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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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Cramming two goos, one thermometer, one barometer, one OKTO, one parachute, two small reaction gyroscopes, one antenna, one OKTO, one battery bank and a KER chip in a 1.25 bay in a way that doesn't look like garbage is difficult, but possible.

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I have a bit of a lull between activities, ships are underway but it will be two months before anything happens. So I did some rescues, I'm starting to get close to 100 crew, currently at 93 with 4 more rescue contracts lined up:


Keeping close track like a proper nerd of course. Gimme ordered tables with filter options!


Meanwhile some of the crew is fooling around the grounds testing out some light weight concept vehicles. Here's a nice bike, 2 wheel drive, rear wheel steering, self-balancing with training wheels to prevent damage in sharp corners:


Here's a chopper trike variant, rear wheel drive, front wheel steering. It not nearly as stable as it looks but it's more fun with the buddy seat:


I'm a bit worried about how these might fare on a body with low gravity... oh well, no risk no reward.


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Tons of stuff.  Duna and Ike burn
Jool burn

Minmus well its start getting a bit laggy, happens then everyone want stream the Jool launch at once  :( 
Returning after marking out the next expansion.

And I came up for an in game  reason why large bases and stations is laggy,

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Time for the first kerbaled interplanetary mission to Niven.

The un-crewed return module is launched first.


Trans Niven burn.



Then the crewed lander is them launched a day later. The Pancake.


 After the burn is complete. We settle into cruse mode.


The first to arrive and insert into Niven orbit is the return vehicle. 


Followed up by the lander. Arriving literally within 20 minutes of each other.


Landing day tomorrow,

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I started a new science mode save, and did some usual opening flight stuff, after which I launched Jeb into interplanetary space, and sent him for a Mun flyby on the return trip.

After that I launched two mun lunder probes, neither of which had enough fuel to finish the mission. One crashed into the surface, I put the other into orbit.

After that I launched a permanant (until further notice) manned mun base, which worked.



A rocketplane I messed around with. It didn't work.


One of the probes before heading to the Mun


The munbase on the launchpad


Three Kerbals begin their new life on the Mun


Newfangled science gizmos



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I finished up a barebones Niven Mission. Beginning with entry of the lander.


The chutes plus a touch of the rocket gets us down safely.


And we land on a slope of Teflon and start sliding downhill at 4 m/s. 


We resorted to retracing half the landing gear and were able to carry on with the mission.


And we head up to the SM for the transfer window for Gael to open up.


We have a routine docking and transfer of science. Raging put chutes on the SM because it was in the mission plan. Not because the chutes were forgotten in the VAB, No Sir. Not that.


After the window to Gael opens up, We depart.


And finally home is in sight.


2 Minutes to entry.


And happy landings were had.


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I made my first successful space plane. Well, to be precise, I have made space planes before and flown them to space. I have even landed a few in the vicinity of the KSC, but only by attaching a whole load of parachutes to them. Today I actually took off, docked to my LKO space station, loaded 9 crew members that had just returned from a group flag-planting trip and landed safely back on KSC runway 09.

Sweat was dripping in places I don't want to talk about, I REALLY suck at landing stuff that isn't pointy end up flamey end down, consequently I don't have any action pics. Here's a shot on the runway, wing and engine configuration are blatantly stolen from a Lowne Aerospace design (according to my lead designers "it's only illegal if you get caught"), but I converted it from a cargo to a crew transporter, added a docking port, RCS thrusters/fuel and reaction wheels, a second nuke engine, a bunch of air brakes and a few drogue chutes.


I've also reached 92% reputation. Not a very remarkable number but considering how long it takes to get even a single percent over 90, I think it warrants a small celebration :)


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Not today, yesterday, but, 


Launched a shuttle with a big orange tank to my LKO station, sent my refinery, rover and hab module to Munbase, landed and began brief surface activity, refueling the lander, doing science, flipping the rover twice, noticed an ideal Jool transfer window, sending relays, a sentinel and a vall expedition, spotted a whole helluvalot of comets, then failed to get a Tylo gravity assist.

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2 hours ago, Beamer said:

Sweat was dripping in places I don't want to talk about, . . .
Here's a shot on the runway, wing and engine configuration are blatantly stolen from a Lowne Aerospace design (according to my lead designers "it's only illegal if you get caught"), . . .

1. It’s unavoidable for me, it’s why I prefer rockets.

2. All Mk2 rocket planes i’ve made before or after watching Matt Lowne have similar wing+engine configurations. It’s just cool and efficient!

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I meant to edit my previous post! I’m not gonna fix it right now though, on account of the IV jabbed in my arm.
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Technically yesterday, but a small lack of foresight and a pinch of sleep deprivation caused the crew of a small interstellar vessel to jump to FTL speeds... Directly into the sun. Not my proudest moment.

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Sending a new facility to my Minmus settlement. This is an expansion of Jeb's Junkyard business:




Deploying... The main Jeb's Junkyard tower in the background with its 2 rovers parked outside. In the far background you can see my mobile refinery. The 2 Sepratrons at the top of the new facility only contain 20% of their fuel, firing for about half a second as the building separates from the booster:


Still deploying...


Pfew, that took a full minute to reach the ground:


After getting rid of the booster and unloading the contents of the garage, we're open for business. Experience Minmus by bike like a true pioneer!


The view on the inside. Of course a proper garage/workshop needs some good pin-up posters on the wall:



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Flew a Minmus mission, sent a rover to my Mun base, and launched scanning satellites to Kerbin's Moons

Details and Pictures


Jeb and Bob on their way to Minmus


While the Minmus mission was in transit, Milgun found a crater nearby to the Munbase


Jeb and Bob on  Minmus. While there they did one biome hop and set up an experiment station. Unfortunatly, due to the light they had to land on the far side of Minmus, so the expiriments have not done anything.


Re-entry was unnerving.


Sending a Rover to the Mun.  The launcher took a few tries to get right.


While the Rover was in transit, I sent a scanning Satellite to the Mun. It arrived first.


Landing the rover. It touched down about 500m away from the base. Both the Rover, Skycrane, and transfer stage landed safely



Wherkin and Milgun take the rover out to do science, and find the lowlands biome while at it.


Cersby moved one of the rover's powerbanks to the base, and rearranged the solar panels.


Cersby and Milgun take a trip to a nearby crater.





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Did some stuff.

I thought i would try to make an underwater car.



Failed at about -20 meters.


So I added moar.


That stopped around -50 meters.


I also made some spinny things!



This reaches about 256 meters.


Second version.


381 meters for this one.



Ack! Too hot!




Turned on Ignore max temp for that.


And it worked pretty well!


No wings this time.


More no wings


As well as taking that concept to the extreme...


It worked though!


And then I took it ever further.


Didn't go anywhere. Poor Kerbal.


Attempt two didn't go much better.


That's what I did.

I am going to go to Florida tomorrow, so I will be mostly not here for the next 5 days.



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