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  1. This file, by some reason, is inside a directory called "@thumbs"? If yes, just delete it and KSP will recreated it automatically. TL.DR: If I'm right, it's a old bug on KSP that is not handling exceptions when loading thumbfiles, killing the load thread.
  2. Excellent work! I suggest you reach the LMP guys and report your findings. Perhaps it would not be too hard to handle this problem programmatically.
  3. This is not KSP fault. This is a O.S. and perhaps graphics drivers (or both) fault. On older versions of MacOS even browsers used to screw up the VRAM usage leading the system to a crash (absolutely pathetic). KSP have a lot of problems, but not everything it's its fault.
  4. While I appreciate having someone overlooking my mistakes, I also want to bring to your attention that your effectiveness is being sensibly compromised by a combination of excessive assertiveness and less than sufficient knowledge about the KSP API, seriously hindering the accuracy of your interventions. A less then desirable combination... ConfigNodes are an inhouse serialization solution on KSP, and I never implied that it was a Unity thing. I cogitated (wrongly, granted) that some MM rules should be related to Unity's handling of the prefab, because the ConfigNodes are a tool to customize data used to instantiate some specialized GameObjects inside KSP, and such data is called prefab. As an example, and again, check the API: Even by KSP internally replacing (just a hypothesis, I didn't read KSP's Source Code) completely the Unity's prefab with its own solution, also called prefab, it's still called prefab and it's directly associated to ConfigNodes - please note that the stock Parts are defined by ConfigNodes. Your efforts are appreciated, but please be aware that merely reading the Manual is not enough. Sometimes not even reading the Source is enough - experience on the field is the source of the knowledge, as the code and the manual are consequences of such knowledge and not rarely there's not a 1 to 1 correlation between them. A good answer was already provided, but I want to add that the source of the problem (being a error or a warning) is not always the author's fault. Anything wrong on any ConfigNode in the system can lead to an ERROR or a WARNING being issued on your patch. For example, some time ago some Config files from Stock had a merger error (some "===========" strings scattered on the file) and this, obviously, changed the content of that specific Node, as the processing of it was silently aborted (a terrible mistake, but unfortunately it's the usual M.O. on this scene - some devs just keep processing ignoring the error, hoping nothing important get broke and that Heavens will provide). Patches relying on that information that were not processed on that specific KSP version due that unfortunate mistake, obviously, failed to be applied correctly (sometimes due an ERROR, sometimes due an WARNING). And this wasn't the patch's author fault. So, rule of thumb: MM complains are, usually, something you did wrong because, well, we (humans) just err our way into success - it's how we work. But you should never silently assume it's on you the cause, because now and then the problem is a mistake made by someone else somewhere else, planting a land mine that you just had the bad luck to step on. It's not that bad nowadays because development essentially stopped in the last 18 months (more or less) for the majority of the cases - but now with new kids on the block wetting their feet on KSP's development again, that same old problems we had in the past will come back from the Death to haunt us again (#michaelJacksonThrillerFeelings)
  5. Oukey, this is really starting to get out of handl! These two, in special, looks incredibly like something made on the SPH with clipped lifting surfaces!
  6. Weird how nobody cared to answer this simple question before... Had I not came here due a support I'm doing... Module Manager saves a copy of the patching log into a file called <KSP-ROOT-DIR>/Logs/ModuleManager/MMPatch.log . Open it using a good text editor like Notepad++ and search for lines starting with [WRN (yeah, all caps, starting with a left bracket).
  7. As a matter of fact, I only consider confirmed the releases that were already launched. Anything else are just rumours spread by the Marketing guys.
  8. It's not the experience I had - but I was consuming very niche books like Tannenbaum, Richard Stevens and Donald Knuth. Essentially, that books used to cost me the same, no matter how much pages they had. Some more technical specific ones, like EGA&VGA programming were slightly cheaper. Things got "better" when O’Reilly came, I still have a bunch of that hard copy books. I may agree with you on some of these books, but still they were the best I could afford at that time, so I can't say that times were worst than nowadays when I just don't have enough free time to find the resources I want with the quality I need on the ocean of crap content. As a matter of fact, I bought some O’Reilly books about Perl 2 months ago, as I got fed up with the current zeitgeist of the language and decided to bite the bullet and get the job done instead of double guessing everything I find online.
  9. Uh.. it was. Been there, done that In the 80s and 90s I had to spend considerable amounts of money to acquire books and periodicals to have access to information that nowadays I can reach using Altavis... I mean, Google. I'm not kidding, it costed me a lot. Sometimes I had to spend 70USD (in 80s and 90s dollars, not to mentioning shipping and exchange, I'm on LATAM) to buy a book just to read a freaking chapter that told me I need to buy another one. And yeah, shipping books by snail mail also took lots of time too, not rarely a month. So, yeah. Access to information was always a problem even if you had the money, what to say about shallow pockets professionals that couldn't afford doing what I did?
  10. Correlation isn't causation! You see, every single day in which I read about a heat wave on somewhere in the World, I had taken a shower in that day. Should I stop bathing to prevent heat waves?
  11. At least but not a last - besides being late! It's some time since I pinged @kerbiloid - are you still in Forum's orbit? Cheers!
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