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  1. This game is where you one up the aircraft prior to you. This game was inspired by @ColdJ How do you one up? Anyway you want! It can be as simple as say the aircraft before your post is a 1 engine cessna 182 Skylane and you one up it by posting a twin engine cessna 310R (a propellor cessna) or use a jet if you prefer. You could one up by engine type or by model. By model? Post prior is say a 737-600 you could put a 737-700 then the next player puts a 737-800. You can use any aspect of any real world aircraft to one up the one prior. Your imagination is your limit within real world aircraft. One aircraft per player per post. You may post a one up of yours if a minimum of 10 minutes has gone by since your last post. As for the aircraft, you are encouraged to use pictures if at all possible. You are required to state the aircraft type in either a text only submission or in conjunction with a picture. Your aircraft type call out can be as simple as my 737 examples. All aircraft must be real world aircraft. Standard forum rules apply as well. I will start us off with the first ever powered flight aircraft the Wright Flyer. 133609212023 133809212023 231309302023
  2. The title is pretty self-explanatory. On the anniversary of a milestone of aviation and spaceflight history, post about it here. It can't just be events you think are significant; the name of the game is "This Day In..." The event in question has to share the same month and day as the current date. e.g. if it took place on December 17, 1903, you'll just have to wait until December 17, (whatever year it is now) to post about it. Replies discussing events already posted DON'T have date limits; just the events themselves. In other words, you're free to talk about any events mentioned on here as far long or as late as you wish. Links to sources are highly encouraged. Even if you first learned about it from the Air Force Museum calendar, we would all benefit from some corroboration. It can be as significant as a first test flight or a shuttle crash to something not-so-well known - such as the Army Air Corps delivering mail for the first time or the first successful V2 rocket launch. The choice of event is yours, but the "Anniversary Posting" rule still stands. Have fun, and I can't wait to read what you all come up with. I'll start us off. October 14th, 1947 - U.S. Air Force Captain Charles "Chuck" Yeager becomes the first man to break the sound barrier using the X-1 rocket plane. Source: https://airandspace.si.edu/stories/editorial/breaking-sound-barrier-75th
  3. This thread is when someone posts and Flight sim aircraft and the person below them replys with an aircraft the one ups that aircraft i will start Laminar Reasearch B747-400. person below me Zibo 737-800 ect it begins Laminar Reasearch B747-400.
  4. Aviation Lights /L is the sequel for the venerable Aviation Lights, from @MOARdV. In a Hurry: Current Release: for KSP >= 1.3 (2023-0802) It works from KSP 1.3.1 to KSP 1.12.5! Seriously! IMPORTANT Module Manager is needed for handling the patches. Read this post before updating! Downloads on GitHub (for early adopters and beta testers) on CurseForge . on SpaceDock . Description: There are two types of standard aviation lights: Navigation Lights ("Position Lights") are a safety feature on every plane bigger than an ultra-light. They indicate the orientation of the plane so other aircraft know which direction the aircraft is going. For that purpose, the international standard is a red light on the left wingtip, a green one on the right, and a white nav light on the tail. Example of the correct use in KSP: But, of course, this is KSP. You can just put them on where it looks cool. Warning Lights (both "Strobe" and "Beacon") are flashing lights to enhance visibility in bad weather and to warn air traffic and ground personnel. Beacons are typically mounted on the tip of the vertical tail on smaller planes, or in the middle of the fuselage (top and/or bottom) on larger aircraft. They're red, bright and flashing to indicate that parts of the airplane (engines) are moving or the airplane itself is about to move. Strobes are very bright, white, fast blinking lights which are mounted on the wingtips (next to the red/green navlights) and sometimes on the tail (next to the white navlight) on larger planes. They're so bright that they remain off until the pilot lines up on the runway, so the ground personnel won't be blinded if they stand right next to it. In addition to the standard navigation and warning light colors, there are amber and blue preset