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The Number War: Count to 100 or -100


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[quote name='cubinator']3 (-)
It was at 4 right?[/QUOTE]

Well... No.

Cantab's 2 was corect. EuSouONumero345 claimed either 3(+) or 4(+). Dual interpretation is not good, but even if we assume that the 3(+) was correct, MegaUZI's post was definitely not a valid operation, as it didn't specify an operation (I think he was just replying to EuSouONumero345's ambiguous post). EuSouONumero345 then raised to 4(+) from his own post, which is invalid.

I would say that the last valid post is
[quote name='cantab']Down to 2[/QUOTE]
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