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Rescue mission

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One of the missions I've just attempted is to rescue Thombar Kerbin in orbit. Poor chap seems to be cruising round Kerbal in his space suit at about 110km. I've built a rocket with a second cockpit which is empty, and rendezvoused with him in orbit, but now I'm stuck. As he doesn't work for me it seems I can't control him and use his jet pack to get him in to Jeb's spare seat whcih was my original plan. I've gently bumped the crew hatch in to him but I think he's asleep and not taking the hint. I've not researched the robotic arm yet but if I get that and grab him presumably I still won't be able to get him on board to be able to get him back to Kerbin safely. Any suggestions?

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Okay, my faith in new users shattered :(

Edit: Eh heh and there is even an answer for the thread just next to this one.....

I had exactly the same problem a few weeks ago when I started. If someone has to ask, the UI is bad (for that function), period. It's not intuitive, and even the idea of switching between craft you own would not be intuitive in this case, because when you try the usual mechanisms to switch for a noob (tracking station or clicking in map view) the game explicitly informs you that you cannot switch to units you do not own, so why would you think you could switch with ][?

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