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cBBp SPC Pack v0.4: Fixed Failcan RCS and added some adapter pieces. Enjoy.

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Tweaking the UUI parts. seems if you build the station above the Pod then move it below you cna use the node just find with a special inverted/reverse UUi docking ring :D (rotated over itself one)

With out the Failcan heavy it has not enough thrust and with out enough rigging it fell apart. I learned that i need to make the retro rocket more powerful so it can function as an escape tower as well.



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espesially since Salyut and Almaz and such will be at a later date.

I do plan to make the TKS modules and the VA capsule the first release. Mir after that.

Speaking of that I think it wi time to remodel some of the VA and get that released.

By the way, these space stations look great!

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I\'m beginning to suspect that Xemit and CBBP enjoy watching people suffer.

I can find no better explanation for why they persist in keeping their wonders from us, while tormenting us with these gorgeous pictures.

I mean, merciful Zeus! Look at that thing! It hurts to not have!

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