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How will .22 Effect Mods?


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And why do I have now with Kethane, Novapunch and KSP I 3 different Tech Trees to chose off?

And Why does the Novepunch parts are greyed out in the KSP I Tech Tree?

If what you said is correct, I should only have 1 Techtree to chose (KSPI) and the Novapunch parts should work (and not say: YOu must add R&D Recouseinformation (In the part description))

I think something's bugged with your install, I'm using the KSPI tree with FASA, KW Rocketry, Novapunch and all those parts unlock just fine with it.

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No nothing bugged my Install.

It is the Tree loader.

You must pick ONE Tec Tree.

And like said

KSP I does not support Novapunch or Kethan, or other Mod parts in it`s tree, it overwrites them complete.

So these parts are not researchable.

I did test it, with chosing different Tectrees, and ohhh wonder:

Only Stock tree: novapunch works

The Kethane Tree: Oh wonde rKetha works

And KSPI: Oh wonder KSP I works.

Or simpler... modding is with this new system (for carrermod total freuitless.

Ok, if you are happy to play with only 1 Mod, or only regular stock updatemods that need no own Tectree extention... it works .

But when you use one of the more complex mods... forget it.

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