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Abandoned Lander...

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So, after my first mun landed, which resulted in the need for a rescue mission, I left the landed and a flag to commemorate it. However, with the new patch, I notice that the landers legs are raised, and it was wobbling, so I quickly switched to something else.

Is there any way I can lower the landing gear without flying a kerbal up there and putting him into the thing to lower it? It's got enough power (and functioning solar cells), as well as some Mono-propellant and an SAS (which i had left active and might be why it's still standing how it should be).

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If you are able to select the lander in the Tracking Station part of the game (and load that vehicle), press the Gear button at the top of your HUD (Heads Up Display). Otherwise right click on each leg and press the button in the pop up menu.

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