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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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Advancing through my SSRSS 2.5x 50% science game...

Today I built and launched the first 2 crew capsule. Decided to go with a Soyuz twist for this playthrough instead of Gemini. It's built using modded HGR parts and this craft is only intended for LKO operations. Later when my lifting capacity improves I'll add the round crew compartment from Human Soyuz craft. Using USI-LS the capsule alone doesn't give enough habitation time do a moon orbit/return trip because it's too cramped. Adding the Crew Module will double my habitation time and create a great moon exploration craft.

Next step - rendezvous and docking :) 






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1 hour ago, Corona688 said:

I love that thing.  Not much can make the ISRU look anything but ugly, you manage to make it the centerpiece.

Lol, all I did was make it bigger :)  A wiser man might have just hidden the 2.5m version in a mk3 cargo bay... but to me that feels immersion-breakingly small so I have to do it the hard way :blush:

...in hindsight, the converter has 3-way symmetry, but the station is 4-way... this irks me :/ 

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Today I visited Jool for the first time ever, with three Kerbsicles.  Sandbox, and I didn't do anything while I was there, but I went, by-golly. I expected the ship to be ugly as sin when I got it into space, but I think it actually looked pretty cool.  Even mostly reusable, just needs a resupply and some KIS/KAS modifications.  Parked it in a 300km Kerbin orbit.





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9 hours ago, Kermagerd said:

Can i see a screenshot of that one, please? I like big planes!


First, I erred, it was the 'Pike' which toasted itself in flight at 1365.6m/s (wings burnt up)... but I was still able to land, no wings.


And this is the Albatross2...


This is my fleet, if you want to call it that. (left to right) Cargo-Je, Cargo-J, Albatross2, Albatross, and Passenger (front center)...

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I diagnosed 12 errors from the new Module Manager 3.0.1 for several hours. Diagnosis revealed the best course of action is to revert to 2.8.1. Some of the mods I "need" have stopped updating at KSP 1.3.0 (and MM 2.8.1) and I don't want to do something crazy like adopt them.

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On 9/11/2017 at 10:42 PM, CatastrophicFailure said:

Ooooo what mod pack for the bomber parts?

Well it's Firespitter for the bomber cockpit and the bomb bays and the wings are from B9 procedural wings and the tail section... well it's procedural parts but i have replaced a texture to match the rest of the bomber and thats about it and a decail mod for the symbols and stuff. Sorry for the late reply

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My first group of tugs returned from Jool.


I'd stuck them all together so that they could share fuel and communications equipment, and so that I wouldn't have to worry about setting up three different sets of manoeuvre nodes. Unfortunately I miscalculated slightly and while I had enough fuel to capture into an elliptical Kerbin orbit, I ran out when I was trying to set up my intercept with Minmus. I had to use up the little bit of monopropellant I still had to barely capture myself into an extremely eccentric Minmus orbit. Fortunately, I had another tug on standby at Minmus Station that was able to perform a rescue.


The tugs were retrieved and brought safely back to Minmus Station where they could be refuelled and re-enter service. Well, the large central tug and the smaller solar-powered tug will be re-entering service, at least. The third, RTG-powered tug will be packing itself into an SSTO and landing on Kerbin to get the "recovered a vehicle from the surface of Pol" accomplishment.

In other news, my tourists are on their way back from Moho.


If you recall, that tourist mission was also used to deliver a new fuel transport vehicle to Moho, and while I'd initially planned to simply de-orbit and destroy the old craft I later decided that it might be useful to have a vehicle like this at Ike, so I took it with me on my way back. Plus, the additional fuel capacity that the craft offers meant that I could take a direct trip back to Kerbin instead of following my earlier plan of making a refuelling stop at Gilly. The transfer windows were only five days apart and it cuts down on the overall length of the trip significantly. The transfer occurred at the intersection of Moho and Kerbin's orbital planes, too, so I won't even need to make a plane-change burn. That's very good seeing as how the ship's communications equipment isn't capable of maintaining a signal in interplanetary space, so that burn would have had to be done with limited probe control, which is always a pain.

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I went to Sarnus for the first time!

This little thing had about 11k d/V on the pad, so it had no problem reaching Sarnus and it's moons.

I visited Slate, Tetko and Eeloo. Unfortunately, I got an unwanted gravity assist from the latter (Who knew having my closest approach at six kilometres would cause that?) I ended up being kicked out of the Sarnus system, with a solar orbit that has a periapsis higher than Plock.



Heading for Tetko. Periapsis barely skimmed the atmoshpere.


View of Sarnus after my Eeloo encounter.


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Made the 0X Moblin, a well-behaved, low-tech micro aircraft:


...with the ultimate goal of building it into the Kinder Plane, to deploy it anywhere Kerbin-wide in under 20 minutes.


Ever wanted to explore the poles or the Blue Hole of Kerbin by airplane without 6 tedious hours of physwarp?  This can do it.

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Today i launched my 200 ton behemoth 'Gigantus' into orbit.



Oh and i also docked my Orion to it. It took me quite a while, it very annoying. But i eventually smashed to docking ports together and it worked! After that, i closed the game and immediately opened my browser and looked for Docking Alignment Indicator...3ylayOW.png



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