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need help with my spaceplane

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Might want to try areospikes as your rocket. Also this takes time. If you try to get to orbit in less than 10mins you probably won't. Gotta get really high as fast as possible, then just build speed and maintain altitude. Gain altitude without losing speed and until at your intake threshold (if it goes lower than say .13 you get flameouts) which is different depending on engines running. Then burn with your rockets and if you've built up enough speed and have enough fuel you should make orbit.

Good luck. SSTOs are hard to master.

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yes, i experimented a lot with spaceplanes, that's about 1/2 the size of the smallest I made, and less than a 1/10 of the largest successful (space station builder I made)

Looks like a very good compact design. But...

I would upgrade to turbojet to get you up to just over ~1000 m/s in mid-high atmosphere, but your craft doesn't seem to have enough fuel to get you an additional 1000 m/s for orbit. I would increase the fuselage length by 1 more tank, and put a wing connector between the jet engines and the fuselage for more re-entry stability.

Taking above into consideration, you should find something that works best with your building style. Mixing too many styles in one craft adds more weaknesses than strengths.

You should look at a problem: how to get to over 1000 m/s in mid atmo, and how to blast out an additional 1000 m/s to get me in orbit? and then try to fix that problem using your building style.

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Ditch the radial intakes; they're nearly worthless and add too much drag.

The important stat on an intake is not the mount of intake air that it holds but the area of the intake. Thus, even though the radials might seem like they're a good option, they're actually one of the worst. You should be using ram intakes, and only ram intakes.

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OP, give us more info as to what you plane *can* do so that we can know what the problem is. You have basic jets which top out at 1 km/s, so that might be why you can't go as fast as you want. But we can't tell what altitude and speed you achieve.

Stochasty: radials aren't as bad as they used to be, because their mass fell in version 0.21. At low altitude (~10 km) and low to medium speed (<1 km/s) they're better than ram intakes: lower drag, equal or more air. But you'll want rams too for high altitude.

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