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Understanding Satellite Contract Jargon?

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I am a casual KSP player with little familiarity with orbital terminology or mechanics. ship-wise I'm able to get by with having absurd amounts of fuel (my mun lander has 3.4k deltav), but I am having a really hard time understanding some of the new beta contracts that involve putting satellites in specific orbits. They ask about things like "argument of periapsis" and "longitude of ascending node." What are those? I tried looking at the KSP wiki's terminology page, but it wasn't much help.

Can someone help explain what these terms mean to me?

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Try this...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orbital_elements

I believe (I am about to do it, but am not at home right now), that there is a shadow orbit (map view or tracking station?) that you need to match that has the orbital properties that the contract requires you to match. Be careful about having your orbit rotation be the correct direction (also should be shown on the target orbit in map view).

I'll follow up if I get to that point later on.

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