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[1.2 - 1.4] Modular Rocket Systems v1.13.2 (2018-03-12) - Stock-alike Parts Pack


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Modular Rocket Systems

Parts Pack



Cooperates with other mods:

Part of the NecroBones suite of mods, that work nicely together:

Author: NecroBones

Special Thanks:

  • Red Iron Crown, for lots of feedback and ideas, and alpha testing.
  • And many others for bug reports and feedback!

Modular Rocket Systems is a parts pack for KSP, with the following design goals:

  1. Fill in some of the gaps in the selection of stock parts. For example, size-3 and size-0 SAS modules, and size-3 monopropellant tanks.
  2. Preserve the stock balance. All parts have their costs, masses, and capacities chosen based on stock analogs.
  3. Provide some additional cosmetic choices. Examples include the 2.5m fuel tanks, and various nose cones. They have direct analogs in the stock line-up, and share the same stats, but give you additional aesthetic options.
  4. Maintain a stock-like appearance and seamlessly fit into the game, while following its own artistic style. This one is trickier, but by taking cues from the stock-parts, it's possible to make something new, that also fits with the game's existing aesthetic.
  5. Be friendly to your CPU/GPU. Very importantly, these parts follow most of the stock-part rules for how polygons are used, and collision meshes are configured. They shouldn't reduce your framerate any more than the stock parts do.


All of the models and textures were made 100% from scratch, using Blender, Photoshop, and Unity. The only exception is the "mini orange tank" which borrowed a scaled-down sample of the orange pattern from the stock Jumbo Orange tank.

"Modular Rocket Systems" is also the in-game manufacturer of these parts, and they will appear as an agency that can provide contracts for career mode (assuming I've set it up right - untested), and have a flag available for use as well.

Image Gallery:

(Note that the stats, appearances, and descriptions of the parts shown below are subject to change, or may be out of date)


Feature on "2-minute mods":

Installation Instructions:

1. If upgrading from a previous copy, it's recommended to delete the old "ModRocketSys" folder first.

2. Backup your "saves" folder! While not required for installing mods, it's a good idea anyway. If any parts you have already used (including stock parts) fail to load, you'll have ships getting deleted!

3. Download and open the ZIP file.

4. Copy the "ModRocketSys" folder into your "GameData" folder.

5. If upgrading, check your designs in the VAB/SPH. If attachment nodes have changed, you may need to reposition parts.



As a general rule, parts have their mass, cost, capacities, and so forth based on stock analogs. Where possible, they are direct ratios of stock parts.

Parts inventory: (as of version 1.5, 2015-01-16)

Full Version:




Engine Mass Thrust ISP Comparison
0.625m "Sparkler" 0.25 25 300-390 50% LV-909
0.625m Monopropellant 0.15 30 220-290 1.5x O-10
2.5m Quad-Nuclear 9 240 220-800 4x LV-N
3.75m Quad-Cluster 9.75 3330 320-350 Slightly altered NASA/SLS KS-25x4
3.75m "Terrier" 5 600 270-390 Roughly 2.5x Poodle
0.625m Basic Jet 0.25 37.5 1000-2000* 25% Basic Jet
0.625m Turbo Jet 0.3 56.25 900-2400* 25% Turbo Jet

* Jet engine ISP is misleading since each engine has a peak altitude, and only 1/16 of the propellant comes from fuel (the other 15 parts are intake air).

Fuel Tanks:

  • Small radial LFO tank
  • 2.5m x 1.875m "mini orange" (X200-16 Equivalent)
  • 2.5m x 3.75m (black/white striped, X200-32 Equivalent)
  • 2.5m x 5.625m (black/white striped, 75% Jumbo-64 Equivalent)
  • 2.5m x 7.5m (black/white striped, Jumbo-64 Equivalent)
  • 0.625m Probe Tank (longer than Oscar-B, mass ratio on par with larger tanks)
  • 0.625m Jet Fuel Tank, Short
  • 0.625m Jet Fuel Tank, Long
  • Size adapter, 3.75m -> 2.5m
  • Size adapter, 2.5m -> 1.25m
  • 3.75m Monopropellant
  • 1.25m Radial Booster Tank
  • 0.625m Xenon Sphere Tank
  • 1.25m Xenon Sphere Tank