options. Localization: Aviation Lights supports localization. Currently available: en-us es-es fr-fr ja pt-br zh-cn Legacy: Found a nice craft file on KerbalX but it was made for KSP 1.3 and the old lights are not available anymore? We have you covered, Veteran! Aviation Lights /L has full support for legacy crafts made on the Old Days! The legacy aviation lights do not appear in the editor by default on KSP >= 1.4, but are available when running on KSP 1.3. If you do not wish to include the old parts in your installation, and you do not have any vessels currently using those lights, feel free to delete the AviationLights/Parts/lights folder - unless you are running KSP 1.3.x . On the other hand, if you want to use them even on modern KSPs, create a directory on GameData called AviationLights_LEGACY (or create a config file with a dummy MM patch defining the symbol AviationLights_LEGACY in a :FOR). B9 Part Switcher: Suport for B9 Part Switcher is now activated by default if `ModuleB9PartSwitch` is found. Support: I need help in order to proper help you. Open the spoiler for instructions about how to get support:
  5. FuelWings Fuel resources added to stock and B9/B9 Procedural Wings. This addon allows you to add and customize fuel types/quantities in stock wings, and automatically cross-feed between other parts! Also supports B9/B9 Procedural Wings. The intention of this is to improve weight & balance, reduce craft size, and increase aesthetics. More info & Credits in info.txt file. Current Note: ModularFuelTanks is no longer required, is now just a "default" option. Check changelog, swap out as needed. Shoutout to Critter79606! Installation: ialdaboath - ModuleManager NathanKell - Crossfeed Enabler taniwha - ModularFuelTanks azza276 - B9 support Critter79606 - Compatibility w/ other fuel mods Changelog: Download SpaceDock - v4! Github - v4! (Curse currently unavailable) All rights reserved
  6. Hello people, after getting the Breaking Ground update I was thrilled to finally be able to build stock propeller planes! Well, the hype quickly died because it's pretty roundabout flying that stuff. So after making larger propeller planes and a P-38 replica that was actually flying pretty well (but with constant pitch adjustment), I decided to go simple and make very small planes that don't need THAT much input. So I started by trying to replicate the Wright Flyers. Didn't work out as planned, I had to kerbalize it a lot. Also it still had too many parts (over 40!). Then I discovered an older jet design and just adapted that for propellers. And this is what happened: It doesn't even have a name besides "Flyer 1". It is a fully functional plane, reduced to the essential parts (and one extra). As you can see, it weighs only 622 kg and most of it are the wings/control surfaces. That is when I realized wings on Kerbin are made of rebar steel. Anyhow, I don't think I can go lighter without sacrificing aesthetics too much, (of course if someone has already made an even lighter craft, please tell me!). It has only 22 parts and all of them are necessary, except for maybe the solar panel on the top (visible in the picture below), because even without it the plane can fly around 1000 s, as the motor at 5 % output only uses up 80 mEC/s. And that is still enough to accelerate to around 54 m/s in level flight at 100-300 m. I haven't tried going higher yet, this thing is just for quickly jumping around. The other part that some might or might not consider necessary is the antenna, but I feel one belongs on every plane. What I haven't solved yet is the motor braking when I hit the brakes. I tried setting it to 0, but it still locks. Anybody know of a way to decouple it from the regular brake? I already have to kill the motor in flight and then brake so I don't get hit by the momentum when I have touched down. Also, it would be great to be able to set the torque/rpm in an action group without having to use the controller. Maybe it's a bug, but when I am using "absolute" in the custom field, it starts at 50 % and then pushing buttons makes it either 100 or 0. And here it is in flight! I haven't made a picture from a landed one because with keyboard landing is extremely difficult and I still don't manage to nail it every time. I have to work on my skills.... and maybe connect a joystick again. Still flies like a charm (as much as the game allows). Of course the torque of the motor is still enough to give it a slight right roll, but I can trim it out mostly. And by default it's climbing under acceleration, so I even have to trim the pitch down. And landed! Also, feel free to talk about your microplanes!
