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  1. No problem, I'm trying to get this and if I fail I'll beg for your help
  2. I'm actually looking how to implement a new path system and I just found that there is already a path = that you can configurate in the @default.cfg and it will threat this folder like the TRR/Defaults. I seems to work with the heads and the suits but not with the visor (that work when put in the proper TRR/Default). This mod is an accumulation of different systems that appeared with the differents updates of KSP and it need some serious cleaning, I'm just still understanding all the bits and birds In the best world, I would like to have 3 ways to use textures - the legacy one (just like the old TR, to be able to use old packs just like that) - the new one just like the old (so you can use another folder than TRR and you just have to use a .cfg file to configure it, mostly for head and suit pack) - the MM config , this one is for all the custom textures that are not the heads and the suits
  3. Hey guys, you were right to advice the use of TR I still have a lot of things to do (and learn) to give you a proper new TRR and if it works with the latest version of TR, it will be easy to convert it to TRR when the time comes. Actually the major difference between TRR and TR is that we have a new shader system and a better MM compatibility, but in the future, expect a new suit system and a new way to use your texture pack (they will go out of TRR folder, so no more losses when you update it) I can't give you an expected release date as I'm still in the learning curve of how all of this works
  4. Hmm, well it does work for the suits.. and the only "TextureReplacer" name left (except the TextureReplacer class itself) is in TextureReplacer.cs at the Awake(), line 62 foreach (UrlDir.UrlConfig file in GameDatabase.Instance.GetConfigs("TextureReplacer")) { Loader.instance.readConfig(file.config); Replacer.instance.readConfig(file.config); Reflections.instance.readConfig(file.config); Personaliser.instance.readConfig(file.config); } but, and correctly if I'm wrong, this is for the @Default.cfg file, so I don't get why the others don't works.
  5. Is it already mandatory ? the old way won't work any more? I also tried a skybox last week but without success (EnvMap was the folder for the skybox before if I remember correctly ?) As I didn't write the base code of TR, I'm still working on understanding how all of this works Oh and for your information on the development of TRR, I working on the revamp of the suit system because I can't add the things I want to do as it is. The aim is that you will have general options on how TRR use the suits (mostly like the ones we have now in the TRR gui menu) and you will use a cfg file in the folder of your suit pack to personalise how TRR use this particular suit pack (if no cfg, it will act like the legacy suits pack made for TR). You will also have a sub menu in the TRR options for each kerbal/class like we use now but with these options selectable. This way, if the suit pack dont have a cfg or you want a particular setting, you can configure it. So far I've these settings in mind : /* general TRR options * used in the main TRR configuration gui */ Remove helmet in safe situation use Atmospheric IVA suit use EVA ground suit Do we use the automatic suit state switcher ? remove collar on IVA suits (for later) /* personnal suit options * used for each suit texture pack */ Force Remove helmet in safe situation Force use helmet in safe situation Force use Atmospheric IVA suit Force use EVA ground suit Force always use the IVA helmet Force never use the IVA helmet Force never use the EVA ground helmet Force never use the EVA space helmet Force IVA suit state when toggle suit (bypass atmospheric & safe situation) IVA suit use IVA helmet IVA suit use EVA ground helmet IVA suit use EVA space helmet Force use reflections for this suit Force DONT use reflections for this suit Choose the reflections colors Force collar removal on IVA suits (for later) Force collar use on the IVA suits (for later) Force IVA suit on ground with no atmopshere Force IVA suit in space I still don't really get how all the the ksp menus and cfg files works, but this will come
  6. That was my first idea coupled with the texture pack removal from the TRR folder. If you make a texture pack, you make a thread, so the creator can handle the requests and so on on his own thread. And texture pack creator will have to follow a guideline for the name on CKAN (like the missions pack does), something like TRR : head : MysuperTexturePack or TRR : suit : MyPack Its not yet written in stone, first I need to succeed the TRR transition
  7. I'm looking to find an easy way (and hopefully automated) to find and share the textures pack. But I didn't really had the time to look into it. First I need to finish the TRR transition and then I'll have time to find the best way
  8. Thanks for the tips I tried Ordenador but all my textures are in .png and off course it need bmp or tga. I can batch convert them but the less conversions, the better the results are and I don't want to export them in png and in bmp and convert the bmp I'll try Gimp because the DDS exporter for Photoshop don't work any more (or I can't find the new one ) witch is a shame because I work on Photoshop..