  • 0.625m Basic Air Intake
  • 0.625m Ram Air Intake
  • 1.25m Ram Air Intake

Cargo Bays:

  • 1.25m x 1.875m long
  • 2.5m x 1.875m long
  • 2.5m x 3.75m long

Probe Cores:

  • Guidance Nose Cone (basic SAS, weak reaction wheels, only one stack node)
  • Radial Probe Core (control only, massless, no SAS or reaction wheels, mid tech tree)
  • Radial Probe Core, Advanced (massless, advanced SAS, no reaction wheels, late tech tree)

Reaction Wheels:

  • 0.625m, stackable and radially attachable.
  • 2.5m Reaction Wheel, (slightly stronger than stock, and actual 2.5m attachment nodes unlike stock)
  • 3.75m Reaction Wheel


  • Flingatron (3x Sepratron)
  • LAS Tower (Launch Abort System, modeled after NASA's Orion)
  • LAS Pod Shroud (Fits over 3-man stock pod with a docking port)
  • Radial Battery (1.5x Z-400)
  • Docking Helper, 0.625m
  • Docking Helper, 1.25m (ring of lights for the outside of a docking port)
  • Docking Helper, 2.5m
  • Fuel Cell, 1.25m stackable
  • Fuel Cell, Radial (fuel cells use fuel to generate electricity when turned on)
  • RCS 5-way Block
  • RCS "Corner" Diagonal Block
  • Long landing legs
  • 1.25m stackable Fuel Cell
  • 2.5m inline drill & ore storage

Structural & Aerodynamic:

  • Mini-Radial Decoupler
  • Decoupler, 2.5m "Slimline"
  • Decoupler, 2.5m "Low Profile"
  • Interstage Decoupler/Adapter, 3.75m -> 2.5m, w/ monopropellant
  • Adapter, 1.25m -> 4x 0.625m
  • Adapter, 1.25m -> 5x 0.625m
  • Adapter, 2.5m -> 1.25m
  • Adapter, 2.5m -> 5x 1.25m
  • Adapter, 3.75m -> 3x 2.5m
  • Adapter, 3.75m -> 7x 1.25m
  • Adapter, Flat 2.5m -> 1.25m
  • Adapter, Flat 3.75m -> 2.5m
  • Nose Cone, Aerodynamic, 0.625m
  • Nose Cone, Aerodynamic, 1.25m
  • Nose Cone, Booster, 1.25m
  • Nose Cone, Rounded Dome, 1.25m
  • Nose Cone, Rounded Dome, 2.5m
  • Aerodynamic Pylon, Small
  • Aerodynamic Pylon, Medium
  • Aerodynamic Pylon, Large





Lite Version:




  • 2.5m Quad-Nuclear
  • 3.75m "Terrier" (2.5x Poodle)

Fuel Tanks:

  • Small radial LFO tank
  • 0.625m Probe Tank (longer than Oscar-B, mass ratio on par with larger tanks)
  • 2.5m x 5.625m (black/white striped, 75% Jumbo-64 Equivalent)
  • Size adapter, 3.75m -> 2.5m
  • Size adapter, 2.5m -> 1.25m
  • 3.75m Monopropellant

Cargo Bays:

  • 1.25m x 1.875m long
  • 2.5m x 1.875m long
  • 2.5m x 3.75m long

Probe Cores:

  • Radial Probe Core (control only, massless, no SAS or reaction wheels, mid tech tree)
  • Radial Probe Core, Advanced (massless, advanced SAS, no reaction wheels, late tech tree)

Reaction Wheels:

  • 3.75m Reaction Wheel


  • Flingatron (3x Sepratron)
  • LAS Tower (Launch Abort System, modeled after NASA's Orion)
  • LAS Pod Shroud (Fits over 3-man stock pod with a docking port)
  • Docking Helper, 0.625m
  • Docking Helper, 1.25m (ring of lights for the outside of a docking port)
  • Docking Helper, 2.5m
  • Long landing legs
  • 1.25m stackable Fuel Cell
  • 2.5m inline drill & ore storage

Structural & Aerodynamic:

  • Mini-Radial Decoupler
  • Decoupler, 2.5m "Low Profile"








Download the FULL VERSION:



Curse.com download page




Download the LITE VERSION:



Curse.com download page





Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike




Change History:

1.13.2 (2018-03-12) - Tweaks.
 - Added some missing data to the Tweakscale config.

