center, we must innovate to ensure our center thrives. Our mission is clear: establish a sustainable and enduring lunar presence. Your task is to lay the groundwork for future lunar operations and pave the way for interplanetary missions through resource collection and refining on the Mun's surface.

This is my first mission post and I plan to do more; I like the realistic style as it makes me want to build better rockets and stay focused on the game. This was originally developed for my own playthrough of KSP because their contracts in story mode sucks, plus don't we all appreciate nicely formatted things... Like gosh.

Mission Objectives:
   These mission objectives are assigned points, so each objective completed are just points added onto your score for your dedication for performing the mission & it's optional goals.

  1. Deploy a Communication Network:
    1. Put satellites around Kerbin and the Mun to ensure constant signal without blackout zones. 
    2. (Optional) Equip satellites with versatile orbit-adjustment capabilities using nuclear or xenon propulsion for efficiency.
  2. Low-Kerbin Orbit Assembly:
    1. Design and Launch a LHM (Lunar Habitat Module) and LLV (Lunar Lift Vehicle)
      1. (Optional) Ensure LHM has a reliable mining and refining system to support future missions
      2. (Optional) The LHM and LLV need to support 5 Kerbonauts
      3. (Optional) onboard Rovers and vehicles for the Kerbonauts
    2. Assemble the LTV (Lunar Transfer Vehicle)
      1. Attach the habitat module to the lift vehicle to the transfer stage to move the entire assembly to the Muns orbit
  3. Mun Operation:
    1. Land the LHM and LLV on the Mun.
      1. (optional) Conduct scientific experiments
    2. (optional) Resource Demonstration
      1. Show us how effective your mining and refining operations using the LHM's onboard system is


Rules for Mods & DLCS:

Recommend / Allowed:

  • RECOMMENDED: Kerbal Planetary Base Systems
  • DLC: All DLC made for KSP is allowed.
  • MODDED: All visual mods allowed, most mods are allowed, example is; (better time warp, Kerbal Engineer, freeIVA)

Prohibited Mods:

  • Mods that significantly alter physics or gameplay to make the challenge trivial are prohibited (e.g., Tweakscale, Warp Drive).

Challenge Levels:

  • Level 1: Establish a lunar base with basic infrastructure.
  • Level 2: Expand the lunar base with enhanced capabilities, such as advanced resource processing.
  • Level 3: Develop a sustainable colony with full self-sufficiency, capable of supporting long-term habitation.

Scoring System:

The scoring system for my contracts is quite simple, it will evaluate missions based on objective completion and optional goals. Here's how it works:

Objective Completion Points: Each non-optional objective carries an equal score of (+5)

Optional Goals: each optional objective completed carries equal an equal score of (+2)

Submission Rules:

  1. Format: Submit your challenge as an imgur album, video series, or thread in Mission Reports.
  2. Documentation: Include captions and descriptions for each submission element (e.g., launches, landings, science collection).
  3. Required Screenshots/Videos: Capture key mission moments, including transfers, dockings, landings, and refuelings, document science returns if applicable.
  4. Completion Badge: Successful participants can add the mission completion badge to their signature.

The Holy Grail:

Come on, I know all you internet and space degenerates love things to put into your signature, so let's make it happen. All it will cost you, is a few hours of FUN hard work


Hall of Fame:

Anyone who has an entry on this post will have their work reviewed and notarized is allowed to utilize the award above and will be immortalized in the Hall of Fame, showcasing the ingenuity and dedication of Kerbonauts across the galaxy.


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This is actually one of the best-prepared mission ideas/challenges I've come across. It gets me itching to play the game but I don't think I'm going to have time to do so for a while. I really hope others do, though, because this looks lile it could be a really fun thread. 

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Could I get extra points for doing this with existing infrastructure (e.g., SLS/ Orion or falcon 9/ falcon heavy?) (not starship, that’s currently still in unmanned testing, with no scheduled crew launches.) (also no nukes or rapiers)

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4 hours ago, ETorres01 said:

Could I get extra points for doing this with existing infrastructure (e.g., SLS/ Orion or falcon 9/ falcon heavy?) (not starship, that’s currently still in unmanned testing, with no scheduled crew launches.) (also no nukes or rapiers)

If your prior infrastructure exists within a science or career mode yeah, otherwise. Probably a no to any extra points!

I'm documenting and working on my save right now; I used the same rocket that put my LLV to put up 8 comNet satellites in LKO and 4 in Mun orbit.

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12 hours ago, Mr. Kerbin said:

What does this mean? Do we need mods like Snacks! for this?

Haha, typically usually mods like life support mod and what not, and typically self-sufficient means it doesn't need refuels and can do the mission without intervention by another vessel.

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12 hours ago, ETorres01 said:

Is using mods to add realism (and difficulty) allowed? (e.g Habtech 2, cryogenic engines?)

I see no issues with the mods you listed, but for others just compare them to the allowed mods, if they're similar then it's a yes.

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