  7. Recently there's been some press about a new company that's building ultra-efficient small aircraft, called Otto Aviation. Their prototype, the Celera 500L, portends to be a vision of commercial aviation to come. The Celera is not very unusual from a strictly technical configuration: lightweight monocoque single engine prop aircraft for 6 passengers and one pilot. However it's the details that really make it a weird and forward-thinking design, and business case. The composite egg/torpedo shaped circular fuselage and thin trailing empenage are designed to take advantage of laminar flow, keeping the whole form as aerodynamic as possible. This thing is ultra fuel efficient and fast, capable of top speeds of 460mph(!) (740kph) and a range of 4500 nautical miles (8300km)[1]. Because it can go so far and consumes fuel so efficiently (allegedly better than 20 miles per gallon, or 11.7L per 100km) it has significantly reduced operating costs compared to equivalently capable aircraft. Obviously this would have a market for people who use business jets and care about their bottom line. But Otto has their sights on a much bigger opportunity, created in part by the disruption of Covid: demand for smaller aircraft, making more frequent and less common trips over medium ranges or less. The aircraft itself is more like a taxi or van than the traditional bus- or train- scaled big commercial jets with hub-and-spoke network models. With a small size, they are able to service more airports. Otto is already looking at mini cargo services, electric and hybrid engines, and even drone versions. I personally think this is a fantastic idea, increasing the versatility of aviation as transport, while also making it quieter, less manufacturing-intensive, and greener. I look forward to seeing how they develop, and hope other companies copy some of their ideas. And of course I'm going to try and model the plane in KSP. [1] Otto Aviation "Celera 500L", https://www.ottoaviation.com/celera-500l retrieved 2020-12-12
  8. Can the pilot refuse to board a drunken passenger? Does is true that American may import to their country alcohol only when they 21? am not an American, do not judge me, but in my opinion, these American recipes regarding the consumption of alcohol only from the age of 21 are too restrictive? In my country, Poland is 18 years old and despite the patches of alcoholics attached to us, we have the smallest percentage of alcoholism among all age groups in the whole European Union :-) But I did not want to write about it, I read the funny situation of an American student 19 years or so, from international exchange who was returning to the United States, but before the flight, he bought a bottle of our famous Polish vodka When his briefing was approaching, he introduced our Polish vodka to the bottle of vodka, but the woman who served him told him that she could accept it, but he would have problems in the United States, because he only had him in the country people who are 21 may bring alcohol to the United States, that he can bring it but he could have problem apparently she quipped that "Ignorantia iuris nocet" xD It is said she told me that in the future let me send it as a parcel to USA by Poczta Polska (Polish Mail) or DHL if she has any alcohol because they more relax on it. She said that he would do better for him if he throws it up to the garbage bin because could have a problem if he brings it to his country, or drank that whole half litre of vodka, but it would bad idea :-) Unfortunately, that lad took this joke seriously and drank that vodka xD o make a long story short he gets a little bit stoned, and cabin crew of our Polish national LOT AIRLINES refused to board it, I think it was actually pilot choice. I was a bit pitty for that boy after airlines like our LOT Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa, Ryanair and so on selling alcohol on the plane, so why they have a problem with accepting passenger who drank a bit of alcohol, I think it's a bit of hypocrisy have always been interested in aviation, especially transport and passenger aviation, I read a lot about it. But I can not be a pilot myself because in my childhood I suffered from certain disease, I am 33 years old, I have no have any trace of it for 23 years!, but stupid Polish law prohibits people like me from making a pilot license, my friend said that there are regulations not only in Poland but practically everywhere :-(
  9. Good day. Since there is an official VTOL thread, but no dedicated STOL thread (or at least not a more recent one, or me not looking hard enough), I thought it would be nice to discuss small, cute planes that can take off and land at low speeds. Mainly because in the last days, I tinkered a bit with these kind of planes. Some of you might know the Fieseler "Storch", a plane used by the Luftwaffe in WW2 as recon machine and by many other organizations since then because it can take off at around 50 km/h (which is like 16-17 m/s) and land at zero with wind blowing against it. I tried building a similar small and light plane and got this "glider" from it. It takes off by itself at almost exactly 30 m/s, has a range of around 270 km (triple that with drop tanks), a top speed of around 135 m/s if you go all out at a height of around 7 km (didn't try going higher) and has very calm and forgiving flight characteristics. It is basically 100% "stock", I just used the struts from Ven's Stock Part Revamp to lower part count (I once made a similar ultralight SSTO with around 40 of the cubic struts). Also, I realized how ugly the stock wings are and how lacking they are in every regard. The second one is basically just a turbine with canards. It can take off at around 12 m/s, but flying it requires a steady hand. https://imgur.com/a/R02qP9s Feel free to post and discuss your creations.
