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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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Size isn't everything...


...but it sure does help

24-RAPIER behemoth carrying up to 200 tons of payload into LKO in D5x22 meters cargo bay, Blue Whale is by far the largest vessel by SPAS. Clocking at up to 600 tons fully laden, it is supported by 28 wheels when on the runway and way too overengineered wings when in the air. Upon reaching orbit the entire tail assembly swivels upwards to make way for cargo to egress from the payload bay. And all that is operated by one daredevil sitting in the cockpit with virtually zero visibility near the very tip of the nose of the spaceplane. 

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Today Yesterday was all about getting my Duna fleet on its way - this will be my first manned interplanetary mission in JNSQ (with TacLS to make it more interesting).    I also just discovered I never clicked the submit reply button last night

The highlight, of course, was "Red Scout" departing with the veteran crew aboard


Due to the blistering 0.18g acceleration at full load, the burn was split into two maneuvers



Kelrik also performed the first EVA in the new suit to mount some science gear that was stowed for the launch


Before and after, a series of departures:


Station tender


Another fuel tanker


Life support supplies


Duna rover


Duna station core


And the Duna outpost





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Had the final departures of my Duna fleet, followed a trio of other departures - a deep space relay, and the Moho & Lindor Pathfinder probes.  Then it was time to start adding course corrections to everything - between 104 & 118 days out for the Duna fleet, 328 for the Lindor probe.  The Moho probe had an immediate course correction of over 300 m/s upon leaving Kerbin and will reach Moho in just 79 days.  My pair of Eve-Kerbin IR observer probes also made their final orbital corrections to keep them between the two planets and the Jool probe made a quick course correction on it's way to the green giant.  There was also a Nara window coming up, but I have doubts any of my currently researched antennas will reliably maintain communications to a probe that far out, so I'm skipping this one

The highlight was the Red Scout and the veteran kerbonauts becoming the first to leave Kerbin's SoI


SIRO-B jettisoning the spent transfer stage



Ike lander


Duna lander


Third fuel tanker


Deep Space relay







We also recruited a new pilot & scientist to make a third 3-kerbal crew (already had an "extra" engineer at KSC) and sent them up to Kerbin Station for two weeks of zero-g training





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Bob's Baobab Botany Buggy... 

Bob is off in search of the famed baobab tree


He spots one on the horizon


A quick scan and the valuable scientific data is gathered...


That can only mean on thing now.... TREE CLIMBING TIME!


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I made a pod racer. Out of a reconfiged Space 1999 part pack buggy and reconfiged stock parts. Steering is sensitive but otherwise all good. I wonder if anybody would like to try it out?


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In the Navy...

Back in the rescue business again... Naval aviators... honestly.  And in the middle of an eclipse as well.


Step one. Extraction from a ditch in the drink.


Step two... return to base. (for extra credit set down on the VAB!)


Step three. Certification complete. time for a brew or two


H1 Rescue on KerbalX

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6 hours ago, Caerfinon said:

In the Navy

I am in the same .... BOAT as @ColdJSee what i did there???:joy:


Even using mods my helicopters are just rotating death traps bound for the VVAB literally... Like pow


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this is very helpful, the bottom egg thing records temperature and pressure, the top egg records temp, the fin top records atmospheric stuff and at night the ball tracker helps find the runaway and the front probe stick thing auto pilots aswell as transmits the data

then we got space tours, just kinda strap thumper on the bottom and get to 71-77km then gently float back down and get paid

this plane can fly around kerbin one and a half times before running out of fuel, i was very proud of that

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On Official Business

Transporting VIKs (Very Important Kerbals) for the United Knations... boy it takes a lot of staff to pick up one guy!


On approach to Baikerbanur Inland Kerbal Space Center


Pick up the VIK.. OK enough posing get on the plane!


Fly this guy up to Uberdam Airfield and drop him off at the terminal.... It's been a long day's flight


SkyCourier modified from original design Accelereze by @blackheart612 on KerbalX

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