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SSTI (Single Stage to Infrastructure) Challenge

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  • 1 month later...

I want to participate, but I have a few questions...


a. Does part clipping disqualify me from Vanilla Bonus Points (It's technically not modded parts)?

b. Does KerbCam disqualify me from Vanilla Bonus Points (Still technically not modded parts)?

2) Can I have an extra point per flight for making Youtube videos of each flight?

3) When is the deadline, if any?

4) Is there any penalty for blowing up some of your SSTOs instead of recovering them safely?

5) Is there a badge?

6) Can I tell ALL MY FRIENDS?

And for the Because You Told Me To Bonus point, I'm planning on using 1 class of SSTO that can take >20 Kerbals to orbit, I'm not sure how many destinations or surface bases.

I'm aiming for Vanilla, Welcome to the Hotel Kerbifornia, and Because You Told Me To.


P.S. Can you add a points system for adding stations/bases to farther systems, e.g. 0pts. Kerbin System, 2pt. Duna, 5pt. Eve, Moho, Dres, 7pt. Jool, Eeloo

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kk, here we go

1a.) totally legal

1b.) so long as the parts are stock, you're good

2.) IDK, I could throw on like 5-10 points for that... sure why not

3.) Nope, this challenge contiues Ad infinitum ad astra (to infinity to the stars)

4.) none what so ever (but in the spirit of the challenge and for the People for Ethical Treatment of Kerbals, I would try to land them safely... even ditching in the ocean is cool)

5.) I suppose I could work one up... will prlly be like the MICR crest

6.) please do... I love free publicity

P.S.) I feel like the current system works fine for that... in theory if you can build a station/ base on Laythe, you can also build one on Duna and Ike

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Okay, here is the challenge, using only SSTO space planes, you must build an orbital infrastructure. What is considered orbital infrastructure? Well, it is a way to replace one off missions like the N-1/L-3, or Apollo missions by having all of the equipment involved be reusable (much like Scott Manley's reusable space program). Therefore, the minimum requirements for this challenge are this, you must have at least 2 stations in orbit around different bodies (E.G. Kerbin and the Mun) and a way to get Kerbals from station A to station B (and back again safely). Okay, official rules and scoring


1. The only craft allowed to take off and land on Kerbin are SSTOs

2. You may bring non-SSTO craft into orbit, so long as it is brought to orbit on or in an SSTO (for example, bringing an apollo style capsule craft into orbit for Munar transit is fine, so long as it remains off the surface of Kerbin and follows rule 3)

3. Landers and craft capable of landing on non-Kerbin bodies are permitted, however, unless they are intended as permanent structures, they must be able to return to orbit and dock with the nearest station.

4. Surface bases are permitted, however all parts (except adapters used to hold the base parts to the surface on a craft) must remain intact.

5. Accedents are allowed, however, in the event of a non-SSTO non-Kerbin impact, the structure may not have its flight aborted.

6. SSTO classes do not include the same design with different payloads (E.G. the Hellion III is the same weather it is carrying a station part or a buggy)



This is a running count, even if you downgrade from 2 classes to one at any point in your save game, the class count will still be at 2

>3 classes of SSTO: 1 point

3 classes of SSTO: 2 points

2 classes of SSTO: 3 points

1 class of SSTO: 4 points

Tourism capability

This is only counted as the maximum number of kerbals that can be taken up on one SSTO per flight (only 1 SSTO class will be counted for this, but it is your choice which one)

1 Kerbal to orbit: 1 point

2-3 Kerbals to orbit: 2 points

4-7 Kerbals to orbit: 4 points

8-11 Kerbals to orbit: 6 points

12-20 Kerbals to orbit: 8 points

>20 Kerbals to orbit: 10 points


this is the total number of bodies that you have space stations orbiting and can support space tourism (E.G. you can fly Kerbals there with regularity)

2 bodies: 1 point

3 bodies: 3 points

4-5 bodies: 5 points

5-6 bodies: 9 points

>6 bodies: 15 points

Surface bases

Surface bases mus be able to be gotten to and from in order to count and any bases may not exist on Kerbin (one base per body will be counted as to prevent spamming the same body for points)

1 base: 5 points

2 bases: 6 points

3 bases: 10 points

4 bases: 11 points

>4 bases: 25 points

Bonus Points:

this category can and will be changed to reward those who I deem have done something truly challenging or impressive, but there will be internal logic to it

Vanilla (did not use mod parts): 100 points

Spumoni (SSTOs are vanilla, but stations or landers use mod parts): 50 points

Neapolitan (SSTO Engines, Wings (or other parts that generate lift), and fuel tanks are stock... mods can be used for everything else): 35 points