1.13.1 (2016-10-21) - Fixes.
 - RCS sounds/effects added.
 - Radial battery moved to Electrical menu tab.

1.13 (2016-10-11) - KSP 1.2 Compatibility.
 - Added MM "NEEDS" conditionals to RemoteTech modules in probe cores.
 - Updated categories for many parts.
 - Added KerbNet/transmitter modules to probe cores.
 - Landing Leg updated with 1.2 variables and sounds.
1.12.8 (2016-07-12) - Tweaks.
 - Guidance Nose Cone balance tweaks:
    - Cost increased. Research cost increased (was erroneously left at "0").
    - Reaction Wheel torque and electrical usage reduced by 25%.
    - Moved to Flight Control tech node.
 - Adjusted some tags, including adding nickname tags for engines.
 - Added NearFutureElectrical support for RTG.
 - Moved ModuleManager patches to Patches folder.

1.12.7 (2016-05-20) - Tweaks.
 - Updated the description for the inline RTG.
 - Fixed a copy/paste error in the "corner" RCS configs.

1.12.6 (2016-04-22) - Transparency fix.
 - Fixed the "always transparent" problem in the VAB for cargo bays in 1.1.

1.12.5 (2016-04-17) - Tweaks.
 - Moved rocket cargo bays to Advanced Construction and Specialized Construction tech nodes.
 - Tweaked leg settings.
 - Moved leg wheel collider to allow for more accurate aerodynamic occlusion.

1.12.3 (2016-03-29) - KSP 1.1 Hotfix
 - Landing legs updated to not be 100% deadly. Suspension still doesn't work, legs are rigid for now.
 - Added tags for most parts.

1.12.2 (2016-03-20) - Hotfix.
 - Rotated the RCS blocks back to their original orientation, so as to not break previously created vessels.

1.12.1 (2016-03-17) - Nose cone hotfix.
 - Re-added basic stability control to the Guidance Nose Cone.
 - Moved Guidance Nose Cone to "Engineering 101" tech node, so that it at least has to be unlocked before use.

1.12 (2016-03-17) - Minor Update.
 - Added ConnectedLivingSpace configs for slimline 2.5m docking port, and cargo bays.
 - Changed attachment rules for docking helpers, to allow surface-attaching them (and in turn turned off accepting surface attachment).
 - Reduced Guidance Nose-Cone's capabilities some more. Removed remaining SAS, weakened reaction wheel, lowered max temp.
 - Redesigned RCS blocks to look more stock-alike, and tweaked their price and mass.
 - Added RCS blocks to the "Lite" pack.

1.11.1 (2016-01-29) - Fixes.
 - Corrected a typo with thermalMassModifier in the LAS Shroud.
 - Corrected a typo with Agency mentality.
 - Added a note in the "Inline Drill" description warning against using it as a root part.

1.11 (2015-12-02) - Decoupler pass.
 - Increased heat tolerance of 2.5m stack decouplers by 200 degrees.
 - 2.5m "low profile" stack decoupler updates:
    - Added internal "sepratron" solid motors as optional separation aids (remove propellant to not use).
    - Increased cost and base mass (to balance this against stock decoupler).
    - Added drag-cube to match stock decoupler. 


Changes prior to 1.11:


1.10.1 (2015-11-13) Tweaks/Fixes, mainline MRS only.
 - 0.625m air intakes have intake speed restored to match their bigger brothers.
 - Corrected a variety of effects+gimbal problems with the 3.75m quad cluster engine, introduced in 1.10.

