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What is your wierdest/funniest glitch/bug in KSP?


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Get one of those cubical probe cores. Stick long I-beams on all six sides of the probe. Stick I-beams on the end of those I-beams. Launch. Watch the probe do a spider dance, and sometimes take flight. If you're lucky, it'll never come down.

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They look like creepy...statues...did they stay like that?

Hah, I can see the comedy value of that :D .

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The plane in the picture fell back to kerbin 9.575868558 seconds later, when it hit kerbin, kerbin disappeared into a dark mass of matter ( then in a side effects, a giant supernovae explosion happened, !!!!!PLANET BUSTER LITE.!!!!!

the plane is mine:

Max. Speed: 384.6484342087120473102984709149012740927902 MP/S <---(more likely a glitch)

Weight: 27483.54 Kg

Name: Super Badass Flying Piece Of Junk

Code Name: UglyDynamicz


Reeeeely want some feedback,comments,replies!

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I don't have pictures right now, but crash something into the ground and go to map view before it hits. you will see the crash animation in the map and, if you are at the ksc, will se part of the ksc in the map.it is repeatable and can be resettled by going out of map view

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