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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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Made celestial objects using kopernicus


Nih (outdated)



Nih (left, still outdated), Seloa (Right)



Xyloh (right), Vastu (left, somewhat outdated)



Azdaw (left) and Vikirana (right)

(the quality in the image above has been made bad intentionally)

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In my KSRSS career, landed a probe on the Moon.  Simple Octo with solar panels, antenna, and ~1000 dV remaining in the tank.  Nothing special, but it was required for the KSRSS contract.  So I did it.  By the way, that little ball in the background is, in fact, Earth.


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It was time for a Kerbaled Gartian Mission



Booster separation and LED jettison.


Second stage start.


Fairing separation


Trans-Gartian burn


The Kerbals  arrive and Bob gets the high orbit science


A fly by of Geminus is conducted and Bob gets more science.



On the return home it was noted that this is the fastest re-entry speed ever attempted with Kerbals


And 2 out of 3 kerbals are squished at this speed (almost 3 of them. Peak G force was 15+) and Poody is not smiling for the first time in the mission. 


But they make it back alive and have a happy landing.


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On 12/13/2023 at 4:15 PM, FormosaT_9 said:

test one of my Kerbal Konstruct bases:

Eiffel tower, a bit ? nah ? :D 

Today, I did a tutorial on how to do a manual ascent to rendez-vous from a moon, while flying in IVA ! Your typical apollo style mission profile thing ! :D  Pretty challenging, and almost as hard as landing in IVA, when done right !


Cheers : )

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Today, I did in KSP what felt important for me today, as a musician and space enjoyer, on this 16th of december...
Because today is an anniversary ! Of the first concert broadcasted live from space, 58 years ago ! :D 

Those Gemini (VI and VII) astronauts were quite good at historic firsts... They played a prank on Houston by describing Santa Claus' sleigh going in a polar orbit, played the first ever concert in duet, broadcasted live from space, oh, and yeah, they also executed the first ever manned rendez-vous between two spacecrafts...
Wally Schirra and Tom Stafford played Jingle Bells, on a little harmonica and a handful of bells, in duet ! :) 


Happy anniversary !

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Today, I continued my IVA career, here's the result !
First catastrophic failures due to a flight director error (me lol), more engine failures, first kerbin scientific satellite, showcase of the MirageDev's Maneuver props in action (still WIP), and the first live images from the Mun, as we flyby it.
I also improved the Mission Control interior with more props, refining. The first WIP release should be out soon. : )

Cheers :) 

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Your drag model has no power over me!


Archimedes is a single-seater VTOL SSTO, capable of reaching orbit on Kerbin and Laythe with some dV to spare for docking. It's actually my remake of my friend's stock replica of my 2017 modded craft that itself was lifted off Star Citizen promotional material (talk about a crisis in creative industries...).

The defining ring with contra-rotating propellers incurs unpleasant drag and breaking sound barrier is a slog, but the flight thereafter is a rapid and very enjoyable ascent. Same goes for liftoff and landing -- it's got a very low stall speed and you can easily land on a dime in VTOL mode. Powered by 2 RTGs (perfectly balanced).

It's a rather useless runabout, except of course if you need to land on aircraft carriers. It's not that large and can hover indefinitely, which makes for nice landings on rough seas of Laythe. I wish I could add folding wings, but it doesn't seem that easy to figure out geometry in stock.

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The 8-nuke Crab in the middle is freighting 2x Zephyr boosters, recycled from Kerbin, down to LEO (Low Eve Orbit), where they will perform one last function as descent boosters (de-boosters?) for anything with a 2.5m dock bound for the Evian surface.


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Today, I continued my IVA only career :
After some plane shenanigans, and mun scanning, I attempted the first unmaned Munar landing !
The grace of this execution is certainly a quality that the landing pilot will have to work on... :D


I also put out the first test release of this Probe Control Room Retro-Nasa-ish styled IVA, available here for testing :

Cheers !

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Today, I started the first steps in making this mod I had dreamed for sooo long exists : an actual ASET IVA for the external command seat !
Currently, the only way to see in 1st person in the ext command seat is with Through the Eyes of a Kerbal mod, but you can't add any props to it, so I did a little hackery here and there, converted the part to an actual pod, and started laying out the props ! :) 
Currently, this is a low tech orbiter/lander version, but I'd like to make several flavors of this : orbiter/lander high tech (with MFDs and modern style props), plane low and high tech, and a rover high tech.
Roving/flying around in this will be fun for sure :D 


Center panel :


Left panel :


Right panel :

Mun Sunrise : ) :cool:

I'll try to publish a test WIP release of this soon 
Published a firt test release, enjoy :)  :


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