1.10 (2015-11-11) - KSP 1.0.5 update.
 - Adjusted inner attachment nodes on cargo bays to be offset inward like new stock settings on cargo bays.
 - Cargo bays now have settings for door deployment limits.
 - Flingatrons updated to use new contract constraints, and exhaust damage reducer, and other thermal settings.
 - RTG updated to use new passive core temperature system.
 - Inline Drill/Tank combo updated to use the stock drill's new settings.
 - Fuel crossfeed toggle added to aerodynamic pylons.
 - Engines (except quad-nuke) updated to use FXModuleAnimateThrottle.
 - Engines, decouplers/separators, etc updated to use new stock-alike thermal settings and contract constraints.
 - Jet Engines and Air Intakes rebalanced.

1.9 (2015-11-07) - N7-Day Update.
 - Added support for HullCameraVDS to the radial probe core panels.
 - Adjusted MM patch filenames to be more consistent.
 - Added docking lights to the docking helpers.

1.8 (2015-10-08) - Tweaks and RTG.
 - Corrected a typo in the menu category for the slimline 2.5m decoupler.
 - 2.5m "three quarter" tank moved up to the Advanced Fuel Systems tech node.
 - 2.5m->3.75m adapter tank moved up to Large Voluma Containment tech node.
 - Corrected an issue with Flag Decals on the cargo bays not displaying correctly in the VAB/SPH editors.
 - Added a 6.25x RTG unit.

1.7.4 (2015-10-06) - Tweaks.
 - Increased heat tolerance of the ore drill/tank combo part.
 - Fuel switching config will not enable if Starlion Industries KSPI is installed, deferring to its settings.

1.7.3 (2015-07-07) - Tweaks.
 - Added ConductionFactor/convectionflux settings for cargo bays.
 - Added support for Interstellar/FS Fuel Switch.

1.7.2 (2015-06-22) - KSP 1.0.3 balance updates
 - Updated thermal settings for many parts.
 - Modified quad-nuke's heat generation to match stock.
 - Updated 0.625m jet engine performance to match stock (defined as 0.3x stock 1m jets).

1.7.1 (2015-06-19) - Tweaks
 - Reduced texture resolution of 2.5m "low profile" decoupler by half (75% reduction in the texture's memory requirement).
 - Increased the suspension strength of landing legs.
 - Tweaked thermal properties of landing legs.

1.7 (2015-06-11) - Cargo-Bay overhaul + Tweaks and fixes
 - Updated Deadly Reentry config with more current data.
 - Tweaked some settings on cargo bays.
 - Added VAB/SPH transparency to cargo bays.
 - Added "Animated Decouplers" support for LAS Shroud (to make it shield properly in stock aero, AD needs to be installed).
 - Overhauled the cargobay doors, so they don't get in the way as much.

1.6.6 (2015-05-28) - More balancing
 - Increased mass of Quad-Nuke to 12, to match 4x stock LV-N nuclear engine.
 - Added "inline" (stackable) drill with internal storage.
 - Switched flag/agency images back to PNG format so they'll work again.

1.6.5 (2015-05-22) - Fixes & Tweaks
 - Corrected the HotRockets config for the 0.625m jet engines.
 - Explicitly defined fuelCrossFeed=False for radial decouplers.
 - Added "ModuleCrossFeed" to small radial fuel tank, for Crossfeed Enabler.
 - Increased heat conductivity of flat adapters (so they don't impede heat management).
 - Corrected an issue with normals on mini radial fuel tank.

1.6.4 (2015-05-14) - Tweaks
 - Added ground effects to several engines.
 - Tweaked the LAS Shroud aerodynamics
 - LAS Shroud will now be see-through on mouse-over in the VAB/SPH.
 - Corrected TweakScale settings for "Hound" Engine.
 - Re-Added a reworked stackable inline 1.25m fuel cell.
 - Re-balanced the size-0 (0.625m) jet engines & intakes.
    - 20% more thrust (30% of stock 1.25m counterparts), but also more mass.
    - 20% more air through intakes, slight increase in mass.
    - Adjusted sound/visual effects to correspond to stock changes.
 - Air intakes no longer qualify as contract test subjects.
 - Corrected a problem with the normals on the 0.625m fuel tanks.

