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  1. A must-have for BDArmory, but who cares.
  2. When the silver spoons aren't prohibited, why not? Nobody licks the toxic lead pipes, but it's culturally promoted to use the toxic silver cutlery. While the silver concentration limit in water is 0.05 mkg/l, and the lead is 0.03 mkg/l. So, the silver spoon lickers may not care of the lead pipes. The pipe is far, the spoon is inside. The "born with a silver spoon in your mouth" literally means "post-natal chronic intoxication with heavy metal ions", literally an equivalent of "mad hatter", just with the silver instead of mercury. In our city the aqueduct was always ceramic since late XVIII, and never was lead. So, we are nice and healthy. So, it's to be addressed to the Parisians, covering the burnt Notre Dame with lead roof again. Also why spend the lead on the gasoline, when you can remove the detonation with ethanol admixture, which is much cheaper and produced from low-quality grain and potatoes. Enslaving the users by M-nto and other modified grain manufacturers, because the modified crops aren't necessarily as viable as the natural ones. I've quoted this to our balcony friends: Had a good laughter together. What about making GMO spiders? The karakurts are sending hello from the Central Asia, where they were being yearly genocided by chemicals from planes. What about hundreds of pest plants? Modifying the crops to resist them all? Or seeding friendly GMO pests? P.S. Btw, @cubinator, what if study producing food from those bugs from the picture above instead of innocent crickets? We have this scum around a lot for free, and turning them from pests into a cattle food would be enormously great.
  3. You can "change" something only by excluding at least one dimension from the Universe to use it as a reference co-ordinate axis, to distinguish two states of the rest part of the Universe as "before" and "after", or "from" and "to". I.e. this assumption is by definition applicable only to an incomlete Universe, lacking a technically infinite number of its possible states. When you don't arbitrarily exclude something, there can be no "before", "after", "from", and "to". There is a static unchangeable hologram-like infinite set of states, including all logically possible states of the Universe, when "you" as physical Observer are a laser beam, reading a CD-R, where you can read everything, but can change nothing, but your current reading position. So, you can pass to the state of the Universe when the cup is broken, or the state where it is intact, but you can't break the cup because both states of the Universe are possible, so they exist, and the cup state is a Schroedinger's superposition of the cup states. Thus, you just can reach any "point" of the space-time continuum by infinite number of ways, and can leave it by infinite number of ways. Some ways to leave the point are more probable, due their less difference from the existing state, and probably due to the way which you had reached the current state. So, in a complete Universe there is no such thing as the time machine, just not because of causality, past changing, or so, but because it is a CD-R which doesn't know what's the "time", and why some co-ordinate is more important than another. That's also why is the multiverse interpretation superior to the usually used Copenhagen interpretation. The latter excludes at least one dimension, while the multiverse interpretation includes them all, making the Copenhagen just a particular case.
  4. We are already using the pesticides for a century. Several generations of humans are grown on the pesticide-rich food. What if the humans not just got used to the pesticides, but the pesticides are an integral part of their normal metabolism? What if without the pesticides the humans will suffer from abstinence?
  5. "We have made a decision to upgrade the Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39A with the "Tulip" system to have the ability of launching R-7."
  6. Calling 911 because the Dove is gnawing your eyes.
  7. The civilisation is what they will finally keep having after. Can a human stay physically sapient beyond the Earth atmosphere and magnetosphere?
  8. Banned everyone who doesn't believe that the white spirit exists.
  9. Floor 5333: Triple three and a pentagram on the wall.
  10. Receives Captain Carrot Ironfounder Inserts Dwarf Bread
  11. Floor 5323: A documentary video evidence by the living witnesses.
  12. 911 responds to your call As always, the official video and the official lyrics don't relate to each other. Probably, it sounds in the hero's head, that's why he lost attention and fell.
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