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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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I revived and refit (possibly) my first OPT spaceplane, the Nosebleed Shuttle. In 2.7x scale, its small size doesn't allow it to be an SSTO so it must launch with drop tanks. I also did quite a bit of wrestling with KK stuff for KSP 1.8+.



That tri-engine setup stirs certain pleasant feelings in me. :ph34r:







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Here is my first bigger succes at this game, beside this forum is super cool, constructive, on time etc it has super constructive, selff affirmating, boosting confidence vocabulary like :


Interstellar Stargazer etc i already call myself botlle rockeeter and antene senior wrangler as i read at wikipedia is highly respected title. 

Please give me constructive words, support and help me in space time with the problems from the bottom pictures https://rocketlaunches.webnode.com/herbal-space-program/ if not i would have to do it alone extending time. Obviously to be on time, more powerful etc i watch also 

and do multitasking [php course programming[ 

Much love:> 


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Submitted an entry to the Fastest Juno-powered Airplane challenge.

This thing takes almost the entire runway length to get into the air.


Painfully slowly it gathered speed in a shallow climb.


Got this 10 ton plane up to 184m/s in level flight on a single Juno.


Time for Val to head home.


Not the greatest plane for manouvering in, but it does have a low stall speed, so landing wasn't too hard..


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Nice thruster delay , I have real need of read more of the rocket and spacecraft engineering book and make more calculations, engineering, designing job as my designs are so simple, ugly. Obviously one of my first expenditures after the basic will be launch pad of the rocket of the comanche 3 or any other rocket. Comanche 3 now is in the colchester as i am located between chelmsford and colchester. AS i mentioned the fin got stolen but i can the fin from the last materials[+glue] . 


Guys please help me with the obstacles at my website as i am doing multitasking with the computers and i cant spent time that efficiently only on game probably if my desk would look like the spacex computer set or deutsche bank i would be more efficient because i think they have 5-6 computer on the desk. 

Much love :> 

Keeps the things together. 

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adding help
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( KSP 1.7.3 -- Kerbal-Sized RSS )

Today I fired up 1.7.3 for the final stretch.  On the menu today was getting into orbit of a place I've never visited before :

Umm, what is this?  It kinda looks familiar...

Oh my... now there's a beauty !  It's the first time I get this close to Saturn in KS-RSS... looking promising !

Screenshots can only do so much justice;  Saturn is absolutely breathtaking.  The crew are getting their fill on it as well, but preparing for the deceleration burn.

All sails furled, the 'Poseidon' gently slows down in high Saturn atmosphere... The rings are even better looking than I had imagined.  Taking the time to visit was WELL worth it !

So we ended up in a 1y200d orbit.  It was decided to get to Enceladus first and not in more than a year, so the crew executed the 2.8k dV maneuver to adjust orbit.
Notice that the mod even takes into account the shadow casted by Saturn on it's rings.


But that's it for today.  One or two more episodes remaining in this finale of 1.7.3.
See you later folks, and thanks for Reading !


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@noname_hero, are you going for the Apollo-style approach? If you are, more power to you.

  • Also good idea to put an ISRU system on the lander module.


If you want to send more people down to Laythe in a more cost-effective manner, then I recommend you use a refueling-capable SSTO. You can land on more biomes that way; if you have a probe core, you can also store a lot of data for the trip back.

  • Just be sure you have enough delta-V for a safe return, or your kerbalnauts and/or your data will end up like the Neptune II.


I hope to see more of your Laythe adventures.

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5 hours ago, Mars-Bound Hokie said:

@noname_hero, are you going for the Apollo-style approach? If you are, more power to you.

  • Also good idea to put an ISRU system on the lander module.


If you want to send more people down to Laythe in a more cost-effective manner, then I recommend you use a refueling-capable SSTO. You can land on more biomes that way; if you have a probe core, you can also store a lot of data for the trip back.

  • Just be sure you have enough delta-V for a safe return, or your kerbalnauts and/or your data will end up like the Neptune II.

I'm not trying an Apollo-style liftoff, I'm trying to fly the Joolpollo mission of the Kerpollo challenge. So there's a kerballed orbiter around Laythe and a kerballed lander on Laythe, and that's about as close as it gets to resembling Apollo missions.

The challenge's Joolpollo mission is also a Jool-5, so of course there's a converter in that service bay. Not to be rude, but why would I worry about drills working on a ship lacking any significant ore tanks if there wasn't a converter aboard?