1.6.3 (2015-05-08) - Fixes & 1.0.2 tweaks
 - Fixed a configuration typo for the 2.5m flat adapter.
 - Fixed a configuration typo for the long landing leg.
 - Reversed the attachment node priority order for extremely thin parts (docking helpers, decouplers, reaction wheels, flat adapters) so that they attach more easily.
 - Updated "Community Tech Tree" support for compatibility with CTT's new design.
 - Minor tweaks to the "drag cubes" for the cargo bays.
 - Reduced mass of 2.5m dome nose cone.

1.6.2 (2015-05-01) - More 1.0 tweaks + 1.0.1 compatibility
 - Adjusted max-temps on engines to be more stock-like.
 - Fixed the "Hound" engine's description to no longer say "Terrier".
 - Adjusted the Guidance Nose Cone to have slightly less torque, and increased electrical usage.
 - Improved gimbal on several engines.
 - Adjusted heat generation on rocket engines to correspond to KSP 1.0.1 changes.
 - Adjusted all engine thrust numbers to correspond to KSP 1.0.1 changes.
 - Fixed the attachment node on the 1.25m "rounded" nose cone.
 - Added "drag box" settings for cargo bays.
 - Converted textures to DDS format.

1.6.1 (2015-04-29) - Bays are back, baby.
 - Re-added cargo bays.

1.6 (2015-04-29) - Fixes/Balancing for KSP 1.0
 - Many 1.0 balance changes. Including, but not limited to:
    - Quad-Nuke: ASL ISP reduced, Mass increased, no longer uses oxidizer.
    - All engines adjusted based on stock updates.
    - Many parts had costs, masses, max temps, tech node assignments, etc adjusted.
    - Adjusted bottom attchment nodes to correspond to KSP 1.0 orientation.
 - Cargo Bays (hopefully) temporarily removed, to be reworked for 1.0.
 - Removed "radial booster tank".
 - Removed Fuel Cells.

1.5.1 (2015-02-10) - Minor adjustments
 - Released "Lite" version of mod.
 - Corrected a badly-positioned seam on the 2.5m->1.25m adapter cone.
 - Slightly improved contrast in the long landing-leg texture.
 - Corrected typos that prevented the LAS tower and Flingatron from showing in the manufacturer tab.

1.5 (2015-01-16) - And so on, etc.
 - Corrected the name of the 0.625m basic air intake (claimed to be 1.25m).
 - Increased LAS tower's fuel, thrust, and burn time.
 - Added support for Connected Living Space (making the docking helpers and flat adapters passable).
 - Renamed the cargo bays as "payload bays" to help FAR/NEAR identify them as aerodynamic fairings.
 - Added a set of long landing legs.

1.4.4 (2014-12-29) - More 0.90 adjustment
 - Removed SAS from Reaction Wheel parts, since it no longer works without being on a command pod/core.
 - Added advanced form of radial probe core, later in tech tree with full SAS capability.

1.4.3 (2014-12-22) - More 0.90 adjustment
 - Reduced reaction wheel strength in Guidance Nose Cone for career balancing.
 - Reverted removal (re-added) the basic SAS capability in the Guidance Nose Cone.
 - Added basic Deadly Reentry support for the nose cones and guidance cone.

1.4.2 (2013-12-20) - More 0.90 adjustment
 - Removed SAS from the guidance nose-cone and radial probe-core. Control only, early in the tech tree.
 - Renamed most parts, for improved name sorting in the new menus.

1.4.1 (2014-12-16) - Minor fix
 - Fixed manufacturer icon in VAB/SPH manufacturer-sort.

1.4 (2014-12-15) - Fixes, And so on.
 - No changes necessary for 0.90:
    - Engine/FuelTank split is automatic
    - Leaving SAS basic capability on the reaction wheel parts for now.
 - Fixed the career-mode testing requirements on the fuel cell parts, so that contracts can be completed.
 - Added HotRockets support for most engines.
 - Moved Fuel Cells to the "Fuel Systems" tech node.

1.3.2 (2014-12-03) - Error correction
 - Fixed a texture loading problem with the "three-quarter jumbo" fuel tank.
 - Moved size-0 and size-2 docking helpers later into tech tree, to the nodes with the appropriate docking ports.

1.3.1 (2014-11-25) - TweakScale fixes
 - Moved all TweakScale configs to a file called "MRS_TweakScale.cfg", and out of the part configs.
 - Change all size-adapter pieces to use the preconfigured "adapter" TweakScale types.

