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The Open Part Mod - Week of 4/11 project started


Vote for your best part. Ends Sat 1pmCST  

  1. 1. Vote for your best part. Ends Sat 1pmCST

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    • bahamutoD
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New poll here this one was a little wonky.


I would like to focus on the art side of creating parts for Kerbal and their proper integration into the game. If someone wants to do a plugin or code one that would be awesome as well.

The idea is simple. Once a week I will post a SIMPLE part idea for people to work on. During that week you post your work in progress, ask questions, help others and learn how to integrate your creations in-game from start to finish. The difference is your going to post your source art (preferably a unity package) so others can learn from it and discuss how you did what you did. The whole process is open to everyone, so if you don't know anything, that's great you can learn! If you are already a pro then you can help others and show off some of your work. At the end we pack up the best of and post a download link for every one to enjoy.


  • Everything is open. The licensing is up to you (if others can use your stuff) but you must post your source art (as a unity package), screen shots, your finished in-game part with its .cfg and license.txt (if others can use your stuff) packaged in a .zip file so others can learn from what you did. It's not just showing off, it's helping others learn. You also agree if your part wins that week to be included in the best of download pack.
    Include a picture in your forum post submission so I can link it to the download.
  • You will use constructive criticism only!
    We are here to learn and to teach, not to put people down. I am not a moderator but I can ban people from the contest that are rude or unhelpful with their comments.
  • You will be open to critiques and constructive criticism of your work.
    If you are unclear on what those words mean look them up, but you will not take constructive critiques of your work personally.
  • The schedule starts every Friday at 3pm CST and goes through Thursday at 3pm CST. At the end of the week on Thursday at 3pm CST we will vote for 24 hours on the best part and the winner gets to pick the next part that gets made. If you fail to post a new part within 24 hours I will post one. You cant win twice in a row, but you can win more than once.
  • If you are the winner and picking the next part.
    1. The part must be a single part
    2. The part must be different visually than any previous part (be creative, if a fuel tank was done last week do a science part this one)
    3. Simple enough for beginners to make (The Apollo capsule IVA is *NOT* simple)
    4. Have some direction and constraint to it

    The direction and constraints consisting of its size and purpose at a minimum. "Make an engine" (to general) or "Make the Death Star" (to complicated) is not a valid description.

    "Make a 2.5m nuclear engine that looks like it was built in the 1960's" would be valid description.


I dont know/have any software!

-Blender, Gimp and Unity are all free but you can use any software you like.

A week is not long enough!

-The parts are going to be small and simple making a week plenty of time to finish. Time management is also a very important skill that gets overlooked.

The good people are going to win all the time, that's not fair!

- No that is how you get better by learning from others that are better than you.... Also you cant win twice in a row, and since I am running it I am not able to win.

Are you Frizzank going to be participating in every one?

- No but I will try to help as much as I can, and if someone doesn't post the next part I will fill in for them or nominate someone else to.

Do I have to enter the contest?

-No everyone is free to learn and post without restriction but you are required to post your work if you want help.

I don't want to post my source, people can just take my work.

- Yes they could but they would get found out real quick since your posted work would predate theirs, and stealing is still stealing. Also think of it as you are opening your work so others can learn from it. Also others can help you make better art as well. We are all going to learn together.

I know it seems scary for all your work to be open to everyone, but it really will help improve the quality of your work.

First weeks winner of the Radial Triple Fuel Tank




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Despite not being even a concept artist myself (although I did a try at texturing a few days ago, with highly limited success), I think this is one of the most inspired things I've seen so far today. Not only sounds fluffy and nice, I think it truly could produce some great things. As a social experiment this forum is really interesting, in how its moderated (effectively) and how there are truly experts in many fields helping each other and (mostly) gratefully accepting help from others. I don't have time to write this up.. But if there is a sociologist/behavioural psychologist around that is linked to a university, this (as it hasn't really started yet) could very well be a worthwile observational study of strangers working together successfully without physical proximity and without monetary reward. Sorry if that was off the board and off topic, but I thought it was relevant.

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Sounds neat, more chances to inflict my potato textures on people.

[Edit] What timezone is this being run on (because it's Friday afternoon here already, and my semi-available time for modding starts in about three hours and doesn't run for long through the weekend)

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Frizzank do you think it's a good idea to keep the thread updated by the developer with progress as they go along, or should they just dump everything at the end of the week? The rules aren't clear on that.

I'm just worried that 24h might not be enough for people to catch up on everything and step by step criticism might be beneficial to everyone.

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Frizzank do you think it's a good idea to keep the thread updated by the developer with progress as they go along, or should they just dump everything at the end of the week? The rules aren't clear on that.

I'm just worried that 24h might not be enough for people to catch up on everything and step by step criticism might be beneficial to everyone.

Its going to be a week long development where you will post your progress and ask questions as you go. It is meant to be small short projects that most people can easily finish in a few days.

The contest portion is only meant to give an incentive to finish on time and turn in your work so to speak. Time management is also something that people must learn for content creation, especially in the professional industry. You are also free to continue to work on it if you wish.

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Wow, this is cool. This is absolutely a great way to learn. Every time I do something, even if its something I've done before, I learn something new, either about Blender, Unity, or KSP.

I'll try to play along as time allows. But I won't enter my work into the contest, I just want to get some practice in and put some more examples out there.

I'll also help out with any Blender questions or whatever if anyone has any.

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Pretty much, I have Blender and GIMP because they're within my budget (of zero).

Something fancier would be nice eventually, but I'd have to exhaust the opportunities/capabilities of Blender before exploring other options for them, hopefully later

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I use blender because it's free. I imagine that Maya and 3DS max would be used by people who already own a copy as its $3000. I wouldn't spend 3 grand for ksp modding

I use the free student version of maya actually. :wink: If you're enrolled in school it takes very little time to sign up. I do pay for photoshop though, but the monthly plan isn't unreasonable as far as I'm concerned.

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If you aren't a student and can't pay Photoshop's steep prices, Paint Shop Pro is much cheaper ($60 one-time fee during one of their frequent sales, no access to future versions for free) and has similar features. It's even compatible with most of the Photoshop plugins.

It's all relative though, if you think you might be a professional in a digital art field someday, then learning to use the industry standard tools is worth the cost too.

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