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tricky landing conditions, please help?


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ok, so I have this planet dubbed by the Kerbin Astronomical Society as "Inaccessable", a notion I set out to disprove.


at 30km in diameter, it is extremely tiny, giving it a gravity comparable to Bop or Gilly.

But here's the tricky part, as you can see in the picture, it's wider at its equator than it is from pole to pole. So its rotational velocity is INSANE, trying to land conventionally would be akin to slowly putting your hand into a running blender.

my first attempt I got really close to the ground after zeroing my surface velocity, but when you're that close to the ground it's like gravity is reversed and the planet is falling from under me. On my second attempt I realized that pointing retrograde to surface velocity is pointing prograde to orbital velocity!

how do I master this planet?!

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Scott Manley did a video on this modpack a few days ago. Basically, the velocity at the surface near the equator is faster than escape velocity, making landing there literally impossible.

Land as close the the poles as possible, and don't wander too far towards the equator unless you have something to keep you pinned to the surface.


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In Arthur C Clarke's book Rendezvous with Rama, the ship had to land in the center of the flat end of the alien craft, where rotation could be most easily dealt with.

For the same reasons in 2010, the crew of the Leonov had to EVA to the tumbling Discovery's center point in order to get on board safely.

So from this I suggest you try to land at the poles :)

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If you want to really master this planet then land on the equator! All you need is a force holding you down against the surface. Use girder segments as landing legs as they are very strong (stronger than landing legs I believe) and put an engine on top of your ship. Match velocities with the surface then deactivate your main engine and fire up that top engine. Put yourself down and never get out to EVA (or else be thrown into deep space).

Don't listen to these other guys saying land on the poles. That's too easy and avoiding the real challenge.

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I believe if you are not being pressed into the surface you would just fly away. You are simply moving to fast. Perhaps you don't need a constant force besides the gravity of the planet pressing you down, but like you said if you hit the tiniest bump you are gone!

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