1.3 (2014-11-24) - Minor Update
 - Added "Community Tech Tree" support, by moving the quad-nuke to "Improved Nuclear Propulsion" node, if CTT is also installed.
 - Moved "Flingatron" later in tech tree, to Heavy Rocketry.
 - Corrected the "Flingatron" exhaust position
 - Removed TweakScale size restrictions from adapter pieces, and added support for those that needed it.
    - (The idea here is to allow full freedom in scaling, even if the size adapters don't make sense at some scales)

1.2 (2014-11-13) - Minor Tweaks
 - Moved the "Terrier" engine to the "Very Heavy Rocketry" tech node, where the rest of the 3.75m diameter parts are.
 - Tweaked the 3.75m Quad-engine
    - Reduced the external glow on the engine bells
    - Added additional framework on the engine bells
    - Tweaked the red coloring on the turbopumps

1.1 (2014-11-07) - Parts update
 - Flag decals on cargo bay and 2.5m fuel tank should no longer cast shadows on themselves.
 - Corrected the cargo bay doors to be non-attachable. Somehow this setting got lost before release.
 - Moved the "radial booster tank" to an earlier node in the tech tree.
 - Added Engine-Ignitor support to the Size-3 (3.75m) Quad Engine.
 - Added Size-3 (3.75m) Poodle-like "Terrier" engine.
 - Added Size-1 (1.25m) rocket cargo bay.
 - Added radially-attached probe core.

1.0 (2014-10-30) - Full release!?
 - No complaints or bug reports for quite a while. Let's call it 1.0.
 - Added LAS (Launch Abort System) consisting of LAS tower, and pod-shroud.
 - Added two lengths of 2.5m rocket cargo bays.
 - Added 3.75m quad-engine

0.7 (2014-10-07) - Beta Release
 - Slimmed the radial mini-tank (particularly the framework) just a hair, to help with fitting inside fairings.
 - Added support for the "Engine Ignitor" mod. Settings added to small LFO engine, and quad-nuke.
 - Added shading to the 1.25m Xenon sphere tank.
 - Tweaked Size-0 SAS module to bring it in line with 0.25
 - Moved Xenon-tanks to Propulsion tab, to match 0.25
 - Reduced mass of 1.25m (size-1) nose cones to match 0.25
 - Reduced mass of 0.625m (size-0) nose cone to match the size-1 cones (beating out 0.25)

0.6 (2014-09-24) - Beta Release
 - Fixed 6x symmetry under the 3.75m to 7-way 1.25m adapter
 - Adjusted collision mesh on Aerodynamic Pylons to support vertical-snap in Editor Extensions
 - Enabled Remote-Tech support to the Guidance Nose Cone.
 - Added radial 600-unit battery
 - increased size of radial fuel-cell
 - Added AVC (Add-on Version Checker) support
    See: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/79745

0.5 (2014-09-19) - Beta Release
 - Cosmetic adjustment: Quad-Nuclear engine:
    - Lightened the grey color of the reactors
    - Increased engine bell's size by 9%.
 - Cosmetic adjustment: 3.75m monopropellant tank: added white stripes
 - Cosmetic adjustment: Xenon sphere tanks: added nodes to support struts
 - Cosmetic adjustment: 0.625m jet-fuel tanks: Changed around stripes
 - Reduced texture resolution of matching 2.5m and 1.25m nose cones to be more appropriate
 - Added "three-quarter jumbo" fuel tank, with flag decals
 - Added size-2 ASAS module (20% higher torque/mass/cost than stock unit)
 - Added three sizes of aerodynamic structural pylons
 - Added 0.625m (size-0) nose cone
 - Added 0.625m basic jet engine + intake (as a matching set to the turbojets from last update)
 - Added 1.25m "Guidance Nose Cone" probe core + reaction wheels + small battery.
 - Added Fuel-Cell electric generators: Radial, 1.25m.

