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One sentence you could say to annoy an entire fan base?


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"Microsoft needs to get off their butts and make a game where Metroid has to fight something other than those boring samus."

"If you're having trouble with playing KSP on a Mac, I have one question for you - WHY are you playing on a MAC?"

"Zelda is clearly gay, not only does he look like a girl but Zelda's a girl's name"

I actually agree with that first one about Big Bang Theory.

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Guest Fyre Flare

1. Attack on Titan is overrated

2. Harvester is a bad game designer

3. Phil Fish is my hero

4. Bronies are cancer

5. (Say on a Magic the Gathering Forum) Oh magix and cardz and fire and stuph oh Steve Urkel is my role modelzz

6. Gamer Girls shouldn't exist

7. Spore is a bad game

8. Arcades are a waste of money

9. Minecraft is repetitive and boring.

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KSP lacks space fighters...

The Stanley Parable doesn't give you enough choices to make

Spore is unrealistic and lacks real evolution

Half life 1 has crappy graphics and isn't fun

Rimworld is so repetitive!

EA Games is the best company EVAH!

Can't think of any other thing, im more of games other than movies :P

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The following is more a scenario than it is a sentence.

A remote controlled Dalek approaches Matt Smith at convention, points his face to look directly at him with cameras pointed, poised to capture an epic response, and upon making "Eye contact" exclaims in that classic Dalek accent, "YOU WILL BE EX-CELL-ENT! PAR-TY ON DUDE! PAR-TY ON DUDE!"

Seriously I would pay money for that moment to happen.

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