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YF-12A replica NEW VERSION


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Stock YF-12A replica NEW VERSION!

Note: I was unhappy with the tail of my previous version, so i've decided to dastrically change it; so after hours of working and settings there it is the new YF-12A! Features new tail for a better overall look, new engines for a more linear increment of speed, new "sheleton" airframe system and a new painting job. U can download the new version on the same link.

Let me introduce you the YF-12A, it was a prototype based on the platform of the A-12 (the base of the sr 71 too).

It was build to be the faster interceptor ever made, armed with 3 missiles, due to the modification of the nose for radar sistems the aerodinamic was changed, so it was necessary put fins under engines and under the tail. It was faster than sr 71, with at least 100km/h more, for a total maximum speed of 3700km/h.

My replica tryes to reproduce this plane better possiblem not only in design but also in performance, so my replica goes to a maximum speed of about 3800km/h and reach a max altitude of 24000m.

This is my craft painted in black and white with kerbpaint like i have seen in this image:



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-Max speed 3800km/h

-Max altitude 24000m

-Good handling

-good fuel load (can be raised or lowered)

-Ejection system, don't let your kerbal die!!!!


-press 1 to toggle engines on/off;

-press 0 to toggle ladder;

-Take off at 60 m/s speed, pull up gently otherwise fuselage stabilizators crashes on the grounds;

-Try to reach max speed: up to 12000m begin to point the nose up at a small angle so intakes can take the max air disponible, at 21000m you should reach the maximum speed (about 1050-1100m/s).

If u don't do all correctly the left engine should less some power for low air breathing and you can't reach an optimal speed, it's tricky, it's funny! :)

-Land at 70 m/s i suggest

-Ejection system, if you eject your pilot you can still control the craft or the cockpit ejected if they are near eachothers.

Have fun!



-old good spaceport http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/yf-12a-5/


For those who really love the realism of my YF-12, now there is a modded version (infernal robotics) that included a mobile stability ventral fin like the real one. This version only requires infernal robotics for work.

Javascript is disabled. View full album


Can reach Pole Nord and back to the spacecenter

-press 1 to toggle engines

-press 2 to toggle engine nacelles

-press 4 and 5 to move the ventral stability fin (only when take off, and remember to set it orizontal when landing)

-press 0 to toggle ladder




TRY IT it's really worth!

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Reupdate with modification on handling and other minor changes, now it's a lot easier manouvering with him, now is more noob-friendly and tends to not stall.

Added a manual on the first post.

Sorry for all this updates, but i am a perfectionist^^ this could be not the last update too... u.u

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Dear eorin,

A beautiful aircraft replica you have made here. I've always loved the look of this craft and it's brethren the SR-71. I'm glad to see one in KSP. My favorite part oddly enough is your ejection system. Great job!

thanks! i've spent a lot of hours for create this plane so i'm really glad all of u liked it! =)

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Very nice! I made a SR-71 a few patches ago, in fact is was the first thing i buzzed the new tower with. It only had one pilot so it really wasn't an SR-71. Mine can't reach the speeds due to size but I still loved it. Anyways yours looks a little more polished than mine. Good job indeed.

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