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  1. My dad was looking around in Flightradar when he suddenly found a BOEING 747 approaching VARNA. Turns out, it was going to take off almost immediately after landing. We rushed to the airport and JUST as we reached our planespotting spot, it took off. I managed to take some pictures. Here are the best: It was my first time actually seeing a Boeing 747 in the air (I've only seen the one in Speyer Museum) Camera model: Sony DSC HX-60 (It's not mine, it's my dad's)
  2. I was close to forgetting this It's my birthday! (Almost the end of the day for me, its 11PM)
  3. I tried using it, but it lagged (the game itself was running at 50 fps, but the recording was awful). I searched the problem up on the internet, fixed some settings and now its ok. But during the first seconds of launching a rocket, the lag returns. How do I fix this/Is there a different recorder that records exactly whats happening on screen with 60fps?
  4. How did you get the Sun to look like that?
  5. A few days ago I reinstalled KSP, installed my previous mods (with some exceptions) and it runs with the very good 50fps! In the near future, I'm planning on making an SSTO cinematic. SO I decided it's time I actually try to make one. So I got to work. At first I made a long Mk1 SSTO with 2 R.A.P.I.E.R.S. and 1 NERV engine. It just didn't reach the 70km mark (it went to 40) So I decided to replace the R.A.P.I.E.R.S. with Whiplashes and it did even worse. 30km. I watched VAOS' video on how to make an SSTO and it turns out the problem were the fat shuttle wings. I removed them, shortened the fuselage, went back to R.A.P.I.E.R. engines and... I decided to stop at 90km but I made it. For the first time (maybe) So I burned around 30 seconds before the apoapsis and I did it... my first succesfull SSTO has reached orbit with 5000m/s to spare... I couldn't believe it. Now I'm (un)officially a profesional KSP player. cool sunrise I deorbited and... the cockpit overheated and exploded (I have a theory that this happened because the Mk.1 cockpit doesnt have enough drag and 'lift' compared the Mk2.) . I tried again and again and again and I tried going steeper and steeper and steeper, and I tried directly diving, but I wen't back to normal reentry. Eventually I went with a 30-40 degree angle with the periapsis set to about 20 km above the KSC. After reentry I was at about 12km above the ocean between the KSC and the desert. So I turned on the jet engines again and I flied over to the runway After a few landing attempts (Hard landing reasons) I landed. (I set the brakes to 200% while braking so the SSTO flipped around) My first successful SSTO. After countless attempts on "Enhanced" edition and 1-2 attempts on my laptop, I have done it... I also decided to make retro-style Mk,1 jetliners: the Mangoliners' ML-100 "Pawn" and ML-110 "Rook" and an airline "KerbAvia"
  6. So I was playing today and out of nowhere my camera started doing this when I try to zoom in/out I'm using MediaFire to share the video Sorry for the laggy recording, some OBS settings we're messed up and I fixed em now.
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