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  2. another thing that i been seeing in Discord chat from the inner workings of the game development/company. the meetings, it seems every single day they have a meeting, even if its an hour long of even just 9 members the amount of working hours going to not "working" on the game grows large if we only do, Nate, Dakota, some QA people and some coders/artists.. Even if we assume only 5 members need to actively work on progressing the game the hours build up rapidly. Daily meetings from what we know from at least, what is going on, Mike's leave during the holiday, hiring a new SMM, and working on communication and just the general talking/reporting of the game such as bugs and how much they have progressed.. if they have a normal 9 to 5 job that is 8 hours of useable time, (without transportation/getting ready for work etc) * 5 "Active" developers in this test, 5 days a week, is 5 hours each day. That is 25 working hours in meetings a week. and about 75 hours (if we just call a month 3 weeks) a month.. Those hours just build up in my mind, and it is way worse due to the limitations of how many people are in the company that has active work, and the number of hours wasted in meetings grows WAY larger for each and every single person that needs to attend.. if we go by their numbers of 30 members, if all of them have to be there for at least one hour a day and every single person works at the same time that is 450 hours just wasted in meetings. i understand they want to prep for later on, but there is an entire community / entire game waiting on them for anything and everything to be shown.. just kicking rocks ain't fun after 300 hours with what WAS, a buggy mess, to now, an almost playable game on higher-end hardware, but with still zero new content and communication going slower compared to the start the only news we get is "there is no news" and "bug status/Bug Update" that really just comes to mind, a lot of the things that have been said that are in the works have been "cooking".... just trying to keep myself even in the mindset of wanting to play the game is difficult during these times.
  3. This looks awesome. I do have a question about Duna, are you planning on adding some more water carved features and maybe some volcanoes, like it seems Moho has? The craters on Eve seem very recent, would it make more sense soften them up more? The dense atmosphere and surface liquid would have likely eroded them more. I am very interested where this mod goes.
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  5. Carefully balancing the thrust, they manage to slingshot towards Duna using Tylo's gravity. It will take years, so the crew settle into cryogenic hibernation. Perhaps we can catch up on the business on Kerbin with Manfred Kerman...
  6. When you put a leaf blower on one side of your computer and a shop vac on the other. Neighbor(@4am): Surely you're done leafblowing! Me: Leafblowing? I've been plotting orbital trajectories since Tuesday.
  7. The Starship spins and explodes. Meanwhile, the capybara continues chilling. @Deddly wins again!
  8. Ignoring his lack of understanding of what combustion is - you are, and I guess he is, describing a resistojet rocket https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resistojet_rocket They are pretty bad, but better than cold gas thrusters. I wouldn't use them for more than RCS - or maybe station keeping on a small satellite
  9. I'm sure of thousands of programmers were given blank checks and then were threatened with losing their jobs if they didn't work 80 hour weeks for years, KSP2 would be awesome.
  10. Would be nice if this was on CKAN tbh.
  11. i have to agree here. my mom likes to turn the burners all the way up, because she is possibly the most impatient person i know. electric burners do not change temperature quickly. so turning it down when it starts to burn is already too late to save the contents. this has ruined meals and irreparably scorched some good cookware to the point where it needed to be replaced. low and slow. the only time those burners should be cranked, other than boiling water, is when you need to carnalize something, which has to reach a sufficiently high temperature. low and slow those onions and you get mush. and when you do use such high temperatures, you need to control it by lifting the pan off the burner periodically. so when mom uses the giant fire hazard burner for the little sauce pan, glowing bright as the sun, i cringe a little inside. she is going to need to get burned before she stops doing it, you cant tell her anything. this is why ive been cooking since i was 13 or so.
  12. Loved this one!
  13. Episode 4 - From Eve to Kerbin The way to glory (Sep 09-18) Before the launch Eve ascent (not an ordinary one) Docking with the return stage Transfer to Kerbin Coming home Final thoughts My philosophy on the mission was, to use the reload option only, when necessary, and I also didn't recreate the mission scenarios in a separate game. I practiced the Eve descent and ascent before I did it in the mission, but I used the saved game of the final test, and repeated it again and again, which was of course slightly different from the real mission scenario. During the whole mission, I reloaded the game only four times, but only two of them were really my fault. 1st reload: As I sent out Bill on EVA in Eve orbit to prepare the plane for Bob, I didn't catch him in time after leaving the command pod. He crashed against the structure, started to spin, and I couldn't catch him anymore. 2nd reload: At the preparation of the plane on Eve, I removed the unnecessary struts, and placed them on the ground, before I started to unfold the wings. The struts started to roll down the slope. After I finished with the wings, I switched the view between the kerbals and the vessels, and unfortunately, the focus switched to a rolling strut in a moment, when it left the radius, from where I can switch back. I could go back only to the tracking station, but this set back the game to the last quicksave, and that was, before I strutted the final segment of the wing, and after the game load, the wing was broken. 3rd reload: The terrain at the basalt formation was difficult. Sometimes I had to use full thrust to go uphill, and once I couldn't brake in time after coming over the crest, crashed against the basalt formation and lost one wing. 4th reload: I know, the controls don't work, when the mouse pointer is over the KerbNet window. But I had sometimes the same effect, even if the mouse pointer wasn't there. That happened also once at the start from Olympus and caused a crash. The challenge was longer, than I expected in advance, but it had also some unexpected situations, which made the mission exciting. My fear was, because I did so much testing, the mission could be just repeating everything. "Luckily" that wasn't the case. Now I have 380 hours on the clock, and looking forward to the next challenge. I worked already on it at the end of May, and I'm still not sure, if it's even possible, like I want it to do.
  14. neat way to make people accept any terms, 1st propose some huge changes which cost a lot of money to everybody and make everyone mad, then propose smaller changes but which still cost more than before.
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