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Mod Request - Customisable ISP

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I know there are mods like Engine ISP x2, but I want to be able to customise and tweak the ISP of each engine, say with a slider or something, to make the game slightly more easy/hard but not too much/too little. Is this possible?

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@starship26 That's an aspect of the concept of procedural engines and there's no true mod for that. The closest you can get to proper in-game Isp tweaking is Kerbal RnD which lets you spend excess science points to do so (and to upgrade other aspects of a given engine).

That aside, the most practical things to do to boost your ship's performance are:

  • Get away from stock-ish chemical engines. (Isp x2 on LFO??? Never happening.) Try out FTmN Atomic Rockets (Improved) (within SpaceTux Recycled Parts) as it was recently updated into a proper bootleg Kerbal Atomics pack. It has some high performance nuclear rockets.
  • Cut down on dry mass. If you still like heavy lifters then CryoTanks and Methane engines should work well. If you want to be really intense, use SMURFF on stock scale (and don't tell anyone. :P SMURFF is for 3.2x scale and higher)


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