I do agree that a refueling-capable SSTO is a good idea. However, besides the fact I'm a newbie-ish player who sucks at planes and SSTOs, the challenge limits participants to one landing per celestial body, not counting Kerbin of course. So I don't have to worry about biome-hopping. And it uses Science mode, so money's not an issue :)

I'm not trying to be super efficient here. This is a learning experience, as the Joolpollo mission is my first kerballed mission to the Jool system ever, so even just landing on every moon once and getting back home would be a success for me. And I follow the tao of excess fuel, so my transfer stage still has more than 7k of dV left, plus I hope can refuel it from Vall and Pol. Have I mentioned I'm sort of newbie-ish and need *lots* of fuel to feel safe? :blush:;)

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Overhauled my kOS docking script.  Having braked from the Hohmann transfer it now uses the throttle to approach the target, and RCS to stay aligned,  then when it gets within 200m (physics range) it brakes to about 3m/s using the engine.  If it's behind the docking port it initially uses RCS to steer to an offset point (red vector), before going to the standoff point 20m in front of the port, where it brakes on engine initially and then RCS to get a dead stop.  The run in to the docking port the uses RCS for thrust and top/side alignment.  This 40 tonne ship used about 30 monoprop for the whole thing.  If I can be bothered I reckon I can shave that down by 5 or more by aligning the initial burn towards target after the Hohmann braking burn, but I can live with it for now.

I'll leave the vectors plotting until I've tested it with a few other craft and approach angles but I'm hopeful this is pretty robust.


Now I can get on and take this lot to Minmus to do a coupe of rescues and get a load of science!

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More playing around with planes for me.

Took this thing to the skies this morning.

Why... don't ask.

Well mannered and quick, although those big engine get hot pretty fast







This afternoon I tried my hand at a biplane, which worked out... really well. Not very quick (max speed is 94m/s in level flight) but probably the most entertaining aircraft I've built.

Chocks away chaps.


Bill thinks he'd prefer a cockpit window to keep safe behind.


Time to buzz the buildings.






Val gives this plane a big thumbs up.


Then Bill reminds her she can't keep it.



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I spent some time on the revived/revamped "Fastest Juno-powered Airplane" challenge.  My first entry was somewhat lackluster, in that it couldn't get anywhere near the speed of sound, so I went back to the drawing board.  The second did better, but not enough better; the third was the charm.  Fleetfoot III got up to 600 m/s in level flight at a weight of 10.2 T, with five Junos doing the hard work.




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Today I finally scanned a Mun crater with a rover, but as always in my KSP space trips something always goes in an unexpected way.

I left off Kerbin with Jeb and a couple of fellow engineers.


Decoupling stage! aWagFCj.png

Off to Mun, with a robotic arm to deploy the rover, those hinges and rotors bring a lot of possibilities. 


It was succesfully deployed despite the 10 meters of free fall :-D


But that would be boring! We ran out of fuel to reach to mun orbit back again. 

So here we go again... Mun rescuer launched! Bariello Kerman got your back! 


I managed to land only 700m. away of the rover launch. 


The four rocketeers on its way back to Kerbin for partying!! 


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Y59, D090 - The crews of the first Moho expedition return to the Negi Maru mothership


Y59, D097 - Leaving Moho


Y59, D203 - Rendezvous with the Negi Star Mk2 shuttle, which was left in Kerbin orbit during the expedition.


Final propulsive deceleration before landing


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Hi everybody

I´ve been a busy builder today. I´ll come to that in a minute.

I took a break for a few months. I had simply run out of ideas completely and my current carreer had gotten tedious with so many upcoming big and complicated missions. Over the holidays I got bored and opened up KSP again and changed my playstyle. More short missions, less headscratching and definitely more goofing around and trying new things.

For a Kerbin ground science contract I would normally get my transport plane, put a rover into it and drive and fly around around for 2 hours to get to all the POIs. Now I just built a supersonic scibomber. It get´s to anywhere on Kerbin really quick, drops a few probes out of the back, and that´s it. I love that thing. Sooo much fun to fly. :)


And no more 2 hour long asteroid capture nuke burns for me. This is the new multipurpose Tug. Quite a bit more omph than my old nuke powered potatoroid catcher. Ok, it´s less efficient, but who cares?


And I scrapped my overcomplicated upcoming Duna mission. This time I´ll just send a little hab, a rover and a lander. ISRU und all that stuff can come later. The only thing ready for the mission is the crew transport, 0.5g artificial gravity inclusive. Just for the sake of it.


Let us slowly come to what i´ve been up to this weekend, shall we? Last week I stumbled upon a monolith on Mun and sent something completely unnecessary over there:


Then a thought came to my mind: "Heywood Kerman should take a look at that monolith." But how to get Heywood into Orbit??? Well, from time to time I try to build something like the Orion 3 spaceclipper from 2001. I just love the design and it´s normally a fun challenge to build. So this weekend -again- I sat down with a simple plan. But ideas emerged, problems appeared, sollutions were found, frustrating bugs were... seriously, I thought the thing with engine plates and structural rings not shielding their innerts from drag would have been solved by now... but at the end I´m really happy with the result. I think it looks kinda nice and the flight characteristics are not bad at all. Ok, I had to clip some rapiers together, which I wouldn´t normally do, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



In the end I´m having fun with KSP again and it feels good to be back.

Have fun guys and gals, have fun, cya :)



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