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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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Greetings fellow kerbonauts, I've fixed my transmitter! Here's an update:



I've installed restock, and it's awesome, what I saw online and in my first try made me skeptical, but, I now appreciate the awesomeness of restock! :D 


The stock Ariane 5.






De-orbited the poodle, still survived. (45 degree reentry)


A space station, designed to launch on the Ariane 5, but the merge function never works! So Cheat Debug menu it was!


Engineer Natalya Kermanilov on eva, she is joined on Skylab 1 by Bob Kerman, and Vyacheslav Kerolev.


Yup, I've been reading eyes turned skyward! :D  (Go read it here!)


Rendezvous curtesy of debug menu, docking curtesy of trial and error.




To quote Natalya herself: "What can I say, I like to e.v.a."        Backpack curtesy of kerbal heavy exoskeleton kit.





Same procedure as last time, including debug menu.







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7 hours ago, fivefiveaccou said:

guys having trouble with passing asterodi indirect misson 2 locating klaws.

You mean asteroid redirect mission part 2. Yes devs did a bad thing... they used the slang term "The Klaw" and on the next page call it "The Grappling Device". :confused: confusing. The part is actually called Advanced Grabbing Unit.  Right click it and select "arm", then you can go to the next step.

For more tutorial questions there's a better place for this here

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On 9/17/2021 at 2:34 AM, jimmymcgoochie said:

@Krazy1 I didn’t do much of the driving- Bon Voyage drove it out to the foothills north-west of the KSC and there was a tree close by when it got there.

I picked Snarkiverse because it just rearranged the stock system rather than adding anything new, which was ideal because my GPU had just died so I couldn’t really run anything else. It certainly makes a difference having the Mun in such a high inclination orbit, I keep launching equatorial and then realising I’m 62 degrees off! (And if you thought stock Moho was hard to get to…)

Ah driving mod - OK. Snarkiverse  looks good. I was think about something like that. I must have launched for Minmus 100 times, and sometimes I still forget the 6 deg inclination! I get a nice 0.1 deg launch and then it hits me. :/

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I reversed a plane down the side of a mountain.




That's why.

It wouldn't go down the slope forwards, turns out tricycle landing gear doesn't work so well on steep downhill slopes and tends to end with somersaulting down said slope in a shower of explosions and stray parts, but going backwards allows engine thrust to precisely control the descent velocity and also makes it less likely to tip over and fall upside down with the RUD-y consequences that tends to have on a steep slope half way up a mountain.

I also found the Kerbin randolith; weirdly it was barely 10km from one of the regular monoliths, usually randoliths are nowhere near the other anomalies.

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Today i realized a random thought i had while playing my modded KSP install: Could i modify something in CryoTanks so all tanks can store MonoPropellant?

And so i went through a not really epic journey, learning how CryoTanks work (and breaking it sometimes...) until i finally figured out! After everything was working, i decided to test a launch vehicle with a MonoProp only upper stage! 

And so, the MainLiner Mk1 (yes, very creative name) launches!



Obligatory Waterfall advertisement:



Boosters out, rotated 90 deegres and accelerating the upper stage as much as i can!



Upper Stage separation is a success!



Completing the Orbit... and done!



Fully fueled, the upper stage has about 7000m/s of DeltaV! And since it uses MonoPropellant, you can easily add RCS into it (although we have LFO+OX RCS, i dont really like them...).

All other tanks (0.625, 1.25, 2.5 and so on) can be fueled with MonoProp too, they also hold more than the standart RCS tank, making them overpowered in comparisson with the standart ones, but i dont really mind, since i never liked the game balance on those.

I hope this post has been interesting for you! Thank you so much for reading!

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I have Mirabilis under development.  With the advent of swjr-swis' Boop-Dock[tm], I am aiming to design a small number of economical, high-volume commuter jets (2 to 3 types).  They will assume/require ground-support for fueling and passenger embarkation/disembarkation.  (See my recent Jet Connect passenger terminal.)