  10. Have you ever found the airplane parts in KSP severely lacking? Have you ever wanted to carry around passengers in KSP and buy and sell aircraft as they evolve from WW1 era biplanes to a380s? If so, then this DLC would be for you! It would contain: A LOT of airplane parts, ranging from basic wing pieces for early planes, such as the Wright Flyer and such, to humongous jet engines, like those on gigantic jets such as the a380 and 747. Also would include spaceplane parts. A new game mode, "Aviation Mode", which would be a little like career mode, but instead of building airplanes, you would buy and sell planes and configure them. What Aviation Mode would include: Buying and selling and configuring airplanes Airports all around Kerbin Planes evolving over time Being paid when "passengers" "buy" their tickets Hire and pay flight crew Compete against other airlines (powered by AI) Have the option to fly some flights and also have the ability to have the flight fly by itself: for the first flight to a place, you would have to manually pilot it, and could choose to pilot any flight or just let it fly on its own (useful for very long flights, such as between the KerbinSide North Pole and South Pole bases). Air races Procedural wings and fuselages Node-based autopilot system Stuff for dogfights Thanks, BottleRocketeer If you have any questions, ask down in the thread below. Also, please answer the poll after reading.
  11. I have Asperger i'm live in Poland as kid i always dreamed to be pilot in our Polish Air Force and be pilot of our Mig-29 or General Dynamic F-16 that our ministry of defense once bought or at least be airline Pilot in "LOT" it our Polish National Air Carrier. Recently i started to watch American TV series the good doctor, about autistic doctor Shaun Murphy and his struggles with acceptance in his profession, it based on Korean tv series that i also plan to watch. So i once read about NASA engineer that had Asperger and is both programmer and research test Pilot at NASA, btw both Wright Brothers was probably aspie too :-) So i dream what would be if i was airline pilot at "Lot" take-off from Warsaw Okęcie - (EPWA) into direct flight into New York, USA John F. Kennedy International Airport (KJFK) or Rio de Janeiro–Galeão International Airport,Rio de Janeiro (SBGL), Brazil. And after take off annonce following message, good morning my dear passengers, i want you to share with you that beautiful day we flying to America/Brazil we also celebrate today Autism Awareness Day, and i have wonderful information too you you captain is autistic too i'f you had something against that, well screw you because i gave excrements on every one of you too I hope that i did not crash due bad weather because i'm so scared thunderstorms( that would be lie because i love rain and thunderstorms :-) ) that plane, have nice day my dear passengers Have nice day my dear passengers https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20180402090023AA2r8PD
  12. THIS THREAD IS DEPRECATED! This mod has been taken over by @MOARdV and is maintained in his thread here: CREDITS First things first: Big thanks for RPGprayer's "Position/Navigation Lights" AddOn, from which the Aviation Lights originated. Additional credits go to @Deadweasel, @Why485, @GROOV3ST3R, @JDP, @J.Random and especially @MOARdV for their great help/maintenance with/of this addon. Because I personally have my focus elsewhere and sadly do not play KSP much at this time, community member @MOARdV kindly took over maintenance of Aviation Lights temporarily and fixed it to work with the most recent KSP version. INFORMATION I've implemented two types of standard aviation lights: Navigationlights (often called Positionlights) are a safety feature on every plane bigger than an ultra-light. They indicate the orientation of the plane for other air traffic, so they know in which direction you're going. For that, the international standard of a red light on the left wingtip, a green one on the right and a white on the tail was set. Example for the correct use in KSP: But, of course, this is KSP. You can just put them on where it looks cool. Warninglights (More commonly reffered to as "Strobe&Beacon") are flashing lights to enhance detection range in bad weather and to warn other air traffic and ground personnel. Beacons are mostly mounted on tip of the vertical tail on smaller planes, or in the middle of the fuselage (top and/or bottom). They're red, bright and flashing to indicate that parts of the airplane (engines) or the airplanes itself are moving or about to be moved. Strobes are very bright, white, fast blinking lights which are mounted on the wingtips (next to the red/green navlights) and sometimes on the tail (next to the white navlight) on larger planes. They're in fact so bright, that they remain off until the pilot lines up on the runway, so the ground personnel won't get blinded if they stand right next to it. Due to popular request, I now also included the amber warning light by Deadweasel, which I just adapted to the new file system and values. Screenshot with all lights in the pack (click to enlarge): But, as I said before: Who cares if you just want to built a disco on your deep-space-vessel? INSTRUCTIONS The Aviation Lights Addon is very easy to use. Just download the .zip (link below), and extract it to your main KSP Folder. Every file should go to the appropriate place! All lights can be found in the 'Utility' section ingame. Just put them on, set Action Groups, and you're good to go. There are 5 Modes: OFF (standard), FLASH, DOUBLE FLASH and INT (Interval times are measured on those of real airplanes, but can be altered in the .cfgs) and ON. The Navigationlights come in four different colours: white, blue, red, green. To further differentiate them they also have light grey casings. The three types of Warninglights include an amber and a red beacon as well as a white strobe, which have dark grey casings and are very bright. DOWNLOAD https://github.com/MOARdV/AviationLights/releases CHANGELOG LICENSE This AddOn builds on content originally made by @RPGprayer. Used with permission. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
