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I was reading a thread about this the other day, and now I can't find it again. Grrrrr.

I want to download and install the new version. I'm running vanilla, career mode. I want to save and continue my progress on my current career in the new version (24). I'm still a total noob with KSP, and don't know where or what files I need to save. Help?

Thanks. :blush:

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You can download the update either from Steam (if you have KSP on Steam), or the KSP website. I use Steam, so I'm not sure exactly how the KSP website option works.

After the update, you will be able to load your old game, and KSP will update it to 0.24. As you're playing in career mode, the game will load it in the new career mode, including funds and reputation.

If you would prefer to continue without funds and rep, just with science as in your current save, you can follow the steps here to convert the save into a ScienceTM mode save instead.

Although the update won't affect your save files, if you want to back them up anyway (which isn't a bad idea), you need to copy the files and folders from C:\{Your KSP Folder}\saves\{Your save}\ to a safe location.

That folder contains the persistent.sfs file (the most current state of your game world), and any quicksave files (also *.sfs) that you may have created. It also has two subfolders, Ships and Subassemblies, which hold your saved ships and subassemblies (fairly self-explanatory).

Hope this helps.

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