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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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today i made my icon picture a screenshot of my huge interplanetary vessel. The most over engineered and epic thing i have ever made

 also i am new to the forums and i don't no how to post a image not just a link if anybody knows how please tell me i would greatly appreciate it


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1 hour ago, EpicSpaceTroll139 said:

Yah, dunno what's up with the lag. KSP used to run buttery smooth for me, but it seems to have gotten worse recently. Might be the OBS that's eating up computing power or something. Definitely appears to be more laggy whenever I want to record video. :(

I could double the power and still comply with the rules of the challenge. I might try that in a bit, but I want to actually make it through a lap before adding more power.

Heck, it can already take off like a rocket if you manage to get the nose up. Speaking of which, I might attach an extended blooper real to the video whenever I complete the lap. I've had an instance in which both car and Kerbal completely cleared an R&D building after a crash lol.

Ahh, that's probably it. Yeah, OBS or other recording software can suck up much needed computer performance, mostly for encoding or something computery.

2 hours ago, KatastrophicKonstellations said:

also i am new to the forums and i don't no how to post a image not just a link if anybody knows how please tell me i would greatly appreciate it

Use either the imgur direct link or the provided BBCode under the share options in imgur.

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3 hours ago, KatastrophicKonstellations said:

today i made my icon picture a screenshot of my huge interplanetary vessel. The most over engineered and epic thing i have ever made

 also i am new to the forums and i don't no how to post a image not just a link if anybody knows how please tell me i would greatly appreciate it


I use tinypic.com to upload my pictures....then I copy the URL link (but I have to delete the IMG at the start and end of the link) when uploading it on this forum...hope it helps :)

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Using only KSP Trajectory Optimization Tool and Precise Node, I managed to set a trajectory that makes use of Jool flyby, and so far, after only one burn, (and another that's coming, visible here) I got the Sarnus encounter, two years before TOT predicted. The only thing left, is to make sure I can use some gravity assists of Sarnus moons to get a capture, or just simply burn it. Come on, I have almost 9km/s d-v left. I can do anything.
This is more rocket science than ever. And boi, on first try.


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Mostly waiting for transfer windows and doing other fairly routine tasks lately, but I did manage to land my science rover on Moho.


(Yes, the back end is supposed to come off. It's a rocket used only for landing, and the rover is unmanned and meant to stay on Moho's surface permanently.) I wanted to land the rover in a high-ore region that I'd identified from orbit so that it could be used as a guide for landing future outposts (if I bother with any more of them; nothing's planned at the moment but it can't hurt to be prepared) but I ended up just missing it, and since trying to reach it would involve getting uncomfortably close to the day/night line on the planet I think I'll just have the rover spend the Moho night where it is and try to make the trip later.

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Aaaand I broke the game. I went to see one old probe that for some reason had no signal, and it went plaid, reaching about 2200000000000000000m/s, which is now my personal record. Then I reloaded the save, to end up in KSC that evaporated with the rest of the universe. (yet everything was still clickable though).

Kinda impressive.

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Did some experimenting with different control setups for my racecar. It now has what I like to call Advanced Grip ControlTM (different from traction control).


Takes corners like a champ! It'll drift, but I have to really try if I want to make it spin out. :) Same control setup also reduces the number of keys I need to press at any given time, so I don't need to have 3 hands to take screenshots during a race (I've decided I'll probably go with screenshots instead of vid bcc of the lag, but we'll see what happens).

Oh yah I added more power. Will probably add the two more junos I have provisions for, because why not? :P Might go for an official lap time tomorrow.

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The launch of Architect II to Trao occurred today without a hitch. Launched on a Maryland II launch vehicle, it will conduct a science flyby before a manned mission is sent.



5...4...3...2...main engine start...1...launch clamp release...and we have liftoff of Architect II!



Starting our gravity turn a little late to prevent the loss of control when staging, like what happened on the first try like was indicated could happen by the simulation:wink:


Booster separation...we have second stage ignition. The first stage will be recovered later, due to a wonderful mod by @linuxgurugamer, FMRS


Beauty shot of the circularization burn. If you look just up and to the left of the rocket, you can see Trao, our final destination.


Trans-Trao injection burn. The probe is visible for the first time. It can get every science experiment that I have unlocked from both low and high space.


Landing the first stage. Got about :funds:9800 back from recovery


Landing the second stage. Got about :funds:3500 back on this one.

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(career game)

Yesterday, I flew the last of the suborbital-only tourist contracts.  Three tourists made their journey into space atop Taxicab II.