  13. Welcome to Raptor Aerospace Industries. My name is Raptor22, President and CEO of Raptor Industries. Please, enjoy your stay. Here at Raptor Industries, we are dedicated to bringing you reliable aircraft, spacecraft, and other aerospace systems that will serve you throughout multiple missions. From cargo planes to faster-than-light starships, we will ensure that our systems are versatile and affordable. We are not to be confused with Raptor Aerospace Concepts and Solutions. If you mistakenly came here, go here: View our products on KerbalX: Visit Raptor Industries! While in the past, Raptor Industries (or, as it once was called, Raptor Aviation and Aerospace Technologies) mainly created aircraft, in recent times the company has shifted to creating ships for interstellar travel. Our Star Fleet division (inspired by but not affiliated with CBS’s Star Trek) specializes in creating the finest star ships, star bases, and shuttlecraft for the United Kerbin Defense Force, along with other contractors. In addition, we still serve the KAF (Kerbal Air Force), and have many military systems, alongside the civilian market. Our defense systems are among the best on Kerbin. As such, victory is almost always assured. We often incorporate military technology into civilian projects to provide the best safety systems that you can hope for. All modded aircraft will be incorporated with aviation lights for safety. If you have even more concerns, we may grant special requests to outfit certain civilian aircraft with electronic warfare jamming systems, flares, and chaff, to provide the utmost defense against enemy attacks. We will always do our best to provide as much information as we can about our systems. We shall ensure that each vessel in our catalog has the following statistics listed clearly: All action groups Resource values (i.e. maximum fuel load, electrical charge, etc.) Maximum Proven Altitude (unburden, or without a payload or weapons) Maximum Proven Airspeed (criteria for determining such shall be determined later) Maximum number of passengers and crew Other statistics, such as maximum payload, range, and endurance, are hard to obtain, and may vary from user to user as a result of different handling of the systems. While some may be aiming to squeeze every last drop out of a system, others may simply be aiming to get there quickly, regardless of fuel usage. We do not dictate how our customers operate our systems, but we will provide suggestions in order to make sure all of our customers are satisfied. Stock Market Modded Market If you wish to become one of our corporate partners, we shall be sure to include information about your company (profile) here. Here is a list of our Corporate partners: WaffleTech Military Technologies, Lead by Joseph Kerman. Visit them here: We thank all of our corporate partners for their support If you have any suggestions or complaints, please contact us at [email protected] Please bear with the current lack of craft for the time being. I'm still making the first iteration of aircraft and designing their pages, so it will be a little empty for now. But please, stay tuned. I'll be uploading my craft very soon.
  14. Started another career and since I think rockets are kinda dull, I've been trying to solve problems with planes as soon as it's feasible. It's fun to try to come up with a space plane that's good for something with Tier 1 tech. Obviously at this point it means rocket planes as there are no airbreathers powerful enough to be useful. So far, the best I've come up with is this -- the Jetstream, all stock. With those boosters it has enough legs to get to Minmus and back, which means it's good for tourists and search/recovery missions. This is in fact one thing tier 1 planes can do better than rockets -- it's tricky to build a re-entry module that seats three and behaves well. Only non-recoverable parts are the SRBs. I did manage to build a Tier 1 single-engine SSTO (uses the Swivel) but once up there, there was barely any fuel for manoeuvring so it's not really practical for anything.
  15. https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20170825154143AApSxi4 I wonder with country have less restrictive aviation law in Europe and the world ?
  16. I noticed that both American US Navy and in Russian Navy their pilots consider himself as better on than regular jet pilots.
  17. Hi guys, I am trying to build my first plane in Career mode with only Aviation unlocked (and all other 45 science items), but without luck - plane is not steering, so I cant take off. I am tried to use elevons, and setting inputs, but still it doesn't work. Could give me idea or simple design? Thx!
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