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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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9 hours ago, Hotel26 said:

It can be done might be possible[1] with craft-file-editing, but I don't recommend trying because there is no one trim setting that is going to work well for you in flight.

Yeah, no chance I'm trying that.


9 hours ago, Hotel26 said:

If you want to go this route, let me know and I'll do the research for you...

That would be great, thank you.

  • I tried that myself, both in-flight and right before takeoff, but it didn't seem to work.
    • In fact, when I did it right before takeoff, it seemed to make things worse.



9 hours ago, Hotel26 said:

Had been misinterpreting this to mean odd number of blades (which should make no difference):

Whether a prop engine has an even or odd number of blades shouldn't make a difference in aircraft performance - but blade angle and type do.

  • As for engines, if I have an even number of them, all I have to do to take care of the roll is have them rotate in opposite directions. It's odd-numbered-engine* props that are causing me trouble since I don't have that option.
    • And yes, three-engine (and five-engine) prop planes do exist - or at least they did.
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Redesigned Visor 200 into  Pilum 200. Same capacity but less parts, less drag but it's 91m long! It actually works pretty well. 

It had massive drag from the rear cargo ramps... first both of them and after replacing them only 1 was broken. I had to break the symmetry to make it work. Not sure if it's from KSPCF or tweakscale.










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49 minutes ago, Krazy1 said:

massive drag from the rear cargo ramps

Legend tells of such a bug with closed cargo bays/ramps that can be fixed before take-off by cycling them (one time) open-closed.  Try that with your broken ramp and see if it gets better.


It's a legend (or perhaps just an urban myth @swjr-swis), so comes with no guarantees.


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Captains log, Year 001 Day 049 cont'd

"The hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new lands."

Building on the multi-stage concept of 'Valkyrie', I designed a larger interplanetary shuttle 'Valhalla'.
The multi-stage design ensures good TWR of the interplanetary stage.
A recoverable second stage keeps the costs down.
I spent many hours tweaking the parachutes, airbrakes etc. to make sure this can come home in one piece.




'Valhalla' Long Range Shuttle
4x Kickback, 3x Dart, 4x Nerva
Delta-v: about 6400 m/s left after insertion into 75x75 km Kerbin orbit (with 4 crew and full cargo)
TWR: 0.50 in low Kerbin orbit
Mass: 51.516 tons (191 tons incl. booster and launcher)
Launch price: 116,520
Recovery value: ~93,800 (at 100%)
Crew capacity: 4
Cargo capacity: 2x 650 L + 2x 180 L + 200 L
Science: 2x Experiment Storage
Docking: 2x Clamp-O-Tron, 1x Junior, RCS


This is another addition to my reusable launchers for career use.

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I started a new career save with kerbalism and probes before crew. I have already landed on the mun and I am looking forward to some crewed contracts. After I get used to kerbalism I plan to start a new JNSQ career with kerbalism and all the other extra mods which are supposed to be really cool.

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After leaving the MunCom relay network two-thirds unfinished last session, I sent the other two along today.


All three relays are identical and in equidistant semisynchronous orbit. Well, "equidistant" is stretching it....


Part of me is bothered immensely by the imperfect spacing, but I can't find a convincing reason to go back and spend time fixing it. Main thing is, the network is ready to support longer-term surface exploration.

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17 minutes ago, ColdJ said:

Been slowly adding to my B-52 Stratofortress model in my spare time. This is what I am up to.

Very nice, you should build a X-1 or X-15 or D-21 to hang under the wings :D

Edit: found a nice looking D-21

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15 hours ago, idamoofus said:

spend time fixing it

If you don't mind absorbing a little math, go to https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Tutorial:Ideal_Orbits_for_Communication_Satellites and its section "Individually Spacing Satellites" and read about the Law of Cosines.

The optimum way to deploy is from an elliptical 4:3 harmonic orbit dropping out one satellite per orbit and circularizing it.

But if you are already stuck with three, unevenly-spaced satellites in a circular orbit, you can fix it by using this law to compute the relative angles of the satellites form the "lead satellite" (starting with line-of-sight distance between each).   You can convert the angle discrepancy to a time discrepancy (from 360 degrees per orbital period) and turn this into a time delta: "for one orbit, I need to speed up or slow down by this delta time in order to arrive into my proper position and then resume the nominal orbital period".

For the effort of understanding the math, it thus costs you only two maneuvers (far apart) in order to perform station-keeping maintenance.  Which can be very satisfying.

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1 hour ago, Hotel26 said:

The optimum way to deploy is from an elliptical 4:3 harmonic orbit dropping out one satellite per orbit and circularizing it.

I stumbled across this illustrated calculator that makes it easy to find the correct harmonic orbit.

Resonant Orbit Calculator by Eric Meyer: https://meyerweb.com/eric/ksp/resonant-orbits/

A while ago I also constructed a Relay Carrier that can deploy 7 sub-satellites while adding only minimal overhead. This carrier should have enough delta-v to change from equatorial to polar orbit in most cases, so you can get two planes of 3 relays each going with a single launch. 7th sat is a resource scanner.

'Phaethon' Relay Carrier (4 tons total mass):

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57 minutes ago, Duke MelTdoWn said:

a Relay Carrier

Or peruse my entire Relay hangar for many variations, including notably Scout Mk2 (with resource scanner) and the recent Meerkat which includes 3 sats each in equatorial and polar orbits with two of the polar satellites being RA-100s, which provide unobstructed ecliptic service for "phone home to Kerbin" for uninterrupted coverage for remote control.