Welcome to the Hotel Kerbifornia (have a space station with over 100 parts and at least 9 modules): 25 points

Welcome to the Space Marriott (have Kerbifornia sized stations for every station in your save world, minimum 3): 100 points

Welcome to the 4 Planets Hotel (all stations and surface bases are Kerbifornia sized: minimum 3 stations and 2 bases): 300 points

Jeb's Spring break (take a pic of Jeb in, on, or near all craft type, stations, and bases in your world): 5 points

Oh, East? I thought you said Weest... (have your Kerbin space station orbit to the west): 40 points

BECAUSE YOU TOLD ME TO! (notify me that you will be attempting the challenge in this thread before submitting your entry): 1 point

Okay, so the best way to go about this is using a CLEAN save file and sandbox mode. In order to qualify, proof must be provided that the file is devoid of all flights (including flags) at the beginning of the challenge. Users can enter the contest more than once with the same file if they expand their infrastructure (the score will be updated). Imagur albums, videos, or other screenshot proof of missions are accepted (word of mouth alone is not... word of mouth will be judged on a case by case basis). The participants will have their names posted in this post, from highest score to lowest score. That said, have fun


Once you hit 30 points, you get the ICAR badge. ICAR stands for Institutium Caeli et Aetherei Romani (Roman Institute of Air and Space). Why Roman, because I wanted to. It is a smart looking badge. I have reasons for the way it looks, look out for it on the forums.

Score Board:

CakeNinjaProductions: 55 points (+10 points for very kerbal deployment of components)

Mecha Pants: 7 points

Uberlyuber: 1 point

Tarantulae: 1 point

My Attempt

This is not scored for fairness reasons

This is a test flight of the craft I want to use

This is the first station part put into orbit with the Hellion III

Why limit it to SSTO's? Why not allow any 100% reusable design, such as a Space-X style two-part rocket, or a design using reusable boosters or drop tanks that touch down before the craft exits loading range... (to get off the launchpad with really low TWR, basically)

By only allowing SSTO's, you pretty much limit it to spaceplanes or airhogging rockets- even though I've designed some perfectly reasonable 100% reusable 3-stage Space-X style rockets (the first stage is a pair of drop tanks that touches down before the rocket reaches 2 km, the second stage is the launch stage and lands back at the launchpad after the final stage is circularized)

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Can I recover the flying boat and stuff landed safely at ksc?

And, it doesn't matter if you use stages after you're in Kerbin orbit, right? Or if any parts break off in a freak accident of overestimated thrust?

And, Episode 5:


Not to accuse anyone of anything, but how come throughout that video your fuel status does not change, even though you are performing multiple transfers between planets?

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My entry for this challenge;

Going with a single class of SSTO for this challenge; the "Kalasnikov" class SSTO.



Traditional spaceplane type SSTO, able to carry payload to orbit in the cargo bay, or transport 24 kerbalnauts (+2 crew) via the command chairs mounted along the walls of the bay. This is a concept I borrowed from the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III which I've had the "pleasure" of riding in on a few occasions for long hauls into and out of sandy places.

Javascript is disabled. View full album

Here's the mission plan so far;

KTO 01: First hotel module in orbit <Complete>

KTO 02: Second hotel module in orbit <Complete>

KTO 03: Third module in orbit

KTO 04: Power module in orbit

KTO 05: Refueling module in orbit

KTO 06: First batch of space tourists to "Holiday Orbit Express" (12 kerbals)

After that I'll see about bases on Minimus and the Mun.

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Dxtory- but it sort of ruins it that I use Movie Maker to edit... Do you know a better editing program for my low budget?

If you know a student you can get the complete Adobe CS 6 suite for pretty cheap.

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Well, I admit that your SSTO is a bit more... reusable than mine.

But... where are the jet engines? I know it's possible to make SSTOs with some rocket engines, but this would be a ridiculous feat.

Or are they just clipped somewhere...?

Deuterium engines. Although I have intakes built into the design and a good supply of liquid fuel in case I want to build a variant with jet engines. But I'd prefer not to so I can keep my one class bonus. Should have included a drogue chute for landings but oh well...

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Cheers all, I am still alive! I have just been busy with work... :P ugh, such work, much stress...wow


I am still here, and I realize epi 6 is actually 140 points as I forgot to give you the vanilla award in epi 1

@ Kokanee: I am assuming that you are have run only 2 missions at this point and have 1 station (with a total of 15 pre qualifier points), am I correct?

Also, right smart videography on the orbit over the pole Cake, well done, I would say that is worth 3 points if you want them for impressing me (if you want them)

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