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So I've seen on YouTube this fan made music video, that turns Nicki Minajs' rather annoying song "Starships" into a love letter to space science fiction:

I ask you wonderful people, what is your favourite sci-fi spaceship and why? It can be anything, from the enterprise of star trek, to the TARDIS from doctor who, even the ares that carries first hundred to mars in red mars. To me, the best spaceship is Discovery 1, of a space odyssey fame. I choose it as we, the human race, can have our own Discovery 1 in this centaury, and the future is destined to be awesome. Also I don't want HAL to throw me into space for choosing someone else.:D

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Raptorus Rex the mobile star fortress of the Legion of the Damned a legion of space marines infected with a warp plague that chase their death in battle. Using a tarot deck these warriors seek out the worst battles about to face the imperium and strike into the heart of the enemy in complete silence during their suicide rushes. Clad in Black armor adorned in bones and flame they have no fear of death as it stands at their door already and use every breath to strike at their enemies determined to die in battle instead of succumbing to the warp.
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That's a tough one, i am gonna make a list for this, because these are all my favourite. Also, all of them a gravity and science defying as hell.

.) The Viper from Battlestar Galactica, the sleek and arrowhead design really makes it stand out, while the bulky engine section indicates how much power this horse has to give.

.) The hyperdrive spacefighter form the Galaxy Rangers; again the sleek design and the wings give some kind of all-around dynamics

.) The Fighter from the Amiga game Hybris. Because Upgrades. Look at those upgrades! This one in particular. Like a fities car went airborne.

.) the Normandy (i prefer the SR-1) from Mass Effect, with its many decks, its simple design and the ability to haul some ass, it stands for progress. (it is also invisible to the radar)

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Really tough pick.

I think that while not a ship, the Babylon 5 space station is worth a mention, for the ultimate diplomatic mission, though most of the awesomeness really comes from the the people and events it hosts and becomes involved with.

For a ship, I thought a lot about stargate, being a pretty big fan of the F-304 (deadalus class battle cruiser) and Atlantis (the city itself, as it's a functional space ship). I might have to go Enterprise though, and I suppose I would pick the Enterprise E over the others. I could also pick the Andromeda Ascendant. A ship with a personality, and a lot of capability.

I also feel like I should pick a fighter. I think here I will take from Star Wars, and declare a tie between the ARC-170 and Y-wing, on the stipulation that the Y-wing not be missing 85% of it's hull plates as seen in the movies (supposedly removed to make servicing easier, but they actually are supposed to be fully plated like the X-wing and every other ship).

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