I think, particularly innovative, is my Tetrahedron craft, which places 4x RA-2 satellites into 109.5 degree[1] co-spaced highly-elliptical orbits providing global coverage for 42 days at a time (before a sub-1-hour "maintenance" period of downtime).  See the video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14zWSn_RV1K6hFwpsQiStshJDF5N0ofdj/view?usp=sharing

[1] like the 4 bonds of a carbon atom.

Edited by Hotel26
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Captains log, Year 001 Day 049 cont'd

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."

'Pannychis' finally lifted off in a spectacular night launch!
This stack will be sent to colonize Gilly and is optimized for low gravity operations.
It took me about a week to design all the different components and integrate them into a single launch.




It is currently waiting in low Kerbin orbit for some experienced crew to transfer over from the Mun to support the rookies on board.
It will also take on a small load of ore to bolster the available delta-v and complete a contract.

(from top to bottom of Pannychis stack)
'Phaethon' Relay Carrier    - Communications and reconnaissance
-- 1x Survey Sat
-- 6x Small Relay Sat
'Eunomia' Space Tug         - Space tug, fuel and cargo storage, 2 crew, 2x Nerva
'Eutychia' Gilly Station    - Orbital laboratory, refinery, 9 crew, 2x Nerva
-- 'Euphrosyne' Low-g Rover - Rover with stowable wheels, 2 crew, 1x Spark
-- 'Eurybia' Low-g Lander   - Surface science, 2 crew, 1x Ant
-- 2x Data Carrier Mk. 3           - Science return to Kerbin, 3x Experiment Storage, 1x Dawn
-- 1x Medium Relay Sat
'Eudaimonia' Gilly Miner    - Ore mining, surface science and contracts, 3 crew, 1x Nerva


5x Nerva
Delta-V: about 4500 m/s (TWR 0.23 in Kerbin Orbit)
Mass: 130.5t
Parts: ~ 500
Price: 612,400

'Pannychis' Gilly Exploration Stack + Launcher  (more pics in workshop):

This is an addition to my collection of "We have come to stay" Exploration Systems:

Very Heavy Reusable Launcher

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On 7/10/2023 at 4:47 AM, Krazy1 said:

It had massive drag from the rear cargo ramps... first both of them and after replacing them only 1 was broken. I had to break the symmetry to make it work. Not sure if it's from KSPCF or tweakscale.

TweakScale scales everything - including the bugs!! :P 

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I messed around in my mod. Added a moon, screwed around with hyperedit
Sanden Kerman on a supposedly icy moon after I moved its parent planet ridiculously close to the stars lol

Attempted carrier landing of a 747



Landed! but.. broke the carrier... so I guess it still counts?


Screwed around with Maledictus the cube moon


FINALLY added an emissive texture to the ecuminopolis I have

(that was emissiveFX from kopernicusexpansion)
Attempted with EVE city lights.. got.. very questionable results


Figured out dragless tech... attempted to make a station orbit at like 20km on Kerbin

Made a podracer for Vitrum (That glass moon is prime grounds for racing podracers

flew a cargoplane on Vitrum


This plane is somehow the most effecient big plane I have ever made


made an adorably TINY podracer


made a cursed concorde, which I didnt complete because the nose gear KEPT COLLAPSING


Noticed that the recover vessel button does, in fact, have an image of a ship recovering a command pod, and thought "what if the process of getting the pod back to the ksc could be expedited by putting a command pod cannon on the ship?" (said command pod cannon in testing)

Attempted to overclock the engine slightly more to get it from 7km range to like.. 12km range... accidentally sent the poor kerbals out at 0.5% lightspeed


Afterwards, I managed to fix the broken scatterer for Kerbin
And then I tped a craft to Neybiri and flew around on it for the first time



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I went as close to a star as I ever did.

Actually, I went close to two stars, as whirligig world features a binary system


This is the planet shol, a hot super-jupiter. the star is kaywell, while the second star, limnel, is covered at the moment.

A comet is passing nearby. The presence of shol and limnel causes most comets to end up getting gravity captured by of of those bodies. they then wander the inner system for a while, until they hit shol or they get ejected out of the solar sytem entirely. the game then spawns a new comet. this mechanism ensures that there's a visible comet most of the time in the kaywell system.


this is as close as i managed to go to kaywell before burning up. I wanted to see if I could orbit limnel (here visible, by the way) but the answer is no. With some better management I can probably reach 500k km, and limnel is in a 300k km orbit. going there would require a more dedicated ship. in the end i settled into a safer orbit, with the objective of reaching a minor body nearby


this is just to show the position of limnel and my orbit


the nose cone cargo bay is red hot. I can afford a quick glance before having to close it again to protect the cupola



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Got my kOS GUI looking more or less how I want it, and di a couple of sub orbital tourist missions to get the cash to upgrade Mission Control so my circularisation script will work.  Still need to play around with skins for highlighting though, as I've not selected Moho here.

Planner mode


Flight mode



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I was suddenly curious as to what would happen if I went to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000x timewarp..
Yea spacetime broke lol.. Scatterer oceans stopped moving, planets were stuck in their positions (and not rotating), space itself legit became an extremely dense liquid where even 1000kN on a pod would barely push you at 2m/s through space despite the navball reading very differently. Oh and gravity also doesnt work in the slightest in space randomly.


yea.. also inclinations generally got misaligned with rings. The year counter read 373 million years before breaking

I think theres only 425 days in a kerbin year?

even at max stock timewarp, nothing budged in the slightest.. it took like 3000000x timewarp to even make celestial bodies budge

Also... it was only the display that stopped at 373  million years... but the game let me continue at the highest warp rate I made, which was a bit over 60 trillion years per second.. idk where it would stop.

Also, atmospheric flight was fine, except that it was truly eerie, time itself was stopped, the mission and universial times were stuck at 0, ocean waves were frozen where if I landed... i would be literally on a water hill that doesnt move lol...


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