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SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

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This prototype is basically Mk. II of this guy. It took several tries, and an unplanned aerobrake, but I at least managed to get it into orbit.



This is a self-mining version of the Duna plane I posted earlier (see the attached link). Only THIS TIME, it's self-refueling and had 2,436 m/s of delta-V at approximately 140 km above Kerbin - and that was after the aerobraking shenanigan. I then decided to send it to Minmus for a test run to await landing and refueling. If all goes well, I may end up sending this to Duna instead of the Mk. I and the truck to go with it.

  • I can even send this space shuttle-style (attach to a separate delivery rocket) to places like Ike or Dres - maybe even Eeloo.
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Went back to messing with the vector engine and this is the result




Should be capable of landing like a plane. Previous version did not have enough wing for that, (I would like to point out that if it had been crewed the entire crew would have survived.) dunno how this one is, landing hasn't been tested yet.

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Another from the BSG Skunkworks.

Fleshy Humans beware. This has taken about 6 months worth of work to get the Aero model to something that will fly stably and work in space as well.



Cylon Raider space superiority raider, SSTO capable, seats 2 humans. Has 2 seats, red light, and cargo bay wings to add extra endurance tanks, equipment, missiles, or what have you. Flys nice too.





Available here.







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On the right is the FS-PR Journeystar. Capable of Mun landings and refueling using an in-built mining and ISRU rig for extended range.

On the left is the FS-PR Spectre, modified from a Minmus training SSTO to be able to send a rover along with 6 crew to Minmus.

Below is the prototype of Spectre landed on Minmus, complete with its crew and cargo.


Download links are available through the forum post in my signature.

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I thought I'd post a couple of my long-range SSTOs:


The Starchaser-II two seater ISRU-equipped long range SSTO, with a range from here to Minmus! (And, with the twin drills, beyond.)


The Aether 1 LF-only SSTO has barely 800m/s in orbit, but that's enough to get it to a station, where its full range is more like 3km/s.


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Here are some of my SSTO's:

SSTA (Single Stage To Anywhere With Mining)


Space Plane V1 (Mun and Minmus capable SSTO)


Space Mini (LKO SSTO)


Space Station Restocker:


Space Transporter:


Hypersonic SSTO:


Space Sargo:


Multicrew SSTO:


Space Sargo II:


Download Link: (Kerbal X)


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Guest Space Cowboy

Munar Miner then on from there. This is a from scratch rebuild of a working config minus 1 fuselage tank. More to come including video.




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Guest Space Cowboy

Hi, I am 3 for 3 landings and I've just tried out the mining / refueling. It's working. Stock 1.6



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This thread's been pretty quiet lately... We can't have that!

I finished a couple of stock/vanilla SSTOs recently (apart from visual mods). First up is the "Riptide" class transport SSTO, which can bring a 4.5t payload to 100x100km orbit:








Then there's the "Vortex" class VTOL SSTO, a two seater that can land on the VAB, then reach 70x70km orbit, and land back on top of the VAB again:








Grab your copy from KerbalX if you want to take either craft for a spin, you can also find the flight instructions there.

Riptide craft file and album

Vortex craft file and album


Looking forward to seeing more awesome SSTOs posted here again!

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