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SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

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This thread is devoted to all things SSTO!!

Have an interesting Single Stage To Orbit Aircraft or Rocket that you wish to share? Then this thread is for you~


Not sure how to build an SSTO aircraft? Here are some of my SSTO's, they all work and are capable of flying into orbit and landing safely back at the KSP runway. Feel free to use them as you please.

These SSTO's use Action Groups, before attempting to fly check out the action groups so you know what does what. Action Group (1) is usually Toggle Air Intakes + Toggle Jet Engines.

The craft files have been compressed in .RAR format.. So use WinRar or an alternative to extract the craft file.

SSTO Shuttle Mk5 - http://www./download/exxdvwsa48s4p5n/SSTO_Shuttle_Mk5.rar

This SSTO is a rather large 3 Kerbal Space Shuttle, it is capable of flying to other planets without refueling in orbit if used correctly.

VTOL SSTO Mk1 http://www./download/v7vo26odlag6zad/VTOL+SSTO+Mk2.rar

A small VTOL SSTO capable of getting into orbit around kerbit, then de-orbiting... and then landing back at KSP headquarters and landing on the roof on the heli-pad with fuel to spare.

Be sure to check the aircraft's action groups before flying.

SSTO Type 29 Rapier Mk1 - http://www./download/jw6wl79j85dqqyq/SSTO+Type+29+Rapier+Mk1.rar

The Type 29 Rapier is a low part count SSTO built around the R.A.P.I.E.R. Engine.

SSTO Type 26 Ares Mk2 - http://www./download/qrp2zvpbd83ikm9/SSTO+Type+26+Ares+Mk2.rar

Type 26 Ares Mk2 is a culmination of many SSTO designs. It is capable of flying to the Mun or Minmus without refueling and then landing on them using it's two small vertical rockets, if used correctly you will have fuel to return to Kerbin. Type 26 Ares is easy to takeoff, easy to get into orbit and the most important... easy to land.

SSTO Type 24 Raven R2 http://www./download/8kuc5ia614a619i/SSTO+Type+24+Raven+R2.rar

Type 24 Raven R2 has an unmanned probe in it's belly. You can deploy it once in orbit. I am not very good at making probes though... hahaha~

You might need to use the two rocket engines to get off the ground before the end of the runway.

SSTO Type 23 Diamond R4 http://www./download/f3nxybr9v6n4vgd/SSTO+Type+23+Diamond+R4.rar

Type 23 Diamond is quite heavy for it's size, easy to take off, easy to land.. One Kerbal SSTO with the ability of flying to other Planets if used correctly.


And some SSTO images to start the thread off~






























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SSTO Shuttle Mk5
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My own fairly heavily modified Aeris - Slightly air-hoggy, screams its way up to orbit with absolute ease with almost half its fuel left:

Fun entry effects :)


A second before rocket takeover:


Obligatory orbit shot:


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Two-seater, weighing in at 12 tons. It can dock with any target below 400km or so and return to land at KSC.






All stock, except for the little RCS tank on the nose.

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I've recently started experimenting with extreme clipping technology:


WIP, but it can get to a 90km circular orbit with 2.8km/s left in the tanks, thanks to the clipped nuclear powerplant. And even though it's quite incredible, all four fuel tanks are click-able, and the RCS too. Also a ridiculous 45 parts in total, and it has all the bells and whistles I could think off, including vertical landing gear for those airless moons.

Rune. And yeah, now I've proven to myself you can fire engines through each other, who knew.

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My very first SSTO


It is able to carry 2 kerbalnauts to a very low orbit with almost empty tanks


If anyone can give me any hints as to how to fly it more efficiently or maybe suggest modifications to the design to get more out of it it would be greatly appreciated

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I like the original better


Mainly because it's perfectly designed to work with the interplanetary drive platform so the plane is centered while docked.

I agree. I also have balance issues with mine.

Spent 4-5 hours trying to balance it, and simply gave up and used TAC fuel balancer instead.

Levelords is simply a piece of art :)

And yes, mine is obviously my personal version of his craft.

Hmm, better add that to the post btw.

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If anyone can give me any hints as to how to fly it more efficiently or maybe suggest modifications to the design to get more out of it it would be greatly appreciated

What's the powerplant? With something that light you should be able to make it with a single jet, and that would let you airhog more efficiently (no need to worry about flameouts), which always saves fuel on orbit. That, and a couple of LV-909's, should be enough for that SSTO.

My favorite of my SSTO's. It's able to make it to Munar orbit without refueling.

I never got around to posting in the original thread, but that is quite a sexy design, I must say. Well done!

Rune. Me, that last one was the "SSTO Mk XV". I think I have the SSTO thing finally mastered, but you can never have too many SSTO's.

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I believe this was made in version 0.19. This plane can take off from the runway, go to duna, land on duna, and return to kerbin without refuelling.

NISP 7.1 Whitebird








I should probably remake it in 0.20 .

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This is the third frame design in the High-Speed Trans-Atmospheric Courier program, the Banshee. Here is the testing frame, designated X-103-5

Looks sleek and fast on the runway


With a profile that looks like the child of a SR-71 Blackbird and a P-80 Shooting Star


Business in the front, srs bizznes in the back!


Flight profile is... difficult at present. Even though it stands at a positive angle of attack on the ground, it still needs to run off the end of the runway to start getting lift.


Once she's up, she's extremely stable, but also extremely loathe to change her heading.


Though it requires a good deal of speed to stay aloft, it can land relatively easy, thanks to the airbrakes.


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OMG that thing is epic man, I'm sooo copying that design.

be my guest. I have the craft file of the first prototype in another thread in case you want to have a look.


This version is purely for atmospheric flight, although i have gotten it up to 130,000 meters going straight up.

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