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[Parts,WIP] DaMichels Parts/Fuselage R2 (22.2.2015)


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DaMichels Fuselage R2

For the lack of a better name. These parts are rectangular fuselage pieces meant to be radially attached. You get two center pieces, an air inlet, a terminal piece, an adapter to the standard 1.25 m parts and as extras a smallish tail boom and a slanted cone.




* This is a revision of the 2014 release. Now with better looking (i think) textures and mesh.

* RealFuels compatibiliy: configs are included.

* AJE compatiblity: The inlet has a configuration for AJE. I copied the config for the Sp+ rectangular inlet and made the inlet area larger. Not sure what i'm doing though.

* Swappable Tanks: If you have the Firespitter DLL and no RealFuels it will use it to give the parts swappable tanks. So you can chose between LF, LF+OX and MP variants.

* Usage of FerramAerospaceResearch is strongly recommended. The parts have some values for stock aerodynamic parameters but i have no idea if they are reasonable nor will i take the time to balance for stock. In contrast, FAR figures this stuff out automagically.

* ActiveTextureManager: I include a configuration which scaling in general and compression of the normal map. If you like a more aggressive configuration you should probably delete the cfg (damichel-fuselage-ATM.cfg).

* Relies on ModuleManager for the extra configurations, which is however not included. I haven't checked what happens if it is not already installed ...


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Old Stuff Below

Edit: Update Mar, 06 2014. Current content:

* Spherical Tanks with 1.25 m base from 0.625 to 10 t.

* "Flat" Fuselage pieces including two tanks in two sizes, an intake, an end piece and a tail boom for radial attachment.

*Radial Aerodynamic RTG, because i can. Has much lower drag in FAR than stock RTG due to not having attach nodes.

*New: Cargo Bay: 2.5 m diameter, relatively stock-like. Comes in heights of 1, 2 and 4 m for efficiency. Fits well to KWRocketry and B9 parts. The doors are designed to require less room for opening than a standard design made of a single door piece.

The CargoBay need the Firespitter DLL, which is not included at the moment. Get it from the Firespitter mod.

The Intake needs the KineTechAnimation DLL. It was included previously but since i don't want to keep track of it i removed it. Get it from the B9 mod or Taverio's Pizza and Aerospace.

Here is the download link


And pics of course ;-)

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The textures on the fuselage are deliberately a bit lowres. If you like it more highres, i can give you the original texture in twice the resolution next update.

Link to the source data https://www.dropbox.com/s/95mgbvrxnbdxznq/DMAssetDistribution-Apr18-2014.7z (c4d and fbx meshes & psd textures)



These parts are released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

I used textures from StretchySRBs, heavily modified/integrated into my own.

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These look great! I considered a design similar to this at first, but decided to go with something more structural in the end (also one that made it so I didn't have to mess with texturing the tops of the spheres, because I suck at that :) ). As you say, choice is good, so keep up the great work!

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Thanks guys. I made it after the look of the stock orange tank. I believe it is some thick but light isolation material for liquid hydrogen storage or something. I thing it looks really nice. But if i continue this i will try to vary the textures a bit.

Anyway here is something i have tinkered with

Edit: See first post!

It is designed to support high/low mounted large wings on medium fuselage parts without ugly gaps. A center piece planned.

I have a question which maybe someone here can quickly answer: Can the collision mesh intersect the other fuselage parts? Basically part clipping by design. Or should i avoid it? It appears to be okay, but i',m afraid of side effects like spontaneous explosions and such ;-)

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I'm not completely certain about the possibility of spontaneous explosions, but you can set the part up in the cfg file to allow clipping:

// attachment rules: stack, srfAttach, allowStack, allowSrfAttach, [COLOR=#40e0d0][B]allowCollision[/B][/COLOR]

attachRules = 0,1,1,1,[COLOR=#40e0d0][B]1[/B][/COLOR]

I didn't trust it though (for exactly the reason you mentioned), so when I made parts that were designed to clip into others, I made that particular part of the mesh only renderable (no collider at all) in unity. The downside is that you can't surface attach things to that particular area, but since I was only using it for a small part of a larger piece I figured it would be ok. An example would be the spokes on the toroidal tanks in my pack if you'd like to see what I mean.

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Thanks. I need the collision though.

You can see in my unity screenshot that i split the collision mesh into three pieces. But i don't like it because it only works on 1.25m fuselages. I think i will just remodel the collider and see if i can still attach things the way i want to.

Thinking about it, collisions are probably not checked against parts on the same ship. It would be horrible when the ship bends and flexes. Ships which are connected by docking ports ... that's another thing. Pretty sure that i had an explosion problem once due to intersecting parts on different sub-ships.

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It doesn't check same-ship collisions as far as I'm aware, so it doesn't matter if the collision mesh intersects with the rest of the part too much (you occasionally get things like phantom forces, but generally it's a non-issue). What I would do is define:

breakingForce =

breakingTorque =

in the cfg to be quite high, say 800 or more. And have the part be of a reasonable weight (i.e. not feather-weight). That should help with stability.

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Thanks for the tips. I will keep them in mind.

I think this has potential. These parts have a single collision mesh which reaches just up to the attachment node. Should be good enough. Also here is a nice opportunity for yet another intake part :wink:


The plane is pretty unstable. But whatever. It looks cool :D

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Finally some progress with the fuselage parts. Imgur album in the post above has been updated.

Had to scrap the previous models because of the way the rounded pieces intersected with other pieces looked like crap. Now i have an intake and end piece which are more flat and fit really well with the stock parts. Doing the entire thing with high res modeling and baking to low res took an awful lot of time as well ... amateurism at its finest :)

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[...] collisions are probably not checked against parts on the same ship [...]
It doesn't check same-ship collisions as far as I'm aware

And I was wondering why my rovers kept falling through the floor of my cargo planes on docking by KAS-winch... doh! >_<"

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