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Really Really Really Tall Building

The Jedi Master

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Floor 4163:

Building snaps back to 'reality' with this floor. Normal cosmoscraper with office workers, a canteen, etc. Everyone seems to be working normally despite the 17km altitude. Strangely none of them seem to be aware of your existence or your disheveled appearance. You stealgrab some food and take a shower in one of the bathrooms. You try the lift. No luck. It doesn't acknowledge your existence. Downward staircase doesn't open. You continue  upwards for lack of anything to do. 

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Floor 4168: A empty room, with a large window and a lone couch. You look out and see the Earth from 17 kilometers up. Being well above the troposphere, you can even see clouds. You sit down on the couch and ponder why you even decided to climb this never-ending skyscraper. Or is it a cosmoscraper? Why are we doing this? What is the point?

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Floor 4179: Older Minecraft where skeleton horses were plentiful, biomes were small enough so that you could manage to visit them all in one world, mining of iron on a reasonable scale without hitting water filled fissures, was possible. A simpler but more fun version.

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