YaWFq6Y.png    fTZgScy.png

I'm in the finishing touches with development, i.e. performing the aerodynamic tuning.  It's an absolute hoot in the cockpit[1] when one gingerly drops the nose on final for landing: a schizophrenic kind of Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde moment!  Touch-down at 42 m/s and the drag chute should never be required ("but never let a node go to waste!").

886 m/s @ 12 km, (M2.98) for a range of 2,940 km.

[1] wait a minute!?  what cockpit?  forgot to mention that -- rate-cutting and all that -- my commuter fleet will be all-drone...

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I had KSP open for ...nearly 21 hours!

I spent the better part of that time designing a flashy base that modularly builds out through EL, and designing the several modules, bootstrap landers, ...and getting acquainted with Keridian Dynamics and Angel-125's SandCastle and EVA Repairs (lightweight part failure).


The grand plan is a Jool 5 with JNSQ, colonization, part failure and maybe life support.



Random moment during testing and learning the NFE interface on JNSQ Vall.


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25 minutes ago, Caerfinon said:

Inspecting the crash of a Missing Aircraft for the United Knations

Biil braves subzero temperatures in the Antarctic to recover valuable data about this recent UK plane crash (good thing he packed his long-johns).


Long johns?

Classic treat at timmies.

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I made a 100x100px rotating kerbin animation that fits the forum avatar file size restriction(Max file size: 0.25MB).
You can use it as an avatar if you want.
The GIF works, the WebP does not, returning this message:
"Sorry, an unknown server error occurred when uploading this file.
(Error code: imagecreatefromstring(): Couldn't create GD Image Stream out of Data)".

rotating%20kerbin%20avatar.gif?dl=1  GIF

rotating%20kerbin%20avatar.webp?dl=1  WebP

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Built the new Chandra-Station around the Mun in four launches - right now still unkerballed.

Some nice cupolas from Nertea's mods and a long docking arm for my SSTOs to dock.

The big centrifuge on the lefthand side is not yet deployed, as therefore two engineers are needed, which are not yet on board. Some Iondrives are installed for Ap/Pe-Corrections after serveral dockings. This thing is powered by a nice 400kW reactor on the lower peak, which generates up to 800kW Waste heat on highest settings - enough power to power all 24 Ion-engines for height control. Solar panels are so vulnerable to little asteroid fragments in munar orbit...



This thing uses the SSPXr mod and the NF and FF mods from Nertea.



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I took my newly refurbished Delorean Time machine for a drive and a fly to the island, yes it does both, yes it transitions, yes the wheels are also hover jets.

Sadly the license of the original suggests I can't share any derivatives of the original work. I will have a look to see if there is any way but I am not holding my breath.




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I have been quite busy continuing work on my new Mun Base, Homestead. It's been quite difficult to focus back near Kerbin SOI with all the flashy interplanetary missions and stuff taking up all my time, but I've managed to refocus (I have to wait for the transfer windows anyway, so why not do something?)




mmm yes waterfall



















Homestead, just missing the greenhouse module. In total currently there are 4 habitation modules, an aquarium-thing (fish farm) and a laboratory. I am planning to land the greenhouse module after the infrastructure is actually set in place, including a new system of ANTS nuclear tugs and refueling stations. 

I also took a new rover design for a test:




Need that speed. Barely enough to push the rover forward in Kerbin's atmosphere, but hopefully it'll be more helpful on the Mun (and Minmus, we'll see)



I absolutely didn't break anything by going at a super high speed and flipping out. Nope, totally not me!


I might have went a little too fast...


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I took a shot at deriving from a flying wing in Star Citizen, and making it a capable Blueshift warp ship. It doesn't intend to be a perfect replica, however it maximizes "blended wing body" and is 2.5m thick and just over 30m long at the root. The lack of elevons and the open wing holes are very major problems in the eyes of anyone who knows and cares about proper aviation, but deep space MMORPG don't give one fat sewer rat about those.




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