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  1. I just can't believe no one had mentioned this one before (or, at least, I didn't found it): He 111Z (Zwilling - Twin) http://www.diseno-art.com/encyclopedia/strange_vehicles/heinkel_he_111z_zwilling.html Two He 111 bolted around an additional engine, and called it a day.
  2. I have absolutely no doubt about it. Technical managers on my company (me and a business partner... hehehe ) made a very, very stupid decision 4 years ago. The dev team (me and that business partner!) is still fixing the consequences due that mistake (we fix a symptom, something breaks somewhere else - and I can't fix the root problem because a core subsystem installed on the clients depends of that mistake... ). I don't expect these dude's life be easier than mine. Writing software is easy. Writing software professionally is hard. Writing good software and staying profitable is really, really hard.
  3. It's pretty hard to manage expectations after a huge hype campaign followed by... hummm... a somewhat less than expected initial release. There's a lot of promises (as well tons of plain statements taken as promises) made in the last years that are probably going to be broken, and without a viable release to use as a trade-off (ok, A is not going to happen, but look! B & C were implemented instead!), at least in my book, the less technical details (or any details that can be used by technicians to infer the state of the game) you publish, less work you will have on managing a new loot of fallen short expectations. It's kinda of a catch-22 situation: you talk about, you get screwed. You don't talk about, you get screwed. Finding the less bitter spot in which you get less screwed is the trick. (don't look at me for answers - I'm on the "talk too much" spectrum)
  4. Do you know when you are reading/watching stuff on your mobile on bed, and the mobile slips from your hands and falls into your face (usually your nose)? Steam Deck is worse.
  5. Take a plane that it's being mercilessly bashed by the competition, replace the wings and go for the win! (As long Editor don't mess things up!) Grumman Panther. (And the wings really made huge difference on the design...)
  6. ANNOUNCE KSP Recall Reworks AttachedOnEditor to be resilient a changes made by Monkey Patching inside Editor that changes the order in which some internal Editor events happen. Closes issues: #73 Understand why BetterEditorUndoRedo ended up screwing AttachedOnEditor indirectly Some Monkey Patching from 3rd parties ended up changing the order in which some internal Editor events happens, and AtachedOnEditor was relying on that specific order to correctly work. This release makes the Message Exchange between clients (as TweakScale, besides I doubling someone else uses it) resilient to that changes at the cost of being somewhat less efficient, as all the data need to be send on the Message now (serialized). Since this thing runs on Editor, performance is not at premium as in Flight, so it's an acceptable trade off. — — — — — This Release will be published using the following Schedule: GitHub, reaching manual installers and users of KSP-AVC first. Right Now. CurseForge. Right Now. SpaceDock. Right Now.
  7. Worrying. You follow the rules, you are kicked. You break the rules, you are kicked. If people don't tell you why you are being punished, they don't have to handle appeals - it's simple like that. And since there're no rules (or they are just ignored and/or arbitrarily applied), people just don't know what to do. Frankly... I'm avoiding online games like the plague since this happened to me... on QuakeWorld! The novelty is that they are pulling this stunt on paying customers nowadays. It's absolutely nonsense, they're essentially changing the terms of the sale after the sale. It's a subscription? That's a sale too, it only happens that there's an expiration date on it.
  8. As the sun breaks, above the ground An old kerbal stands on the hill As the runway warms, to the first rays of light A birdsong shatters KSC His eyes are ablaze See the Jeb man in his gaze
  9. I don't mind the childish aura as long as I can turn it off. I don't mind the game mechanics being dumbed down for the kids, as long there's a "Hard Core" level that can be activated. For example, you can have more than one Heat System in the game and then select which one you want to use - we are doing it on KSP¹ literally for a decade by now. On this one, I fully agree. I got disappointed on 2023's Launch day. From that day, I'm just curiously observing how things develop. There're a lot of other absurdly interesting games in the verge of being launched (or in Early Access already), all of them running fine on way more affordable hardware (like the Steam Deck - boy, the best thing I bought in decades!!) to keep me entertained in the mean time. KSP2 will happen or not. I will be fine both ways - and the money and time spent on development are not my problem, anyway. I will leave these problems to the professionals on the field.
  10. I "reverse engineered" your KSP.log and replicated your installment on my rig. It's not a 100% replica because I'm on MacOS (what gave me advantages sometimes), but it works very well as long as I don't try to use something tied to Windows or to a specific GPU driver. And the damned thing works for me. Now, I have some theories about what could be happening based on previous experiences on diagnosing heavy loads on KSP on multiple OSes. Perhaps you have same pretty old Add'On installed, and when I reproduced your rig here I ended up installing a newer one"by accident"; or You have yet less RAM than me, and you just blew it up while running the game. MacOS is way more resilient to this than Windows, I can overcommit up to 4 times my RAM before the rig goes birds up. So I can survive borderline situations than Windows users just can't. But it costs me dearly, performance goes to the deepest circle of Dante's Inferno... [LOG 17:04:01.624] [AutoSave]: Game Backed Up and Saved [LOG 17:16:00.292] Flight State Captured Yeah, you read it right. 12 Minutes between two log entries... So I have two suggestions for you: Suggestion One: Create a COMPLETELY NEW KSP installment using CKAN, importing a CKAN file I created for my test bed. My test bed was created using it. The file is here. Copy your savegames into the new rig and see if the problem goes away. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR ORIGINAL KSP INSTALLMENT. Sheet happens , don't risk your valuable savegames on potentially destructive tests. Suggestion Two (also on the new RIG, these ones are, indeed, destructive): Remove Parallax and all its dependencies Check if the problems goes away if yes, PROFIT! if not, keep walking Remove EVE and all its dependencies ditto If you reach this point, send me a new KSP.log. And let's start again. For the records, I found two things in your log that I failed to identify: * GameData/Custom * GameData/Custom_FARAeroData.cfg But I doubt they have any influence on the problem. At last, but not at least, TweakScale™ (the original) uses a OPT-IN doctrine, where I strictly refuse to mangle to 3rd parties directly - and even the Companions don't brute force anything on Add'Ons that removes TweakScale support from their parts preemptively. It's safe to use TweakScale™ with Realism Overhaul (and anything else) and make good use of it on the parts that are still scalable, as trusses. -- -- ping @redekr!
  11. Yes, it's ugly. Yes, it flew. Yes, they called it "Duck" And yes, the dude wanted to use a Steam Engine on it!!! The Curtiss-Goupil Duck. https://airwaysmag.com/lateral-control-the-story-of-the-curtiss-goupil-duck/
  12. My bet is this one: Screen position out of view frustum (screen pos 1570.000000, 688.000000) (Camera rect 0 0 1920 1080) (Filename: Line: 3431) Look rotation viewing vector is zero (Filename: Line: 85) Screen position out of view frustum (screen pos 1570.000000, 688.000000) (Camera rect 0 0 1920 1080) (Filename: Line: 3431) Look rotation viewing vector is zero (Filename: Line: 85) Crash!!! The rotation is calculated using a Quaternion, and Quaternions used for viewing angles are never zero. Googling around, this is known to precede a crash on Unity. This suggests something related to the Camera View. Some code related to it is not running, leaving the Quaternion used on it uninitialized.
  13. Sorry to hear about it. Please consider an automatic installing tool. It will really help you.
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