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Why Kerbals don't eat


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Here's my theory on why the Kerbals don't eat.

Yes, they have teeth, but do they really need them when they're photosynthetic? How come they have teeth in the first place if they're photosynthetic, you ask; let me tell you. I think that, a long time before Jeb and his friends were born, there was a planet-wide genetic experiment designed to reduce the Kerbal food consumption rate. The result gave subjects photosynthetic properties in their cells, allowing them to take in energy directly from the sun and not have to rely on the planet's resources, which explains why you never see a food meter in any of your missions; water can be easily sanitized and recycled in space.

* this experiment also rendered the Kerbals' skin green and their teeth vestigial. These traits are apparently genetically dominant, as we never run into any Kerbals that rely on food - if we did, we'd have a "Food Quantity" meter we had to monitor on missions.

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Wow talk about necro thread..  

Anyway before 2013 this was a thing we thought about.  But after the Internal updates before 1.0 hit, we learned that kerbals do in fact eat.  They eat snacks.  Thats why the food bins are labeled snacks. ;)

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On 10/24/2019 at 10:12 AM, DunaManiac said:

My theory is that yes, kerbal's can and do survive on purely sunlight (i believe that they evolved from trees), but this is not enough to sustain them for long periods of time, so they need to eat snacks in order to stay alive.

They are green for some reason after all. They must be full of lovely chlorophyll.

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