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[0.21] ICBM Launch Silo


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Right now, I'm experiencing a bit of problems with the first stage...

The R-36M has a kickstage, which(in the real world) makes it jump out of the silo, before the main engine ignites(this is to protect the silo from the heat).

After that, the kickstage is jettisoned and fired aside by some small engines. Then, the main engine ignites.


The problem is, that I don't know, how to add a delay before the side-engine ignites, which has to fire the kickstage aside, because it's already jettisoned, so it's no longer controlable.



Also, the controls of the engine seem to be inverted, which is a bit weird, because i'm only experiencing this with my own fueltank.


If someone knows, how to solve one of the problems, I would be thankful.



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I have noticed a bug wherein after launching a rocket from the silo part highlighting and selection in the spaceplane hanger is broken. I have confirmed this issue to be caused by this mod so I have sadly been forced to uninstall it until a fix is out but please keep up the good work this is getting to be fantastic very quickly

I had this bug only once, when my rocket was to big for the silo, collided with it and gotkicked into space...

after that I couldn't select any building anymore. But if you launch the rocket normally, this shouldn't happen...



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An interesting launch pad I must say; it's very similar to an Atlas F or Titan II silo.

In terms of missile guidance, well there is already information on how the guidance equations used by missiles like the Minuteman; it's called Q-guidance. And there's a very good article on it, on Wikipedia (there's also a good paper on speedily calculating the Q-matrix needed for Q-guidance to work). The older Atlas and Titan missiles used delta-guidance, though the Atlas and Titan II may have had their guidance programs reworked later in their operational lives.

Interestingly enough, Q-guidance can also be used as "proper" rocket guidance, i.e. for orbital rockets, not just for suborbital target interception.

WARNING! Both of the following require knowledge of calculus to be understandable/useful. WARNING!

A good overview of Q-guidance can be found on Wikipedia: Q-Guidance

And here one can find a way to calculate the Q-matrix: An Efficient Algorithm for Calculating the Q Guidance Matrix (PDF 1.03 MB)

Now, just because I can, I've attached an Imgur gallery of various missile silo diagrams and a photo. An interesting exercise would be to write up a guidance plugin whose GUI was the same as the Atlas F Re-Entry Vehicle Pre-Launch Guidance Control.

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I have found that whenever I try to launch any ship from here that has the take off struts/towers (I don't know what they're called) the staging light remains purple and so take off and staging is prohibited. not only do i find this bug is replaceable, it then persists to all vessels, even those without the takeoff frames, any ideas?

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I've startet working on the starting procedure of the R-36M. It's now like the real one. It gets pushed up, fires the kickstage away and ignites the main engine.

Here are some pictures:





I've also fixed the inverted controls of the engine.

Textures are coming as soon as I got the whole missile imported and working.



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If you don't mind me asking, how did you manage to get that to work?

I created a structure like this:



-sideengine(of the kickstage)



The kickstage has very less solid fuel, but it's is very strong, so it fires a short impulse and kicks the rocket out of the (hopefully then created) silo.

It has a strong decoupler, which throws the kickstage a bit downwards while the sideengine fires. The sideengine is a seperate engine, which is placed on the side of the kickstage.

Then the main engine ignites.

You should not give full thrust, until the kickstage has flown away, because otherwise, the main engine will push the kickstage back into the silo.

...and that's it.

Right now I'm experiencing some weird problems with the engine of the second stage...

The damn thing won't fire downwards, only to the side, no matter how I turn the empty...

If someone has some good advise, let me hear it.

greetings Themorris


I'm making progress... The engine problem is solved. I had confused the thustTransform and the empty name.

It's not far away anymore


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Just finished texturing the main fueltank:


The first two stage are working so far, but I think I have to do it with a single warhead, the other ones are useless as long as you can't control all at the same time.

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The silo is located in the kapatalists launch site( KSC 1)

The R-36M is way to big for the old silo...

The old one was, as I said, just for testing if a silo could be realized.

As soon as I have finished the R-36M, I'll make a new silo, located next to KSC 2. It'll be bigger (I think 6m by diameter and 40m deep), because the R-36M is itself 3m by diameter and 37m high.

It'll be in soviet style.

I've also found a way to hit a target anywhere at kerbin with the precision of 200m.

This can be archieved through using mechjeb2.

1.set a target for landing on the map

2.launch to 15km without gravity turn

3.start landing procedure, until the landing prediction is right at the target(because airdrag is included in the calculation)

4.abort the landing

5.smartass -> orientation prograde

6.wait until missile hits target

Right now I'm experiencing some problems with the missile beeing whobbly.

Locked Joints aren't implemented yet, and for now, I havent solved this problem.

The modeling is done, and right now I'm implementing the warhead and the service stage into the pack.



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I took the R-36m for a test launch last night and I noticed three major issues:1. The stack is really wobbley when the kick stage is firing2. Controls still appear to be inverted 3. The vehicle's icon doesn't show up in map view.

Thanks for testing,

the one with the vehicle icon wasn't new to me, the one with the whobbly rocket either.

But I thought, I fixed the controls... I have to take a look at it.

Normally this was caused by a wrong object origin...

I plan to fix the whobbling with the rings, the r-36m jettisions on launch, I wanted to connect them with struts



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