0.4 (2014-09-15) - Beta Release
 - Added TweakScale support to most parts
 - Added engine glow to the 0.625m tiny LFO engine.
 - Adjusted surface attachment for Xenon Sphere tanks so they don't "float" off the surface
 - Added "large" (1.25m) xenon sphere tanks
 - Added 2.5m to 1.25m cone adapter fuel tank
 - Added 2.5m "4x LV-N" quad-nuclear engine.
 - Added 1.25m and 0.625m air intakes
 - Added 0.625m Turbojet.
 - Added two lengths of 0.625m jet fuel tanks

0.3 (2014-09-11) - Beta release.
 - Added 2.5m to 1.25m hollow cone adapter
 - Added "Flingatron" (3x Sepratron)
 - Added pressurized sphere xenon container
 - Added 0.625m probe fuel canister
 - Added 1.25m to 4x 0.625m quad adapter
 - Added 1.25m to 5x 0.625m adapter
 - Added 0.625m Stackable Monopropellant engine.
 - Added 0.625m Efficient LFO engine.
 - Reshaped the fairings on the 2.5m to 5x 1.25m adapter

0.2 (2014-09-06) - Public Beta release. More parts.

0.1 - Alpha test version. More parts.

0.0 - Internal and external Alpha test version.



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I get 403 Forbidden on your website and Mod Not Found on CurseForge :/

Oh man, LOL. I just KNEW I'd do that. On my site it's just a permissions thing, so it's fixed. You can download now. I've put a fix in place to make sure it doesn't happen anymore. If I forget to set the permissions next time I upload a version, it'll correct itself inside an hour.

On the curse site, they have to approve the project, which I'm guessing will take a few days.

The fact that no one was able to download it yet gave me the opportunity to stick one more part in. There was one that was completely broken this morning, so it wasn't included initially, but I had time to fix it.

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*Heart Eyes* Thank you so much! I've been waiting for Squad to do an art pass on stock parts (because most of them are quite ugly, especially when you mix the disparate styles together) but this mod is totally beautiful! Combined with RLA stockalike we finally have some great, and essential, parts to use.

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Ah great, it looks like my project upload on Curse was rejected. No reason given. I'll try again.

If I can't get it posted there, at least my own website can host the files.

I have a suspicion that the rejections (yes, plural, it happened again, in seconds) are due to my formatted text descriptions, since they're copy/pasted from the forum post here. It's probably inserting some HTML that they're auto-detecting and rejecting, considering how quickly it happens. There's no notification, or explanation, or appeal button.

My third attempt is still awaiting approval. I posted it with the bare minimums-- plain text, the logo, and the file. So we'll see what happens.

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Thanks everyone! :)

I'm looking for comments and opinions on the 5-way adapter, specifically the fairings on it. I think it looks pretty good when attached to the right kind of fuel tank, but I'm considering updating the model to make the fairings extend inward only as far as necessary, and appear hollow.... or something along those lines. I'm not sure yet. I can muck around with it pretty easily without it breaking your ships in a future update, since the fairings are non-collidable, and the part doesn't accept surface attachment anyway.

Additional images of it, for those who haven't downloaded:



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Necrobones: I like the aesthetic of the 5-way adapter but I haven't found much of a usage scenario for it yet. If you have a 3.75m stack that needs 5 2.5m engines you're almost always better off going with one of the 3.75m SLS engines. If we had 2.5m NERVAs it might be good for big motherships, but we don't so it's usually better to use your 7-way adapter (which is a great part BTW). I tried putting a bunch of 2.5m docking ports on it to serve as a hub for a modular orbital ship, but they're so close together that docking becomes difficult.

So not really anything wrong with the part itself, just that it's not overly useful yet. More of a comment on the dearth of good 2.5m engines.

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Actually it's 2.5m to 5x 1.25m, and a set of 5 LV-T30 engines would provide around 1075 thrust, putting it at an advantage over a Skipper, but well below a Mainsail. However using it for a set of NERVAs might work well as a possible use case.

It only looks huge in the screenshots. :)

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Herpity derp, I need to look at it again, that sounds much more useful! I think I was thrown by one of your tanks atop it, the textures make it look like an SLS tank.

Apologies for the mixup.

Heh, no worries. I've been trying to do most of the screenshots with familiar parts attached for that very reason, but ended up not doing so that time. ;) It shows how important it is to plan screenshots well.

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