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SF and annoying ideas.


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So, there are few ideas in SF books or movies which seems pretty stupid to me and i don't like them:

1. People teleportation (like in Star Trek).

So, computer scans you, in the process your body is destroyed. Then information about your body is put in computer buffer (sometimes due to glitch for hours). Then computer rebuilds your body in other place using stored information. For me its just death of person in one place and creating copy in other. But nobody is disturbed by this.

2. Infinite number of parallel worlds with copy of human population.

Like in SG-1 in few episodes. Sometimes one world helps another world, leaving 99,9999% others to its doom. Or not, because something is slightlly different in those. I don't like that - you would want to have your world somehow unique, and if there is device to travel between worlds you could easly transport army, goods between worlds. Something like in Terry Pratchetss "Long Earth" - there are infinite number of worlds, but humanity is unique. So i accept parallel worlds as long there are no human copy on other worlds, or when parallel worlds number is not infinite (like in Fringe, there were 2 Earths, not more).

Do you have others (not "no sound in space", but those somehow scientific) ?

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Yeh I think beaming people around is a bit of a cheat, probably the best thing about ENT is the fact they are forced to use shuttles a lot.

The Asgard can have it, so can the Alterans (as they made the gates) but no one else should IMO.

When it comes to alternate realities & time travel, well I am not so bothered by that, except in X-Men, man that cartoon made my head hurt as an adult, how did it not as a child!

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When it comes to alternate realities & time travel,

Yeah, time travel - i've forgot about that one. Always suscpicious to that too. This "lol, we changed future, now x person are dead, and y are alive. Lets reverse that, because 'our' version we like more".

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