Taxicab II is a trivial upgrade to Taxicab I -- stretched crew cabin, increased delta-V in the upper stage.  With the increasing mass of the upper stage and payload, however, it can no longer reach the Kerman line on boosters only; the pilot has to give a kick with the Thud engines to break 70 km.  And with all the tourist demand switching over to orbital sightseeing, this is likely to be the last fight of the Explorer II derived Taxicab series.


On the pad, with three tourists (and Jeb, who snuck into the empty passenger seat).  Not sure what's wrong with the KMT clock -- MET works fine once I stage the launch, and that clock was showing Day 1 and several hours last session -- should be Day 2, early.


Boosters away.  Funny, with all the extra fins added to compensate for the foward fins (which exist to keep the crew cabin oriented before the main 'chutes open), the strap-ons no longer collide behind the vessel after they're decoupled they way they did on Explorer II series flights.


Forgot to take photos during the "space" part of the flight, and was a little busy during reentry ensuring that braking was effective (as was a concern during design, the double crew cabin won't slow down enough on its own to open parachutes without shredding).  As with Taxicab I, the tourists get their own, separate recovery, and Val gets a few minutes of quiet without the intercom blowing up every fifteen seconds with people asking where's the bathroom (there aren't any, the flight is less than fifteen minutes), where are the barf bags (it was in your hand, what did you do with it?), is this weightlessness (no, weightlessness will be that time when we're floating in our harnesses, this is still boost).


Jeb, that old dog, managed to sit beside the lady tourist.  You can bet he spent the whole flight seeming knowledgeable, pointing out the curve of Kerbin, explaining that this isn't really no gravity, we're just falling at exactly the same rate as the spaceship, and getting her hotel room number so he can debrief her after the recovery.


And the tourists get a space-Kerbal style splashdown (yes, that's rear end first, remember those fins are at the nose end of the cabin section).  Flight was longer than five minutes -- that timer restarted when the cabin was staged away from the upper stage and command pod following reentry.

Now, it's time to start work on a craft that can carry tourists into orbit more efficiently than Explorer IIp (with its Stayputnik atop a Mk. 1 Command Pod).

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My new stock VTOL with floaters made from ore tanks to navigate on water that includes a submerged rudder and 6 panther engines for vertical lift and 5 whiplashes for forward thrust and can go to mach 3.2. Can land and maneuver to land on the VAB helipad.








Didn't realized I was in Orbit view.... stupid











Now I'm gonna work on my cargo version to drop submarines wherever I want them.

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17 hours ago, anti_con2 said:

trying to land a probe on eve Huygens-style, if I retract the antennas and solar panels for entry into eve's atmosphere without losing control of the probe? If so what can I do to fix it without destroying the probe?

Leave a relay satellite in Eve orbit and make sure it's overhead when you land.

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I've been playing about with mini rovers and probes, seeing what interesting craft I could come up with. This one was fun and quite interesting to "fly" (get it!).

Diptera Flying Rover

(from the Latin "Diptera", meaning flying insect)





More photos at my Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/p2iTO

Total D/V: 3 m/s

Mass: 1,685 Kg

TWR: 2.42

Parts: 25

Command Pod: AES Pod (Umbra Space Industries)

  • Power required: .07 Ec/s (4.2 Ec/min)
  • Electrical Power276 Ec total battery capacity

Power Generation: Total 96 Ec/s (5,760 Ec/min)

  • 1x .625m Nuclear reactor: 0.1798t, 36 Ec/s (Umbra Space Industries)
  • 1x MK-0 'KerboPower' Fission Generator: 0.287t, 60Ec/s (Kerb Kastria, Inc.)
  • 197 Kg total Enriched Uranium
  • 250Kw total heat transfer required

Thermal Cooling (Wings): 2x VF-150 'Beta' Radiators 

  • 300Kw total heat transfer capacity

Thrust: 4x Micro Ducted Fan Engines (USI)

  • 5,016 Ec/min required (20.9 Ec/s per engine)
  • 1.36 intake atm required
  • 4Kg intake atm provided


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Foothold station has arrived at Pol.


It's not much of a station; basically just a big fuel tank with a few additions to make it function as its own spacecraft (more parts that'll expand it into a more fully-fledged station are on the way,) but it's enough to fulfill its role in Project Foothold, specifically to provide a place for Foothold Base (still en route and due to arrive in about 60 days) to put its mined fuel.

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