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Radial decouplers as rover suspension


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Hey, so I always thought the suspension on the rover wheels to be too little. Frequently I drive too fast over a small step or crater and burst my tires or, even worse, break the vehicle. I also realized, as many others already did, that radial decouplers have some flexibility in a specific axis, thus I decided to use this to make a rover suspension and it worked pretty well. I made a gif to show the effect by climbing the runway steps :)


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I'm glad you people like it :D I'm actually surprised no one used this before, as I've seen radial decouplers being used even as the elastic of giant slingshots (Danny2462, probably lol)

I did this rover in 2 minutes just to test the idea, if anyone makes something meaningful please share :]

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Nice. This is why we need to be able to remove things from the staging sequence.

Agreed. It would be nice if there were a 'unstaged' stage above stage zero that couldn't be triggered by the staging button. Instead it would require moving the part to an active stage or right-clicking to manually trigger the part.

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You know what? It just occurs to me... I can use these in the Arkingthaad Lander's legs.


It would give them a lot more flex, but I'd also have to go heavy with the suspension trusses and struts. Though that's no big deal.

I'll give it a whirl tonight. Do some testing.

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eham you forget.... ASAAAA!

and 0.17 rovers

all these rovers has been made with radial decoupler almost 1 year ago.




let's teach something more



even this one has been made with the same trick


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