  9. @Lilleman : This little program is really useful ! It work very well for single files, but it crash when your try to open a folder on Win 10 : I have thousands of textures files to convert and doing them one by one is a real pain
  10. please don't link yet your texture pack here We are in the making of a new way to list and distribute them. I don't want to have the same story as TR, where you need to search in the thread between discussion on the mod itself and the textures pack Futures texture pack will also need a cfg file to use the new upcoming functionalities of TRR as I'm in the middle of a revamp of the suit system. In the near future we will have more than the classical 2 states suit without females (the legacy TR suit pack) or my new 3 states suits. I can't tell you more right now as I'm actually working on it What I can tell you is that I plan to be able to mix different type of suit in the same game. So you would be able to have a suit with only 1 state (IVA for example) and also suit with several states in the same game. This could be useful for military mods, or a future kerbal alien race or to use a specific suit for a kustom kerbal (if you want a Santa kerbal for example along your full 3 states suits with MKS support)
  11. Ooh don't launch me on that, this might become crazy lets talk about mesh export when the first TRR transition is complete and my skills are up by at least 2 levels
  12. distribute the originals model is illegal of course, but what about a modified model based on the original ? Like for example if I extract the model and use it as a base to transform the kerbal into a human (with hands, ears , and so on), or just to see how its done and build my own model from scratch or to properly remove this damn collar We will surely need to also give proper credits but that's not something hard to do and I'm sure the "build from scratch" version is legal because this is what we already do with all the mods we have. I which we could paint zones directly on the model like we can do for the new pbr textures, but that's an entire new story
  13. Thx for the name reminder! This is a hundred time easier to draw a new texture than making a decals system. The decal would demand a texture file and the proper code but even that is not the real problem. If I make zones, it will limit the possibilities of what the modder can change with the levels.. As for the helmet (and maybe the jetpack) replacement, I saw this wearable mod some times ago and this should effectively be possible because the helmet and the jetpack are separate models from the body. Ultimately I would like to allow this kind of things but this is not on the priority list Is there a way to extract the kerbals models (body, helmet, jetpack) ? If this was possible, we could edit the body itself (like for the collar removal)
  14. Ooh Well clearly not this I can have difficulties to find the good words in my mothertongue, so imagine in english
  15. Is there a way to deactivate (and reactivate) the Toggle button in the gui when we right click on the kerbal ? This button is made by this in Personaliser.cs [KSPEvent(guiActive = true, guiName = "Toggle EVA Suit")] public void toggleEvaSuit() { all the toggleEvaSuit stuff } I would like to be able to interact with the guiActive = true (I guess) but I don't understand how these KSPEvent works. The documentation is not really helpful on this subject I'm saying that this is what is used now in TRR and this is a TR legacy. They did that to fix problem with the female body apparently. You should find this in Personaliser.cs EDIT: I'm surfing in the code and there is already a genderSuit somewhere. Well I'll investigate this as I did not found any name related in female suits when I added the EVA ground state. EDIT2: found in the Default.cfg : // Female suits. Directory names inside `Suits/`. // The list must be space- and/or comma-separated and in one line. // Duplicated lists are joined. femaleSuits = So my guess is that there is already a female suit, we just need to make the proper .cfg file and a second suit folder. But that mean the double of textures and we don't want that, 21 more is enough, 50ish is too much ,:) I'll tweak this one way or another to compromise with the numbers of textures files needed. Maybe shaw as already think about that I'm still learning how all of this works.